Approaching With Charm – How To Find The Perfect Compliment to Start A Conversation


Most women will show you all you need to find something unique to compliment her on.

Whether you like it or not – women love a charming man.

The perfect compliment can open a conversation which makes approaching her simple and memorable.

Say the words and you’ll catch her off guard, leave a wonderfully unique long-lasting impression, and even have her blushing before your very eyes.

There are lots of warning to remember.

How it’s not that easy to come up with a compliment that actually works for both of you.

You’ll also want to make sure you get her number or some way to contact her later. Sometimes you’ll want to go with her immediately for an insta-date.

BUT it sets an immediate tone which is worth every minute you take to practice getting it right:

  • You have confidence and sometimes a ballsy attitude.,
  • You’re not worried or overly concerned how others see you (indifference) or your image transcends judgement.
  • You’re clever enough to pick just the right thing.
  • Engages her flirty side getting her to blush or even act a little shy. Great for setting attraction in motion.
  • And that you’re a man who get things done on your terms and when you see something you rarely hesitate to take action.

Here are some quick tips you’ll need to (sooner or later) succeed:

  • If you fail to start a conversation – smile and walk away.
  • Her reaction is NOT a personal judgement against you. It’s an instant sometimes primitive reaction to a stranger.
  • If you fail to act within a few seconds of being close enough to say something – smile and keep walking.
  • Study and practice as much as you can. Have fun with it.  Don’t take it so seriously.
  • Keep every goal simple and easy to achieve. One step at a time.
  • Watch and listen to women and learn how they talk bout each other. Take note on how they compliment each other.
  • And more…?

Here’s is the most suggested way to begin your compliment approach from Carlos:

Look her over, and spot something about her appearance that you can comment on.

Start with her shoes, and work your way up.

Do not choose a physical body trait (like big ear lobes, bubble-butt, giant breasts) to comment on. Especially not her overall attractiveness.

You find one thing that you can key off of and say something about that will give you an inroad.

This is your Anchor. Once you’ve found it, you comment on it to her and smile at her, making strong eye contact.

How to Approach Women On the Street – Tease to Please Her

Let’s take this a big step further…

This is how to enhance your ability to notice something different on women to approach them with a compliment.

Here’s is something you can start doing immediately.

I’m showing you a random picture. Study it.

(my example below)


Add your own views in the comment section below.

  1. Write down the first thing that came to mind when you saw it.
  2. Write down as many unique things you saw which can be about her or anything around her.
  3. Grab the adjectives you used and pull them aside and now search for similar words to say the same thing.

That’s it.

You’re done.

I know it seems strange at first but you will slowly assimilate everything.

Over time your compliments will pile and come together.

Use them wisely.

Remember – You’re not studying for a test. You’re not “trying” to memorize anything.

Allow your mind to do what it does best…

Gather information and use it all on its own.

You can test this charm ( as long as you have the willpower ) on social site which allow picture comments. They’re great testing grounds with people you don’t know.

The next step is a bit tougher but trust me is a lot easier by practicing this “charming” approach.

You must give the compliment with the right tone, secure and open body language, don’t get in her face or take a stance of “attack.”

I don’t care how nervous or even if you stutter it out, focus on keeping your body relaxed especially your face and jaw and lips.

If she realizes you’re nervous, it’s okay.

Better to be ballsy than chicken. Most women understand this.

Pay attention and listen to how she reacts.

If she says something besides “thank you” or “giggles” ask her a question about what she said.

That’s it.

This can be your only approach goal for a short time until you get it down.

Later stretch out how far you want the interaction to go.

But as always remember to listen intently first.

Most guys go blank after this.

Women WILL give you more to go with than you’ll ever need.

If she doesn’t, don’t worry about it and walk away.

Trust me, it’s no big deal and it’s not like you’re leaving her with a bad impression.

You’re just complimenting her.

Each goal – learning what to say which comes out naturally. Figuring how to keep the conversation going the way you want it, and then getting a number or an instant can be achieved step by step.

The charming approach is just one way to engage her.

You can meet women anywhere with this technique and you can practice it from your own home to refine your skills.

Please let me know how it works for you below – Pete

Charming Compliment Approach EXAMPLE:

1.  The first thing that came to my mind was her bag.

Looking at the bag and then her – “I see you’re a smart one.”

She asks, “Yeah, why do you say that?”

“The red bag stands out. I’m sure you can pick it out easily among everybody else drab brown and black luggage.”

2. More details.

I noticed her shoes and then her lips. (Best not mention the lips.  ) Tight jeans. Probably shouldn’t mention that unless I can make it funny. There’s not much about her that is very unique. (Maybe she wouldn’t be a candidate for a charming approach.)

Funny shoe comment, (sarcastically) “Now those are some traveling shoes.” (half-smile)

HER: “Hey, I love these shoes. They ARE my favorite traveling shoes.”

YOU: “I bet you own fifty pairs. Haha! What makes you choose those?”   Etc…

3.  The Research.

I know. This part sucks but try it anyways.

If you fail to do this step you’re going to miss some opportunities.

You won’t always find something amazing useful but you might be surprised where it can take you.

I found these topics:

  • People lose luggage all the time.
  • Traveling is stressful but can be fun.
  • All the places I’ve been to and what happened to my luggage.
  • Women own a ton of shoes.
  • She’s dressed like she wasn’t going very far. She must be on a short trip.
  • She has wheel on her bag. Makes her look lazy but cute and adorable the way she pulls it around like a kid pulls around one of those little red wagons I owned when I was younger.
  • She looks incredibly neat. How does she manage that while she traveling. Most people look like they haven’t’ slept in weeks.
  • I bet she does this (travels) just to meet charming around the world guys like me. (The fun cocky approach.)
  • Luggage is over priced!

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