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Generally speaking, it ALL starts with eye contact, doesn’t it? A look from across the room, a kind smile, and the human mating process begins.

But for some – it doesn’t ever seem to end…

It continues drudging along with some good times followed by yet another failure, repeating over and over laden with heartache, pain, needless suffering, and a frustration only giving rise to constant feelings of helplessness.

Does it have to be this way?

Is the modern day human mating sequence broken?

Maybe for some and not for others.

Certainly, if you’re here today, something is not right and you want an answer to fix it, mend it, or stop the skipping tracks of your dating and relationship battles.

The GOOD news is:

There is a ton of great tips and advice here to help you out. I do believe it’s some of the best.

When you use it properly, be proactive to your success, follow the lead and sometimes buy what they’re selling…

You WILL SUCCEED on your next date which CAN lead to a wonderfully exciting and fulfilling long-lasting relationship.

The BAD news is:

Some of it can be quite general and unspecific to your current troubling situation.

That kind of information can become quite expensive when investing your very hard-earned money in a professional counselor, or attending a viable and valuable self-help seminar. One where they’re hopefully not just blowing smoke up your “you know what”.

Listen – I KNOW you don’t know me personally, and honestly, YOUR problem will almost always come first over just knowing some guy who may or may not be able or capable of helping you out.

So you can either take my word for it:

I’ve been there, done that, been rejected, hurt, stepped on, played with, and suffered an excruciating loneliness I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…

Yet somehow, I managed to succeed with the help and advice of some very talented and insightful people. Some of which are listed right here!

OR you can shrug me off:

You can think, and then believe I’m just another con-artist peddling general advice that’s repackaged and sold as 50% more cheese, when it’s not really cheese anyways.

The Same old – same old with no more worth than a pointless Meme elongated into a few thousand words.

It IS your choice.

To believe, be INSPIRED… and find the answers and help you deserve.


Be skeptical and annoyed… click out and search elsewhere, hoping maybe one day – the answers you seek will more than magically appear to you like it was MEANT TO BE.

Whatever you choose, leaving in disgust, or praising silently, I TRULY BELIEVE if you came here and it led you ANYWHERE your answer lives – I’ve done my part in getting you there.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today and/or tomorrow.

I truly DO appreciate it! is a collection of articles and posts centered around dating, relationships, attraction, sex, communication, and finding happiness.

It is NOT a review site.

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There will be no contact page – if you need to contact me – Peter White, just leave a comment here or anywhere it might fit your problem or question.

I do hope you find something here useful and beneficial in your life.

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I sincerely wish you all the best and find the happiness you’re looking for in any of the subjects discussed here.

Yours truly,

Peter White