3 Deadly Screw-Ups That Get You Rejected By Hot Women

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Written by Dean Cortez and Partick James – Creators of the Bad Boy Blueprint.

Let’s run down THREE DEADLY SCREW-UPS that 98% of guys are committing when they want to get with a girl.

Deadly Mistake #1: You’re Too Nice!

Guys these days are brainwashed to think they need to be “super nice” to women, be “friends first,” and bend over backwards to please them, in the hopes of getting sex at some point down the road…

But when you act like the “harmless nice guy”… and DON’T create any sexual attraction or tension (by using cocky, playful teasing)… she stop’s viewing you as a possible sexual partner or boyfriend.

And then, when you DO try to make a move on her, it feels weird and awkward to her and you get REJECTED.

Instead, you should “Activate Your Bad Boy Edge” and show cocky, funny, dominant behavior from the start.

Deadly Mistake #2: You Play It Too Safe.

When the average guy meets a girl he’s romantically interested in, he focuses on trying to find “common interests” with her.

He asks her questions about her interests, so that he can say “Wow, me too!”

When they talk about a topic, he’s always looking for things to AGREE with her about. (“Yes! I feel the exact same way!!”)

But one of the keys to seduction is the idea of creating “sexual tension.”

You need to present a bit of a CHALLENGE to her. This means NOT agreeing with her on everything.

It also means playfully “teasing” her so that you plant a thought in her mind, and the thought is this:

SHE is the one who needs to earn YOUR approval.

During the conversation, you’re acting as if you’re not 100% sure if this girl is “on your level.”

You’re saying things and asking interesting questions that make HER want to impress YOU, instead of the other way around.

When you do this correctly (and you must do it in a playful, fun way – not in a rude way), you send her emotions into overdrive.

Think about it. If the girl is hot, how often do you think she gets into a conversation with a guy…

But instead of kissing her ass and agreeing with everything she says, this guy teases her, disagrees with her (in a fun way), and CHALLENGES her to prove herself?

Attractive women almost NEVER encounter guys like this. And when they do, it stimulates and excites them!

Check out this video and see how a boring “nice guy” used a few simple tricks to become the “Bad Boy” women are hard-wired to chase…

Girls LOVE It When You Do This (Discover How To Activate Your “Bad Boy Edge”)

Deadly Mistake #3: You Never Sparked Attraction.

This mistake sounds simple, but it’s actually HUGE.

NOTHING can overcome a lack of attraction. If she’s not attracted to you from the start (in a sexual/romantic way), then it won’t matter if you:

  • Have awesome pics on your social media…
  • Have lots of things in common with her…
  • And it won’t even matter if you’re good-looking or rich!

A beautiful, desirable woman who is constantly being approached by men simply won’t waste her time with a guy she doesn’t feel sexually attracted to AT THE START.

So the answer is simple:

You must spark attraction from the very beginning!

And this is a KEY PRINCIPLE of seduction you must understand.

Most guys get is backwards. “Attraction” doesn’t come after you’ve built a connection with her, or taken her on two or three dates.

Nor does it come after some grand romantic gesture that only works in Hollywood romantic comedies.

It comes from YOU intentionally sparking it in the first few minutes of conversation!

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How To Become “Rejection Proof” With Women!

Hey man, I’ve been training students for nearly ten years and after working with thousands of guys, I’ve discovered this simple truth:

99% of guys FAIL with women, either consciously or subconsciously…

Because They Are Afraid Of Rejection.

And this is when I see a lot of “Pickup Artist” coaches and instructors say things like…

“No worries! When a girl rejects you, just ignore it and move on to the next one! This is a number’s game! The more you get rejected, the better your chances of meeting a girl who will say yes!”

Well, this is all a bunch of crap if you ask me.

Rejection sucks. No one likes it.

It chips away at your confidence.

And really, it’s a huge waste of time and effort to approach girls and try to start conversations all the time, just to have them blow you off or mention “I have a boyfriend” after you’ve spent 10 minutes chatting to them.

So I decided to search for a different answer…

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