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What is it about approaching women that some men struggle so hard with it and meet practically no women…? While other guys have absolutely no problem picking women up and live “the dream” like it’s an art form to them…

A skill which can be crafted to work amazingly well practically anywhere and at any time.

I think it’s safe to assume we’ve all heard of the pick up “artist.” From the early days of seduction to the modern-day play of words and body language each has its ultimate purpose…

Put her, as quickly as possible, in a state of emotional fantasy and get her (just under) uncontrollably attracted to him.

Sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

Imagine your perfect shot.

What sport you play or game you frequent is not relative you because you DO have one. A moment of pure magic where everything comes to together.

A perfect game so to speak.

It only stands to reason then, meeting a total stranger, who may also happen to be amazingly attractive, and within a short “frame” switch her emotional mind to feel desire, attraction, and a slight devoted interest in keeping that moment forever also can become her “perfect shot.”

A magical  moment when, if things works out, becomes a lasting memory she’ll do anything to tell her friends and family about.

She’ll remember the time, the place, the words, the smells, the sights, the sounds, and every last detail slowly works it way from fantasy to real-life at the blink of an eye.

In the world of romance and relationships its MY belief women, right down to the core of who they are – live to experience that magic moment and by hoping or trying to get it, will expend lots of time and energy to achieve it over and over again until it’s perfect.


What about the other side of the “approach equation?” After all it does take two…


woman can start a conversation with an unknown guy just as easily. But her goals are different, aren’t they?

Maybe she notices him on a bus or train.

Maybe he’s handing over coffee to her everyday.

Maybe he’s the cute guy at work who keeps “checking her out” but won’t take the hint or her gentle smiles and talk to her first.

Whereas men seem to be categorized as pick up artists using cheesy canned lines or cocky-comedy “routines” women are often called sirens or seductresses.

In the world of “approach” ( anxiety and all ) men become pigs and women become “easy” lays.

The ultimate goal is often seen as a prelude to a sexual adventure by either of the sexes.

The Approach is here to dispel the myths surrounding the real reason strangers face their fears everyday:

  • To learn how someone else lives their life.
  • To see the real person behind the attractive persona.
  • To meet and possibly date someone who just might be our next great relationship.
  • To learn real online techniques to broaden the experience and create MORE opportunities.

The approach is about learning how to attract the opposite sex:

How to FIRST interact which creates real excitement and  the lingering effect of wanting to see that person again.

Mow to meet new people to create better opportunities and possible better dates.

How to overcome all the fears and anxiety associated with those meeting.

It’s about knowing how to flirt and progress to somewhere else – like maybe a phone number, an email address, a social site, or even a quick date minutes after we meet.

It’s about understanding men AND women and getting “together” so we can finally put all our negative predictions and past rejections aside.

It’s here to help us develop  the confidence to walk up to any stranger who pass us everyday so we less likely to miss the “man or woman” of our dreams.

The Approach – Meeting Your Next Date Starts Here…

The approach began with a few articles from experts on understanding men but has since grown into something more. My goal is to NOW release or write articles centered on communication, dating, and meeting new people.

You can browse the articles for women here.

And you can browse the articles for men here

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