Ask These Questions Before You Start Relying On Luck To Meet More Guys

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Guys are everywhere. I believe roughly half of all humans on our lovely Earth are men. Kind of a useless statistic though if you’re single and not meeting any guys who are not currently in a relationship OR when he happens to live on the other side of the world.

BUT that’s the negative part coming and in today’s post I’m going to show you how you can meet lots of single available men, what is stopping you from meeting them, how to remove those problems, and how to turn it all around in a positive way.

Sound good? Cool.

First you have the most common dilemmas, question, and problems associated with women meeting men:

  • Do you talk to him first?
  • Do you wait for him to approach you?
  • Should you approach him first and what will that say about you?
  • What if he’s not interested in you?
  • What if he has a girlfriend making for a real embarrassing moment?
  • Was he really staring at you or did you miss something?

After all that comes the nervousness, the queasiness in your stomach (especially if you find yourself feeling more and more attracted to him) and even on top of all that there’s the doubt and mystery as every “what if” crosses your mind…

So with more questions than answers and no end in sight, what do most women do?


The resort to relying on luck to see things through.

Maybe you do get lucky and see the same guy once a day, maybe just once a week.

Maybe fortune and fate bring you together. You bump heads or he drops something in front of you giving you the opportunity to meet him.

Just maybe… BUT…

Let me tell you a little something about luck my friend.

LUCK is a guy carrying a condom in his wallet, hoping he’ll get “lucky”.

LUCK is taking a chance by throwing money at a machine and once in a while, the numbers match up AND you get lucky.

LUCK is playing the odds hoping things go your way, that day.

If you ask me, leaving your future happiness in life and relationships and dating to luck is just an EXCUSE and easy way to give up trying when no answer can be found.

AND worse of all – you’ll find lots of people right along with you agreeing with you the whole way.

You know the empathetic sighs when you hear them.

They’ll tell you, “You’re so unlucky!” or “How life is SO unfair!”, or how “If this happened, then things would be different, but they never do, so I guess WE’RE just not lucky people. Hmmph!”


You’re ALWAYS going to find someone to support your unlucky streak.

Well how about this…?

Luck doesn’t determine your happiness or your success.

“The SUM of your pursuits in life defines who you are.”

Overcoming Myths About Men – Mistakes, Love, and What Guys Are “Into”

Luck is a  probable or chance determined by so many factors NOT ONE PERSON on this planet can ever exactly predict an actual outcome. Socially speaking of course.

So why rely on something you have little or no control over?

This is what you DO have control over.

You DO have the power to INCREASE your personal success in meeting men and it all begins today.

You can start by asking yourself this important question:

“What am I doing right?”

Once you know what you’re doing right or what works for you, even the tiniest details, you can now “positively” assess and address your “luck” problem of meeting guys.

For me it was the realization that I have a few remarkable gifts. Creative, a remarkable sense of the details around me, and a real ability to connect with certain people.

Instead of thinking those gifts were going unused because they were not helping me to find a girlfriend, lover, or even a date, I changed my beliefs and started using and reinforcing them.

Tweaked them just a little.

My creativity meant I was particularly good at romance. I had lots of ideas. My old thinking was to use them on “unsuspecting” women but that failed. My new belief told me romance comes later. After attraction.  And how I can actually use this creativity to meet women online. “Wow” them in a situation which naturally brought out my stronger points.

Something tells me you have a few things you do good and you’re wasting them by either not using them the right way, or not allowing them to be used naturally in situations where they’re really going to help you succeed.

“Well, it’s high time you played up the best version of yourself and share it with the rest of the world!”

Make A Good First Impression With Men – Eye Contact, Smile and More.

The sad part is I have absolutely no idea what yours are.

You have to do this for yourself BUT…

You DO have the power to change your life without relying on luck or chance.

You Do have the power to put yourself in better positions everyday to meet all sorts of men.

Start right here and right now by asking yourself some amazingly simple questions:

  • “What am I doing right?”
  • “What talents am I wasting?”
  • “How can I use what I do best to meet more men?”
  • “Where would they come out naturally?

From there, the path you take will depend on your own personal goals and there’s no need to predict them… just let them happen all by themselves.

In other words, do NOT start thinking too far ahead. Stay in the here and now.

Sure, sooner or later you’re going to find your weaker parts. You’re going to have to work on them but… if you want to solve something – anything:

NEVER look at any problem from a negative view first.

So why wouldn’t this include meeting or approaching or dating guys?

Your positive view will always show you the way and help you remove the blind spots which might be hiding thus showing you where your new focus must go.

Back to the beginning…

Meeting guys.

Not just the ordinary type you might everyday anyways.

The ones you want to approach you or the guys who have something real to give.

