Are You Tired Of Half Buzzed Pick Ups In Bars? Approach Women Anywhere


The first approaches are filled with anxiety but they don’t have to be. You don’t have to settle for bars only to be frustrated with day pickup.

I remember my first approach…

She was a cute clerk at some department store.

She HAD to listen and it didn’t go perfect but I definitely needed the practice.

Okay so it wasn’t a real “approach” in the classic sense, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

Besides, after that, I worked my way up to waitresses and women at the supermarket.

And with all the new confidence soaring I figured I’d hit up a few local bars.


Lots of women right?

Yeah right.

There were little “chic” teams with big defenses.

They seemed to guard each other and then when one guy could finally break through their “shields” he was obviously “Wining and Dining” women all the time.

He wasn’t necessarily a proven “pickup artist” but he played the part well and managed to approach them all.

Leaving me to wonder what I had to buy them to make “that” happen.

Those guys would usually bring in some “lead” women to show off. You know to get the other girls drooling and jealous. They appeared or acted like they knew everyone including the bartenders.

I don’t know it just felt like they owned the place and did the “bar approach” for a living.

Each time I saw them they would have a new “harem” to show off to the new giggling half-drunk young women in the corner.

But eventually I worked my way in… I found a few local bars where I could frequent and got to know everyone.

I made friends with the bartenders.

I played it cool. I stuck around all night and watched and learned the whole process…

That is until I learned what I would have to do to start meeting women for something more, if you know what I mean.

I had to become “one of them.”

And so I did. Not 100% but I gave it a real honest try and yes it worked.

Well – honestly I managed some casual sex, useless phone numbers, how to make a drunk woman fall for me, but seriously the nines and tens who came in were either with some stud and showing off, or were obviously in the wrong place looking for directions.

It was like I hit a proverbial brick wall of approach.

Imagine a hot woman throwing up a giant hand in your face and screaming “NO! Don’t you DARE talk to me. Hmmph!”

I thought the bar scene was where I would finally meet a girlfriend but I was completely wrong and utterly disappointed.

I also realized the alcohol was a crutch and unfortunately that lesson came hard and it came with the sun out and the after the music stopped…. I tried “Day Approach”.

You see I failed approaching women during the day because I didn’t have a buzz on. I realized my game was made for only meeting “bar girls” and so trying to pick up attractive women anywhere else seemed like a lost cause because…

The same skills I learned late at night in loud dark places was absolutely useless when the sun was out and women were not always out having a good time.

I couldn’t even get eye contact long enough to approach them.

You know how that goes – you’re walking past an attractive woman and she looks away basically telling you the “screw off” she’s not in the mood.

How the hell do you break past that?

And then there’s the lockjaw.

Where you want to say something but you don’t know what.

Your stomach curls up and all you can get out is a quick “Hello” as you make a run for your car.

You don’t want her to say anything because you wouldn’t know what to say next anyways.

My point is – picking up women late night is different. You play more games. You have lots of competition and if you could call them your enemy they are willing to do anything to beat you.

Which meant they have the whole game down and if you don’t you’re going to lose every time.

The techniques used are so far removed from “day game” you wouldn’t even think you’re trying to date the same girls.

And that’s because you’re not.

The women you meet during the day are sober, more relaxed, and are in a different state of mind.

The techniques or “skills if you will” you need to meet those women require a little more ability on your part to pull off.

But they are more real – that’s for sure.

You need more self-confidence,  fearless approach, sober and refreshing conversational skills, and A more defined and outreaching social life.

And you need the strength to risk it all where any form of rejection won’t be hidden in a dark room where most people couldn’t give a shit.

But hey – from guy to another – approaching women anywhere at anytime during the day is far more rewarding.

You meet higher quality women who are not surrounded by their friends.

You meet women who are dressed down a little.

They’re more open.

They’re more in tune with living their lives making it easy for you to swoop in and make attraction happen.

There’s far less pressure on both of you.

Think of this….

When you approach women in a club she’s going to assume you’re looking for a one night stand or something like that. And she’s going to guard herself from being hurt.

No women in her right mind is thinking you just want to sleep with he when you approach her during the day.

She never believes some guy is only there to seduce her quickly.

Her guard is down and her mind is more open to just chatting.

I’m not asking you stop going to bars and clubs. There’s definitely something going on there. Personally it was worth the experience in many ways.

But I am suggesting you open the entire world to approach if you want to find real dates and some pretty amazing women.

Quoted from the Carlos Xuma – creator of the Alpha Man Series on Approach, Inner Game, and incredible Social Skills…

Here’s what having “Day Game” skill really gives you:

  • The ability to meet women anywhere you go – day OR night!
  • The ability to meet other people you might not have a romantic interest in, but would help you create a big Social Circle…
  • The ability to find more things to do, places to go, and more people to meet…
  • The ability to finally shed the label of “shy guy” and know that *YOU* create your own social life…
  • The knowledge that you don’t have to put yourself into high-pressure situations in bars, competing with every “pickup artist” and wannabe player…
  • A nearly limitless supply of people to meet…

I took that from Carlos because if you want to meet real women – in real places – then your “Day Game” is the secret and he’s definitely the guy to go to when you’re completely serious but totally frustrated about meeting the same type of women over and over again.


Check this out, Approach Women Now – Anywhere Anytime – Get Real Day Game because this is NOT some fly-by-night Ebook filled with cheesy pickup lines.

It’s for guys who are totally serious about the women they plan on meeting and attracting. Backed with a 365 day guarantee you’ll finally be able to master approaching women.

I want to say, stop “settling” for bar girls, start meeting ALL women everyday, everywhere, at anytime of the day so you’ll quickly see how meeting women during the day is the answer to one amazing dating life but it must go without saying because I know you feel this way….

The “day approach” and a little social mastery is the ONLY way to do it.

So you need to be prepared to make it happen and find the right person to show you exactly how to do it..

The last thing you want is advice from a 100 different guys all telling you 100 different things. And that includes ME.

This stuff is awesome and Carlos will hit every possible angle for you.

I hate saying it but Carlos Xuma is a little bit of a perfectionist.

You know the guy who has to have everything right and how anything project he touches is a representation of his soul, well it’s those type of guys who cover you the best when you want a job done.

You get complete reliability and the trust which comes along with never worrying someone else is screwing up your “deal.”

Let me prove it to you – before you do anything else today… Sign In and Pick Up This Book on Approach Anxiety and READ it.

Let the info sink inside your mind and use it every time you see a woman you want to meet.

You’ll experience only a half-percent of what he can show you and you get amazing results.

Imagine what the rest is going to do to your dating life…

Create Authentic Attraction & Connection With Women – Without Fear Of Rejection, And Without Creepy Pickup Lines… Approach Women Now – Anywhere Anytime – Get Real Day Game.

Written by and/or posted by … Peter White. Creator and owner of DiaLteG TM – Dating & Attraction For Men Who Want To Learn How To Attract Women Naturally. Check out my Facebook fan pages: Why Do Chics…? | DiaLteG TM OR JOIN the best group on women at Why Do Chics…?. Find and follow me on Twitter – Peter White.
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