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Written by David DeAngelo – Double Your Dating.

Funny thing… I recently got an email from one of you guys asking me the best way to meet “lots and lots” of women.

And guess what:

This email immediately made me LAUGH.

But, unfortunately, not in a “funny ha-ha” way.

It was more like… “Damn, here’s another poor guy who desperately needs a clue.”

Hate it when that happens.

And tragically, this question sums up something that’s going on WAY TOO MUCH out there…

99% of you guys are wasting WAY TOO MUCH precious time and money trying to meet “lots and lots” of women — yet continuing to FAIL MISERABLY despite the cost, hassle, and hard work you put into it.

I mean…

Guys will basically try ANYTHING to meet more women, right?

They relentlessly email, text, or call women who don’t “feel it” for them (and never will).

They blow their paychecks on clothes and colognes they think actually work to “seduce” women.

They get haircuts that look straight out of the The Breakfast Club thinking it will get a woman’s attention.

They “invest” in gym memberships and home equipment that they’ll never use.

And all of this gets them where, exactly?

Let me fill you in…

In the end, it gets them absolutely NOWHERE.

And like I said, this would all be pretty funny…

…if it weren’t such a tragic WASTE of TIME AND MONEY.

That’s why RIGHT NOW is the PERFECT time to share another one of my “Laws” for success with women and dating with you…

One about what it REALLY takes to lay the groundwork for not just meeting “lots and lots” of women…

…but for meeting the RIGHT women.

This one’s actually my “Law #55”, and it goes like this:


In other words…

Instead of doing all that inconvenient, expensive stuff that NEVER WORKS to bring the right women into your life, try making the few small adjustments that won’t cost a thing…

…but that make a HUGE difference when it comes to meeting women.

The key to the whole concept is this:

By rearranging your life in small ways… ways that NATURALLY lead to meeting interesting, available women…

You’re VASTLY more likely to CONNECT with a GOOD MATCH for you.

And get this:

Do it right (and stick to it), and it’ll happen for you without even having to try!

But, of course…

What will MOST of you do instead?

You’ll keep going places you can’t stand being (and that you can’t wait to leave) in the hopes of “randomly” coming across a great woman.

You’ll keep “chasing” women who aren’t interested or available.

You’ll keep sifting through personal ads and pinging women who will NEVER respond to you.

Worst of all…

You’ll get so damned DISCOURAGED and DEPRESSED by how little success comes from all this, that you’ll FINALLY GIVE UP.

Not good.

And definitely NOT what I’m all about.

So listen up…

Even if you could snap your fingers and have a new woman magically show up at your door every ten minutes, guess what:

You’d quickly get tired of it.


Because having a parade of “random” women flow through your life is NOT the right way to meet the ones you can really “connect” with.

By the same token, constantly aiming for that one-in-a-million “ideal girl” is also a waste of time and money.

She just doesn’t exist.

So let’s do the math…

If you make a few small “tweaks” to your life that MAXIMIZE the number of “qualified women” who come through it, you’re bound to MEET THE RIGHT ONES.

Pretty basic, but let’s run through it:

Visualize the difference it would make in YOUR life (and your outlook about dating) if you could meet just ONE *QUALITY* WOMAN a week from now on.

And by “Quality”, I’m talking about the kind of woman who’s not only attractive, but that you can also CONNECT with… having great conversations about things you have in common… enjoying similar activities… going the same places. Etc.

Make sense?

If not, there’s a lot more about the “theory” behind this Law (and my 76 OTHER “Laws” of success with women and dating) right here…

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But right now let’s cut to the chase on Law #55:

I’m basically saying that rearranging your life just a little will cause the women who are your TRUE PROSPECTS to start flowing through it.

Here’s a small homework assignment to get you started (don’t worry, it’s EASY)…

It involves 3 simple steps:


I want you to dash off a quick list of the top characteristics you want in the women you meet in life.

Now make them REASONABLE… unless you’re George Clooney, there’s no way you can rearrange your life so that a supermodel breezes through every 20 minutes.

Now jot down those qualities…

We’ll take “Attractive” as a given.

Maybe you’d also like her to be caring… intelligent… outgoing and generous… sensitive… whatever.

Got them down?

Good. Now on to…


Once you have these characteristics in hand, I want you to start thinking about your life as it is RIGHT NOW.

Really think about it.


In other words, start thinking about all the travel, tasks, errands, and recreation that are part of your day-to-day experience.

This could be the small stuff you do on a regular basis, like grocery shopping or walking Fido at the dog park.

It could be grabbing a kick-ass mocha at the corner cafe every morning, or jogging, or going to the gym.


Make a list of these things.

Then make that list MUCH LONGER by adding places and activities you’ve always wanted to ADD to your life.

These are things you’ve always wanted to do but have been putting off, like learning how to skydive or snowboard.

Maybe it’s stuff you used to do and would like to start doing again, like taking classes or playing a sport.

Then, once you have your full list of “life activities” together, it’s time to move on to:


I now want you to “cross-reference” the 2 lists you just made.

Basically, see where they OVERLAP… where the places that you go in life (or would LIKE to start going) cross paths with the kind of women you’d like to meet.

By doing this, you’ll immediately see how your life needs to **CHANGE** if you want to start meeting the kinds of women you’d like to connect with.

You just need to TAKE ACTION…and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Meaning it’s up to you to actually DO something… to start rearranging your life and your routine in ways that will AUTOMATICALLY start CHANGING THINGS for you.

Because, truth is, even making just a small “tweak” can have a HUGE impact on your love life.

And, if you’re willing to go even further, the impact can then be even BIGGER… it’s up to YOU how far you want to go to start living your dreams.

But no matter what you do, one fact remains:

If you’re reading this now, what you’re doing at the moment JUST ISN’T WORKING.

Am I right?

More on why that is (and what to do about it) right here: 

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But here’s the bottom line:

When it comes to my famous Law #55 for success with women and dating, it’s all about INCREASING the amount of time you spend in the “right” places…

With the the women who are “right” for YOU.

Once you do, I guarantee it…you’ll start feeling more IN-CONTROL, COMFORTABLE, and CONFIDENT around these women.

And then, conveniently enough, these very same feelings of new personal power and confidence will begin to TRIGGER ATTRACTION in those women you WANT!

And you know what?

Then you’re IN.


Now, if Law #55 makes sense to you, stay tuned… as I said above, there are actually 77 LAWS in all!

Now, some of them will be coming straight to you right here over the next few months.

But — for those of you who can’t wait — I’ve also got that covered…

A little while back, I recorded a program where I personally delivered ALL 77 of my famous “LAWS OF SUCCESS WITH WOMEN AND DATING” to a live a audience…

And here’s what happened:

The response was HUGE!

I instantly started hearing how these 77 simple “Laws” were making a SEISMIC DIFFERENCE in guys’ love lives… from turbo charging their CONFIDENCE to just plain GETTING THEM MORE DATES THAN THEY COULD HANDLE.

I can’t tell you how proud I was of these results… and if they sound good to YOU, too, here are more examples of what I shared that day:

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(NOTE: after the guys learned this one, some were SHOCKED how much time they’d wasted NOT getting women.)

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(Honestly, this was worth the price of admission alone).

Then I went on to share 74 more of my “Laws Of Dating Success”… and it basically rocked the house.

Like I said, luckily we recorded the whole thing!

If you’d like to have a look at it:

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I hope you will.

Until then…

Your friend,

David D.

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