Are You Assuming Too Much and Basing Your Approach On Her Looks?

There’s this amazingly cute cashier. Nope, she’s not perfect.

That’s the thing with guys… we’re not interested in the perfect looking woman, are we ?

Most normal guys can not be bothered with perfection because (among other things) they’re too much work.

It feels like the competition for those “types” is exhausting.

Weird, isn’t it?

In one sentence I’m saying guys are not interested in the hottest women and yet the reason stated is “competition”. On one side it’s like every guy is trying to get in their pants and on the other side, the rest, well they’re just left checking her out from a safe distance… Hoping she’ll notice him and do the work for him.

My mind tells me, based on experience and sight, that those women are being approached by practically every guy who gets close enough to say something.

They always seem to have a boyfriend too.

They appear to have every choice available to them and besides the relationship or dating thing, can get laid anytime, anywhere they feel like getting it.

BUT appearances are often misleading, aren’t they?

Since most guys are not interested in perfection, AND lots of men can’t act normal around them, it stands to reason that extremely beautiful “perfect” looking women are actually less likely to be approached in a REAL way.

The ACTUAL competition for them is LAME.

From the overly confident guy filled with false bravado to the “way too nice guy” trying to sneak his way into her pants – we must admit her abundance of choices is quite restricted.

Her image also creates a different kind of prejudice most average people have never felt and probably never will. This can shape her belief system and can easily have her acting a little standoff-ish and distrustful to the leering man.

Very beautiful people are often judged first by sight alone.

The guys who make the casual assumptions about those women will of course believe the preconceived notions about attractive women and therefore always assume the competition is too great.

They might also believe they’re not good enough or how, “Only the hottest riches guys will ever have even the slimmest of chances.”

AND… Getting with her is one thing but keeping her seems impossible and once again, exhausting.

She is assumed to be “too much work” and all things considered, because of all the assumptions about her image – appears to be not worth the price of admission.

That cute cashier mentioned in the first sentence – despite the imperfections she might feel if she was to compare herself to the women she thinks are beautiful, might feel insecure about guys approaching her BUT the fact is she is far more approachable.

“Grocery stores are a constant resource to meet fun, open women and walk away with some amazing experiences.”How To Pickup and What You Need To Approach Women In A Grocery Store

She will encounter more REAL approaches from REAL guys just looking to get to know her.

Of course she will also meet some men who think just because she’s “only” cute she’s easier. Easier to talk to, easier to ask out, easier to just be “normal” around, and so on.

When it comes to guys approaching women and starting conversations these are only generalizations or “surface talk” but based on all averages and normal circumstances we can come up with patterns which hold true.

The most beautiful tend to shy away from approaches and seem to be more skeptical, as if based on their experiences, guys are only looking to get laid.

The appear to be hit on more but those “hits” are typically lame or “canned” and the guys giving them are easily seen through as false.

The cutest “girls” where it appears are approached less receive more “real” approaches from guys because of all the reasons listed above and more. This is minus the sleazy guys who feel they are easier to get in bed and feel they have a better shot with them.

Even though those cuter girls might have more “real” options and so of course are actual HARDER to get because of that AND… yes, are much more likely to have a boyfriend.

I used to NEVER approach a “hottie” because I put them on a pedestal and believed all the prejudices about them. If we chatted or met it was more coincidental or accidental or a friend of a friend.

Guess I have to re-think this strategy and consider there’s more going om.

Maybe I’ll “shy” away from those cute cashiers a little more and set my eyes on the top.

Wait… I have. Been on both sides. Approached them all.

The “point” today is whether she’s cute, hot, appears unapproachable, standoff-ish, easy or not…

When we form a certain impression or pre-judge a woman based on image alone and use that in our approach, then just maybe we have already lost and should think again before we make broad assumptions of her and her life.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t use a slightly different opening from one woman to the next, that would be absurd. I’m merely stating that:

  1. Just because she’s the most beautiful women we have ever seen and she’s being hit on constantly does not mean those “hits” are anything useful or something we might be concerned with in our approach.
  2. Just because she’s cute and it might feel like it’s easier to start a conversation doesn’t make it the truth. Chances are those “hits” or far more real and genuine because feel more at ease around her.
  3. Just because she’s hot or beautiful doesn’t mean she’s harder to open up to – although it could mean she’s more defensive and on a certain level, who could blame her.
  4. Just because she’s “only” cute as if that’s a bad thing (right?) doesn’t also mean she will be more open to us. There’s always a great chance she’s met way too many men who find her “easy” to screw over and will act accordingly.

Women ARE women and each have their own persona and personality and act according to their lives up to the point we meet them.

Assume nothing but the assumption that no matter who she is or what she looks like or how approachable or defensive she appears on the surface – whatever future we’re looking to have with her is NEVER beyond our means.

Assume nothing but the obvious fact that she is just another person trying to survive and be happy in her own little way and I’m positive without any prejudice or preconceived ideas about who she is and how she’ll respond WILL be positive if WE are positive in our approach.

Assume nothing.

Be confident.

Make her smile.

Be genuine.

Don’t seek her approval.

Leave her wanting more and leave with a way of making that happen.

Don’t approach to get something.

Approach to give something memorable – YOU!

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