Approaching Me… The Truth Of It All


Enough of the blame game of approach… Are YOU approachable?


n the last few weeks I’ve been approached by many women and I’m not bragging. 🙂

I wonder what I’m doing differently lately that’s causing them to come from out of nowhere.

It’s probably my attitude. How I hold myself. A little of my good looks.

Definitely because I’m APPROACHABLE!

Us guys and gurus tend to overdo the whole blaming women thing for not being approachable or how they make it hard on us to start a conversation with them.

Enough of the blame game.

How come we never take a close hard look at ourselves (us guys that is) and ask,

“Why aren’t more women coming to me?” or

“How do I make women feel less shy around me?” or

“How do I make it something she will surely regret going home or leaving without saying at least ONE word to me?” or

“How can I do that without being a model, rock star or even the life of the party?”

I’ll be completely honest with you.

My first thought is that sure, I’m decent looking BUT I’m not a drop-dead gorgeous model. Maybe it’s because I’m not tall, dark, and handsome. Maybe I’m just not that intimidating looks wise.

Maybe I just don’t make the ladies swoon and scream and yell like they’re some love starved teenagers chasing down yet another stamped out boy band.

It’s all good then, right?

This means to me, and blame me for being an optimist, but being somewhat average looking and dressed nicely and of course priding ourselves on looking g-g-good give US guys a certain advantage over those macho studs when it comes to meeting women.

Not that I have anything against those “studs”.

Hey, all the more power to them as long as they’re understand if they going to hit on my girlfriend or the women I’m with… well then good luck because I (sort of) do this shit for a living. Bwhaha!!


Sure I give those woman that try a hard time.

I mean a really hard time sometimes and they just don’t know how to take me but I understand when all is said and done, it’s an impression they enjoy.

Sooner or later they DO come back for more.

Catch me in a good mood and I’ll hold nothing back. What’s on my mind, well you’re getting it one way or another.


mmm maybe it IS my attitude.

A little of that cocky “whatcha looking at punk” thing mixed with a genuine outlook on life and a certain passion for talking to people. Not just women.

Maybe it is because I accused the last one of being a gambling addict and the two of us, well I can only see a future of us robbing banks and running from bookies for the rest of our lives.

I mean not much of a future there is it?

Then again I did offer to get naked for her IF her next hit resulted in a fifty dollar payoff but SHE insisted to match my wager.

Or the one who a few weeks ago practically came running to me in a parking lot to invite me to her birthday party.

Well just so you know it was Karaoke so I will admit, it was NOT going to happen.

Her, well she DID promise to show me her boobs as an incentive to her invitation but that’s another story altogether.

Yeah I better stop there and save it for my ahem ahem newsletter below. Hint hint!!! GET ON IT.

The point today is…


So what you’re not some model, a rock star, or have some probably I’d imagine really lame shallow women trying to get your autograph or follow your ass on twitter because they want to see how many women you’re sleeping with.

To me that means you ARE approachable.

Open up a little.

BE the guy women can open up easily because honestly, after that, looks aside, your conversational skills and having a little confidence can ATTRACT any WOMAN out there.

You don’t believe me try it for yourself as a shamelessly promote THIS CONVERSATIONAL MASTER –> Your options: Bobby Rio Interview – Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy over at DiaLteG TM. Go right for the video Make Small Talk Sexy or get it all delivered to you personally this way – 27 page manuscript on what to really say to women.

Women, ladies, minus the ones who ran away screaming from me because they “apparently” just didn’t have a sense of humor… Haha! Oops…


IF you approach ME I’m going to bust your ass but it will be fun most of the time. We’ll keep it light and playful in the beginning.

Feel free to give it back.

I am fair game.


I don’t blame you for one second for feeling that even sometimes it’s your fault some guys don’t approach you more. At least the right guys. I mean we’re not talking to blow-hards who are always up your ass trying to touch and grope you. We’re not counting the CREEPS here.

It’s probably all you heard until now and when you’re in a room full of people and not ONE decent guy doesn’t have the balls to just say hi and start a conversation, I can understand how you feel rejected and become even more shy than you were before.

In my eyes, unless you come off as a stuck up bitch surrounded by your friends to use as shields or you can’t get your phone out of your face because that makes you feel like you have a life…

You DESERVE to BE APPROACHED with clever fun often revealing conversations about both of us.


I’m not saying you deserve to be hit on persistently by some guy who pretends his deal works for him and didn’t just get him laid by some drunk chic a years ago.

If you want to approach me.

Go for it.

If you want to approach HIM ==>

Go for it. 😀

Just make sure you use a couple of these on us: Don’t Wait For Him To Approach You! Pick Up Lines For Women

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  • Ren

    I don’t know why men think “busting” on women is funny or a good approach and that something is wrong with the woman if she doesn’t like it. You can’t approach all women the same.

    • Peter White

      True Ren. It makes logical sense that you can’t approach ALL women the same and I would say if you take the way you approach from your surroundings it will be a little different each time.

      BUT… since we’re not dealing with a logical problem, one, trying to adjust your approach to a particular woman often has you following her lead and two, when you have to be different for each woman (as in yourself) not only are you “gaming” her but you’re not being true to yourself. Sooner or later she’s going to see who or what you are.

      My thoughts are: Being “congruent” with who you are and taking from your surroundings is the bet approach and a lot of the times you will approach lots of women in the same way. If it’s something you want massive success with, you’ll also have a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t.

      Just my thought and I do appreciate you leaving a comment. Always good to make me think. 🙂


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