Are More Attractive People Actually Better & Happier Than You?

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Attractive People Better Than You

Written by Peter White – Creator of Why Do Guys…? & DiaLteG TM.

Laws Of Attraction #2: Just because a person is physically attractive, does not mean they are better than you.

Yeah, okay – so it’s apparently proven that physically attractive people have a slight social and monetary advantage over those who are average or below in looks. Something which is certainly not confined to a single career or interaction – Meaning, the benefits are known for many specific areas.

I’m not going to cite source studies. There are too many of them, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s happening, just some credible studies to prove it which is why the experiments are ongoing and to help understand the real reason.

However, if you’re so inclined to read the research AND to “do the math” yourself, you’ll find another not-so-stated thought about occurrences which has been also proven time and time again:

Money, wealth, career, beauty, attractiveness does not, and will NEVER equal happiness OR a guarantee a healthy esteem.

The challenges beautiful people face are most certainly different than the supposed less fortunate which in many ways can and often does lead to unhappiness spiritually and mentally.

So then…

Why do way too many people assume a physically attractive person is better than them, OR that their problems of finding happiness would be solved IF they were better-looking on the outside?

Seems to me many people can be slightly divided into several groups based on their mindset and beliefs about it all.

Those who believe money is the answer to their financial problems, therefore more cash equals easier living which in turn could lead to being happy.

It’s certainly a possibility but has yet proven to be correct and even close to being more probable because, as listed above, those with money still have issues and problems, their issues just change or form into something else, which certainly could impact one’s health and overall happiness.

There’s no guarantee that money equates to internal happiness, therefore who can make it easier because they’re attractive or beautiful, doesn’t necessarily prove the result of bliss.

Next up…

Those who believe that physical attractiveness is the answer to their relationship (or finding a partner) problems.

There’s an obvious advantage of the beautiful to get more looks and “easy” opportunities too – because beyond pleasant looking typically leads to more approaches, flirting, exposure, and the odds are in the favor for “something” to happen.

However – once again, a false belief a finding an attractive partner or being attractive and able to attract MORE partners is a guarantee of happiness or anything even close to it.

The same holds true, attractive people have their own set of problems (something I will cover in a future attraction issue) – in this case: Trust, being used, cheated on, schemed, played, used for sexual gains, etc… is only the start of the inherent problems associated with beauty.

One does NOT achieve happiness because of attractiveness in this manner. Opportunity CAN be helpful, but also opens up MORE opportunity to be SEEN and not heard or listened too – because someone’s looks did all the apparent work for them or worked against them.

Those whose mindset is filled with excuses and like to blame something for their own problems.

It’s all too easy to give up and place blame. It’s quite to to excuse oneself. With that said, blaming a large group of people who “apparently” have it easier because of their looks can be all to easy too.

Okay – so you didn’t get that job, promotion, girlfriend, or boyfriend because you lost out to someone more attractive or beautiful than you. It happens.

BUT when blame is placed on a group or an individual who didn’t write the rules, or excuse yourself for failure because someone else took advantage of their looks, does not and will not solve anything, therefore only distracts and makes your problems worse because now you have to deal with more limited beliefs.

Happiness does not develop from the outside – it happens from within a person.

The more secluded you become, the more angry you feel, the more blame you give, the more excuses you internalize, the less time and room you have to FEEL HAPPY.

If you find yourself in any of those groups above – you’re failing in this tip of becoming a more attractive person.

You’re falling into a trap of limited beliefs in which YOU are more likely to convey them to those who are more physically attractive than you… and that belief is that they are somehow better than you.

When that couldn’t be further from reality.

Attractive does not equal happiness.

Money does not guarantee happiness.

THEY are not better than you.

They are just different than you.

They have problems you might never have to face. YOU have problems they may never have to face.

BOTH share an equal plight in life to overcome these issues to achieve a happy state of mind and being.

Better is subjective and how you determine that word can make a huge difference in your life.

Define the word BETTER in your head (comment it below if you wish) and consider all that it implies about the way you look at life.

Notice the instant comparisons you make. Notice the limited beliefs that arise. Notice how subjective the statements really are.

Notice how by doing so you fall into one of those categories above.

Take note to how you’re relating to the word…

  • Is someone better than you because they can run a mile and you can barely walk down the street?
  • Is someone better than you because they have more money?
  • Is someone better than you because their genes granted them a slight physically attractive advantage?
  • Are YOU better than someone because you feel you’re a nicer person than them?
  • Are YOU better than someone because you didn’t grow up poor but you’re not rich either?
  • Are you better than someone because you’ve made legal decisions in your life and stayed on the good side of law and ethics?

BETTER in this context is clearly an undefined word in our lives.

We feel it must be defined to make ourselves feel BETTER or WORSE – depending on our mindset and subjective view of our lives.

Which if you ask me only makes a less attractive when it’s done too often and used as spite, to blame, or to excuse ourselves for failing.

Don’t use it in an ATTRACTIVE CONTEXT ever and you WILL become a more attractive person.

No one is better than you just because of how they look.

A happy person IS a more attractive person because that person makes other people happy and others feel more free, among many other reasons of course.

Better doesn’t work – it only hinders one’s growth and path to happiness.

Focus on making yourself genuinely happy every second that it’s possible and you WILL be a more attractive person – regardless of external appearance.

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