No matter what your personal goal is with men, casual, dating, long-term relationship, marriage, family, the strategy laid out for you above DOES work.

It’s not the ultimate answer BUT it can help you because it’s puts you in a positive mindset, and because it can help you gain a better perspective on where or what you need the most help in.

Too many people keep going down the same road, doing the same thing over and over again HOPING they’ll get lucky one day.

I think you’re better than just waiting around for some uncontrollable thing to magically solve it or whisk you away to relationship bliss.

You want to meet more GOOD men?

I grabbed a funny little quote I’d like you to read:

“She took acting lessons, joined a book club, and became devoted to yoga.

The result:

She met tons of smart, funny and fascinating…


Obviously it was about a woman doing things for herself and in the process she was hoping to meet single guys. Things didn’t turn out when she realized that what she was advised to do – focus on herself and she’ll meet more men only brought women into her life with shared interest.

So yes – it’s negative in a way BUT with a little tweak here it can be made positive and her efforts worthwhile.

I’ll do it for her so you can see how it all works and begin to do it in your own life.

Taking acting lessons can most definitely become a confidence booster. Doing something you love will also boost your mood. It gets you out of the house and out of your head too.

And here’s the really cool part…

IF you can ACT – you can certainly “flirt” – which is a skill beneficial to meeting men, right?

If reading is your thing, okay then,  read a few books on conversation starters or how attraction works for men, BUT also, reading usually means you can retain information and you are practicing using your imagination.Which is another great trait you can use to meet lots of qualified men.

This means you can create some interesting conversation starters with a guy. I’m not saying to bore the shit out of him, just to bring some of your reading to life, find an angle on it which makes it interested and SHARE.

Isn’t that what communication is anyways, at least in part…

Sharing your beliefs to inspire others to want to share too hopefully in an interesting passionate way.

What about Yoga?

You’re learning how to relax, stay in the moment, and invigorate your body and mind. It’s a great emotional boost and grounds you a little too. Which generally leads itself to less anxiety and of course – makes meeting men less stressful and more fun.

Doing Yoga can quiet the mind which in turn makes you less nervous AND opens your body up to a more relaxed inviting body language. Not to mention a little sexier too. Something lots of guys will be pleased about.

Okay – I’m not saying those are the secrets to meeting men although you must admit – the combination of:

    • Acting lessons – Imaginative interactions with others.
    • Yoga – Quieting the mind and body and boosting your mood.
    • Reading – Learning about how attraction works for men.

…Can be extremely helpful in doing so and work indirectly in so many ways making things happen without even trying to force something which feels uncomfortable and rehearsed.

The point is, everything you do well and everything you’re learning to do better CAN be used to meet the kind of men you want to.

Don’t overlook them.

Find out what they are, how they pertain to your life, how they’re related to guys, and reinforce with your new positive spin.

Start right now by sharing them below.

Pick a question and tell me about how you’re going to start using them to meet more men:

  • What are some things you KNOW you do right?
  • What talents are you wasting?
  • How can you use what you do best to meet more men?
  • How are they going to help you achieve this goal INDIRECTLY?
  • Where will they come out naturally?

Take a little time and think about these things.

If you find yourself becoming negative or you start to see it happening, STOP and think again because I know there’s something positive you can bring out of it.

It really is simple stuff that works but unfortunately people tend to not do it for reasons listed above and beyond.

One more thing – your plan here is to LET it all happen. That’s how life works. Don’t go looking for it – put yourself in circumstances and positions where they’ll happen NATURALLY.

Here’s a quote from my other part of this plan which is going to add-on to today’s advice:

#1: Write down everything you love to do. 

It doesn’t matter what it is and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve done it before. Explore the DOING of what makes you happy.

#2: Write down the places you feel the best while you’re there. 

Again, it doesn’t matter what it is: Wherever it is then you find yourself in the best mood – write it down.

#3: Write down where that type of guy would be doing the things HE loves to do.

Advice on How and Where To Meet A Guy, Getting Out Of Your Own Way

There’s a hidden clause in there you MUST follow for it to work the best for you so make sure you read that article so you don’t miss it.

In conclusion…

Stop relying on LUCK or your luck to meet more good men.

It all too often becomes a personal excuse for failure and tends to lead down a negative path.

Focus on what you DO have CONTROL over and that’s your life.

Answer all the questions above and explore the positive side of it all.

Trust you do lots of things everyday which is going to help you IF you look at it from that perspective and not the negative side as in the funny quote above.

I guarantee you’re doing lots of things right when you really think about it.

Start putting yourself in more situations where meeting men happens naturally and it WILL.

Share your answers or comments below so you can get it all out there and soon we’ll get into how to meet the better man for you. That all comes down to qualification, getting into his real character, and matching him up to you needs in the most attractive way you can.

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