Batter Up – Getting to the Real First Base When Meeting Women


Are you throwing pitches (or lines at her) hoping she won’t reject you, or are you the “batter up” willing to take your base?

Do you remember what getting to first base use to mean?


Second base was copping a feel most likely under her bra.

Third base meant we got one or both hands down her pants.

Home runs typically meant going all the way… sex!

Now consider this new idea in the world of approach…

Woman who have been approached many times in her life will always give you YOUR reason you want to hear, to make you go away quicker.

Everyone talks about being disqualified quickly ( or blatantly rejected ) but let’s look at this “problem” from a different perspective… baseball.

Imagine this..

You’re a kid again.

You’re feeling full of energy and full of fun.

You meet this incredibly hot women and on the outside you can barely find a flaw. You know without a doubt every guy who sees her is practically begging for her “approval.”

This is the type of woman who when you meet and find out she actually doesn’t have a boyfriend that “going all the way with her” is as rare and tough as throwing a perfect game.

Now consider what I mentioned in the top paragraph.

A smart experienced woman will almost always give you the reason YOU want to hear to make you go away quicker or to reject you.

For example.

A shy guy hesitantly walks up to woman. He honestly believes he is out of her league. He’s in the minors and she’s in the majors.

He whimpers out a shy “Hello” and she instantly puts up her hand and says,

“I’m sorry but I’m not interested in meeting anyone right now.”

He apologizes and squirms away thinking,

“I knew it. She is not single or her boyfriend probably just broke up with her. I didn’t THINK I’D have a chance with her anyways!”

Do you see what happened?

He’s shy and obviously nervous about starting a conversation and she tells him, SHE is not interested in meeting anyone.

I doubt she is doing it on purpose and the how and why is not important.

What IS important is that he gave her every reason in his approach to reject him only reassuring him that HE was right… she’s out of his “league.”

Bear with me here for another few seconds… and consider approaching women IS like a baseball game.

We’re interested in getting to the REAL first base here.

You CAN work around this “problem of rejection” if you pretend you’re stepping up to the plate.

Your interest is in just getting on base because, like in baseball you can not win the game by yourself.

Except this is not school and all first base means in meeting women is enjoying a fun conversation and the opportunity to qualify her more at a later date.

She’s the last pitcher in the bullpen.

The game is on the line and the manager is going to kick your ass if you don’t take some pitches.

He wants at least a walk and the pitcher you’re facing couldn’t hit the strike zone to save his ( or in this case) HER life.

Here’s the deal…

If you give her your secret reason to disqualify you, ( you swing and miss ) that’s a strike. I shouldn’t have to tell you in baseball three strikes and you’re done and normally in approaching women ( when it feels like the game is on the line ) one pitch, one wrong pickup line, and you’re out… Just like that!

In the so-called ‘game of approach’ when YOU are the pitcher you become just another guy throwing lines at her.

You’re the one doing all the work and all the pressure is on YOU.

In my game and what I want you take away today is that you must become the batter.

Every woman you meet I want you to see her as the last pitcher in the pen.

Women are people too and will give you every reason to disqualify her.

In fact it is part of her challenge and she wants you to step up to it.

She wants you to swing because it makes it easier to strike your ass out but since she has her own insecurities like the nervous man above, she will unknowingly give you every reason to disqualify HER too.

The trick to guarantee you’re the batter and not just throwing lines at her, the trick to not swinging for the fences every pitch she throws at you…

Is to be patient and learn to take some pitches and if the right one doesn’t come your way… take the free pass.

Do NOT give her even one reason to disqualify you and at the same time get her to start qualifying herself to YOU.

Keep the conversation short enough so you don’t make a mistake.

She asks him an important question which most guys would have crumbled and responded by closing their eyes and swinging away. Thinking they have to be all truthful or upfront.

He chooses not to swing for the fences and tells her very little in just a few words.

He doesn’t defend himself.

He doesn’t focus on it.

He goes right to asking a question about HER.

That’s your second tip.

Allude to something about you that made you happy recently but don’t feel you have to tell her about it.

This leaves mystery and there’s a lot less of a chance you’ll disqualify yourself by saying something she does not need to hear at this point.

Sure she may want to hear it but she doesn’t need to hear it to be interested in you.

In fact you don’t even have to mention it at all… just use it to change your mood to become more relaxed, open, and engaging.

Tip three is to avoid using any line or opening bullshit with her.

As soon as you do you become the pitcher and remember… you want to be the batter. You want to “win the game” on your terms.

So then how do you start a conversation to get her talking?

Well you can catch her eyes and smile at her. If she won’t come to you then walk up to her and laugh very discreetly.

Don’t say a word. Let her speak first,

HER: “What are you laughing at?”

YOU: “Something that happened to me a few days ago. For some reason I just thought of it when we smiled ( or saw ) at each other.”

HER: “What was it?”

YOU: “I’d rather not say. Maybe later.”

Then ask something, anything about her that’s clever and different and can NOT be answered with a yes or no answer.

Go with that for a few minutes and ask her to exchange numbers and get back to what you were doing.

Don’t linger around.

Don’t wait for the conversation to go stale.

I realize that sounds difficult to do. After all I am asking you to come up with something on your own that is unique to yourself but try not to think about that too much for now.

I promise it will come to you with practice.

Meeting women and starting conversations with them only ever has to be about getting to the REAL first base and when done right… most WILL give you a free pass.

When you are constantly swinging for the fences you’re only going to give her YOUR excuse about why she would reject you.

Keep your goal simple.

You can NOT win this game by yourself.

Stop throwing pitches (lines) and start stepping up expecting a free pass and she’ll be more likely to give it to you.

Do NOT use an opening line on her or you’re instantly throwing pitches.

Trust me lots of women know THAT game all too well and they do NOT appreciate it.

Think of something funny that happened to you recently.

Even allow yourself to laugh quietly so you’re in a good frame of mind.

Make sure she notices but don’t tell her what it was.

Keep the conversation short enough so you don’t say something wrong or something she can use to strike you out with your personal reason in which you believe she’s going to reject you with.

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