Are You Tired Of Attractive Women Only Wanting To Be Your Friend?


Stop chasing women and start creating attraction. Friends into lovers shows you how to get your attractive friend to chase you and want you sexually.

She’s amazing… From the first moment you met you became almost instant friends.

She also just “happens” to be attractive.

Not one of those girls who piles on the makeup and lets every part of her body hang out.


Her beauty is natural.

Imperfectly perfect! ( If you know what I mean. )

You’re not really sure what happened and you definitely can not figure out for the life of you – why she seems to like you so much.

Now she’s calling you all the time just to tell you about her day.

She’s always telling you what a great guy you are.

And she always gives you that “look.” The kind which quite literally sends shivers up your spine.

When you go out everyone thinks she’s your girlfriend but you both play it down.

You get embarrassed a little because you wish she was.

She plays it off laughing by grabbing your hand and repeating,

“No… we’re just good friends.”

Okay so you can deal with it. Maybe she’ll change her mind about you.

Maybe something will happen one fateful night while you’re both lying around talking about stuff.

And just maybe she’s playing this whole friend thing on you but is hiding a secret crush for you.

After all you’re not her usual type and she’s had some bad experiences with her ex-boyfriends.

The last thing you want to do is become one of them by pushing yourself on her.

You think she’ll come around… you hope she does. She deserves a good friend and soon she’ll see how you two are perfect together.

Cue the dramatic music…

She calls you up crying. All you can get is something about some “dude” she used to date.

How he came over earlier.

How he was telling her how much he’s changed.

How if she can give him one more chance.

How he missed her so much is sorry for everything he did to her.

Between the sniffles and obvious discomfort in her voice she blurts it out,

“I can NOT believe I slept with him tonight. He has this power over me.”

You can’t help but to console her.

You tell her it’s okay.

So what you made a mistake, it happens.

He won’t call you tomorrow anyways so you can just forget about him.

The minutes pass as her sobbing turns to joy – you can literally see her eyes light up over the phone and now you’re getting the feeling this is it!

This is where she’s going to finally see how you’re perfect together. How you’re supposed to be together.

And then the words come out sinking your heart to the floor,

“You’re so great. I’m so glad we’re friends. I can not tell you how much you mean to me. You’re the only guy who I can talk to about this stuff. You’re the best friend I think I’ve ever had!!!!”

Can I just say – You’re not alone.

It’s happened to me.

The guy down the street.

Probably half of your friends in school.

It’s happened to any guy who fell for a beautiful women, got real close to her, enjoyed so much time together, but didn’t want to make her feel like the other guys do – like just a body!

It’s happened to every guy who wanted to treat her differently.

Who wanted the best for her.

Each and every man who believed it’s only logical that great relationships must start with a friendships first – then you ask her to be your girlfriend – has probably suffered through her ex-boyfriends one by one because of a single belief in friendships first.

You’ve been lied to and led to believe this is what women want.

How it supposed to happen that way.

And that just NOT true.

It’s about triggering attraction.

It’s about getting her to chase you and not pursuing her even harder.

It’s about getting her to do things for you.

It’s about her thinking, believing, and feelings like she has to chase you.

Her ex-boyfriends or the guys she’s currently dating may not have known what they were doing but somehow they managed to make all that happen.

And some of them didn’t do it honestly and ethically.

Some of them are even borderline jerks and you know it.

If you’re constantly becoming friends with women first and it’s getting you nowhere but heartbroken and confused you must learn how to spark that attraction and you must know what to do with it after.

If you can’t take another friendship with an attractive woman this is your opportunity to turn things around starting immediately. Click to Watch The One Video Which Reveals The #1 Mistake Men Make Which Puts Them In The Friends Zone. You’ll finally understand and know exactly what it’s going  to take to make the friendship your choice and not hers.

Friends to Lovers is for guys who are NICE and don’t want to play women but still want to learn how to trigger attraction so women start chasing them.

The Friends to Lovers System was created to show you how a woman’s attraction mechanism works, how you can trigger her deepest lustful emotions, and how to turn yourself into a real sexual guy in her eyes…and have believe it’s was her choice and NOT yours.

Click to Watch The One Video Which Reveals The #1 Mistake Men Make Which Puts Them In The Friends Zone

Video Presentation Highlights:

  • If you have a women in your life who only sees you as a friend, you’ll finally be able to get her in bed. And have her think it was HER idea.
  • Unusual technique revealed.
  • What women really want.
  • It is far more effective when a woman wonders if you’re attracted to her.
  • Attraction investment.
  • Stop chasing your female friend!
  • She likes you but feels no attraction for you and you can NOT force that to happen.
  • Don’t deny her the opportunity to please you and want to do things for you.
  • Powerful attraction trigger called reaching.
  • Push the right attractive buttons inside her by simply being yourself.
  • Automatic Attraction
  • You don’t need the superficial things most men believe attract women.
  • Attraction technique gives you an unfair advantage over the guys with the looks and money and fancy car.
  • Think about how you feel attraction and how yo have no control over it happening. It just does.
  • When you trigger her attraction mechanism the same goes for her. She has no control of feeling uncontrollable lust for the guy who does it.
  • Attraction is programmed to override our logic and reasoning.
  • When it comes to turning a woman on you’ll know exactly what buttons to push.
  • Foundation you must have to enjoy receiving that automatic attraction from women.
  • Removes all the confusion and frustration from the equation.
  • The core element to the friends to lovers system to make her chase and lust after you.
  • One person is the selector. The selector holds all the power in an attraction and relationship.
  • You must be that Selector.
  • Chasing women kills her attraction because selectors do not chase.
  • Women invest themselves in pleasing men who are the selector.
  • Use the natural triggers and she’ll see you as a sexual being and not just a friend.
  • She loves to be with you because you know her best.
  • She wants a guy who can offer her the best of both worlds.
  • She wan’s a guy who understands her, knows her inside and out, and who will appreciate her.
  • She wants a guy who finds her attractive and she can feel comfortable sleeping with.

Included With Bonuses:

  • Friends to Lovers 18 CD System
  • Make Her Fantasize About You Report
  • Keep Her Interested In You Report
  • Red Dragon Attraction Technique

Recurring Charges May Apply:

  • Mojo Masters Instant Attraction Program – New payment within 14 days of subscription.
  • Not required – uncheck opt in box to decline offer.

It’s so powerful it can have a women desperately trying hook up with you even if she said she “just wants to be friends” or she wasn’t normally attracted to you.

If you have a female friend in your life who only sees you as her “good friend” or worse… She treats you like a brother, then use this to finally be able to get her into bed:
Click to Watch The One Video Which Reveals The #1 Mistake Men Make Which Puts Them In The Friends Zone

Written by and/or posted by … Peter White. Creator and owner of DiaLteG TM – Dating & Attraction For Men Who Want To Learn How To Attract Women Naturally. Check out my Facebook fan pages: Why Do Chics…? | DiaLteG TM OR JOIN the best group on women at Why Do Chics…?. Find and follow me on Twitter – Peter White.
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