Approaching Women – Is Her Liking You Back “Too Good to Be True”?


Written by Scot McKay Try and Buy Invincible – Be Bold, Confident, and Dominant and watch women love every minute of it.

Are you having a hard time believing that the highest-quality women on Earth are ever-in a million years-going to be interested in YOU?

Well, guess what. Once again, this is all pretty much because you are having a hard time GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD.

Because the magic principle here is this:


…especially as it pertains to exactly those factors that paralyze you when it’s time to approach.

What on Earth could I possibly mean by that?

Let me break it down for you.

Yes, the highest quality women on earth have strong character, kind hearts, and stable emotions. They respect and enjoy masculinity.

All of that is NON-NEGOTIABLE for any guy who is dead-set against settling for less than he wants.

But let’s face it.

When was the last time you chickened out from approaching a woman for any of the reasons I just shared?

Let me guess… NEVER

After all, you really can’t tell what she’s like INSIDE if you’ve never met her before, which is usually the case when approach anxiety hits.

Granted, I said USUALLY.

Sure, you may have noticed a particular woman has a warm smile or something from afar.

Then again, so does your grandma.

For all I know, you could even be secretly in love with some chick at work or school. And yeah, having talked to her some you know she’s a sweetheart.

But level with me here. There are PLENTY of women who have “great personalities” and solid character out there who you have ZERO PROBLEM walking right up and talking to.

You know, to ask what time it is, order your lunch, etc.

Why is that? What gives?

Well the difference is, they don’t PHYSICALLY attract you sexually.

It’s the PARTICULARLY SEXY ones who get you all wadded up in nerves…right?

The bottom line is that you get tangled up in the sexual fantasy such that it all starts seeming “too good to be true” that she would ever like you back.

Let me spell it out:

The “Too Good To Be True Factor” is what messes with your head and tells you there’s NO WAY a woman will possibly ever really like you.

Why not? Well, because you actually LIKE HER ALSO, of course.

Realize this:

Such an assumption is grounded upon ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as far as objective reality is concerned.

AND…fortunately for you, me and every other guy that’s EXACTLY the area where “HIGH-QUALITY” IS A RELATIVE TERM.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, take a trip over to a site called Chickipedia. Basically, It’s like Wikipedia, only focusing on hot women who also happen to be at least marginally famous for something.

If you’re unfamiliar with this site, forgive me ahead of time for contributing to your delinquency at work. The site is “workplace safe”, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not particularly “workflow friendly”.

But I trust your judgment and discipline. So for now, if you’re reading this shortly after I sent it you’re likely to find Scarlett Johansson under the “Hottest” section.

If Scarlett Johansson showed up buck-naked at my door-holding a six pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale-I probably wouldn’t even get aroused.

Seriously. She does NOTHING for me.

And it’s not even like she’s tall, leggy, and looks like a particularly skinny man…like, say, Heidi Klum.

I can’t really explain it. She’s just not my type.

In fact, at least half the women who show up on my screen when I start hitting Chickipedia’s “Random Chick” button rapid fire aren’t particularly interesting to me.

Now some of you are probably out there shaking a fist at your computer screen thinking I must be gay or something because I don’t think Scarlett Johansson and Heidi Klum are all that.

Others of you are thanking me for finally calling out the way it is, despite the media hype.


All I’m saying is try it for yourself. Start surfing through “random chicks” for yourself and see if you end up thinking some, if not most of them aren’t exactly your “type”.

No matter what, I think we can all agree that what’s “hot” to you may not be “hot” to me, and vice-versa. Ask any other guy out there his opinion, and it might be completely different altogether.

And that’s the thing:

It’s probably only the women YOU think are hotties who intimidate you.

The “Too Good To Be True” factor kicks in and/or you automatically assume the competition must be too fierce.

Other women you might be able to go talk to without any trepidation at all.

Meanwhile, several of your friends may think she’s a veritable paragon of female perfection.

They may think you’re “fearless” for having talked to her in such a calm, collected manner.

Oddly, she may have even been ATTRACTED TO YOU when you spoke to her, which could have been an awkward moment FOR YOU.

Have you ever taken all of this into consideration? Have you ever even put this “big picture” together before in the way I’m describing it?

So, what if you could empower yourself with this knowledge?

What if you could REALLY believe that YOUR TYPE isn’t NECESSARILY every other guy’s type?

Could you THEN, once and for all, realize that the women YOU PREFER are still normal human beings?

That they may not be getting utterly hammered for dates by every, single guy out there?

And what’s more, can you-as a man who deserves what he wants-begin to realize that maybe, just MAYBE, the kind of women you are MOST attracted to are the ones who will more than likely be attracted to a guy like you in return?

Look, my guess is that Scarlett and Heidi really couldn’t give a rip whether I’m attracted to them or not. They’ve got plenty of attention coming at them elsewhere.

And no, as the saying goes, “you can’t kiss all the girls”. You’re no better (or worse) than any other guy out there in that respect.

But if you equip yourself with the fact that NOBODY can be EVERYONE’S proverbial cup of tea-EVEN THE WOMEN YOU GO NUTS OVER-then my guess is that you will start to see things differently.

And realizing that another guy’s “10” is your “6 ½” (and vice-versa) may be just the logical encouragement you need to talk to woman who knocks your socks off like the normal, merely mortal human being she is.

She’s probably getting “swept off her feet” by a high-quality man like you far, far less often than you think.

Try and Buy Invincible – Be Bold, Confident, and Dominant and watch women love every minute of it.

Enough is enough. Relations between men and women are rapidly deteriorating and the very nature of sexual attraction is under attack. Matters have escalated in the last few years, therefore the message has to be carefully crafted and delivered loud and clear.

Whether you’re energized and empowered or haunted by the truth, it must be brought out into the open and dealt with before it is TOO LATE for us as men and the women who are cheering us on.

Failure is not an option.


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