Be Self-Assured Your Stated Opinions & Beliefs Make You More Attractive

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Written by Peter White – Creator of Why Do Guys…? & DiaLteG TM.

Laws of Attraction #6: Be self-assured your opinions, value, and beliefs are just as valid as anyone else, especially those you find attractive.

This rule or law is for any man or woman who downplays their opinions, views, beliefs, and who are afraid to be vocal about them to someone they find attractive…

Just because they want to be liked back and are worried it will hurt their chances of something happening.

Self-assurance (right or wrong) is ATTRACTIVE.

What is not attractive is pandering to another “hoping” they’ll like you back first, thinking later on it won’t matter so much when they’re already hooked.

Reality – The beliefs and views of others are not always great or even right. Some people have some pretty weird stuff they seem to cling on for mental reasons and/or troubled psychological and emotions experiences in their past.

From the flat-earth society to the conspiracy theorists who believe we never landed on the moon – all the way to the dehumanizing utterly terrible ones who are the racism extremists and hate mongering scumbags… their reality or beliefs are EXTREME.

BUT this law is NOT for them, it’s for YOU because I refuse to advocate those “people” raising a family and breeding more hate.

YOU are a good person, right?

Whether you’re on the left, the right, or somewhere in the middle – your values are true and respectful of those around you, and therefore that means you DESERVE an absolute RIGHT to free speech.

Then WHY does this free speech seem to stop or be forgotten just because you’re “trying” to attract another by not offending them with your said beliefs or views?

The Mating Process of Humans.

It begins with eye contact which is generally influenced with body language.

It continues forward with interactions which tend to include conversations and communication from one to another and back again.

During these interactions, ATTRACTION happens or rises to a deeper level from sight.

Since we’re all humans and our sexuality plays a role, to guarantee the propagation of our species, sexual TENSION will happen and…

TENSION is a GOOD thing.

It’s an emotional ride MOST enjoy in all its forms, leading to good, bad, great, exhausting, or something merely entertaining.

When you throw away your beliefs or values or opinions and downplay yourself, this tension is far less likely to happen which means… no real attraction.

Communicate your beliefs to another with passion and resolve; allow the tension to build to an appropriate manner because that’s when the really good stuff happens and where two people can truly connect which often lead to the next level.

“Be self-assured your opinions, value, and beliefs are just as valid as anyone else, especially those you find attractive.”

Confidence, passion, self-assurance, and a belief system which is fluid yet strong.

Your confidence attracts and sets up events to make other things happen as close as to how you want them to develop.

Passion equals sexuality with a fire for living and a DESIRE to live life and enjoy it too.

Self-assurance is a valuable commodity and when contained and communicated in a way which states,

“I think – I’ve experienced – I’ve made adjustments – I’m okay with failures, rejection and setbacks and have learned from them – I have assured myself I’ll FIND a way – Everything is going to be alright”

…is an ATTITUDE most others can not resist to be attracted to (sexually or not) because it (among other things) inspires hope and assurance for those on the other end of it.

A belief system which is not rigid and not hinged on fallacies which are obviously absurd and unfounded is highly attractive because it generally predicts and conveys a sense of PURPOSE in life; and one which is moving forward with a clear goal and desire to get somewhere in life.

Strong values backed with a belief system, when conveyed and communicated confidently with passion, resolve, along with a value in oneself is irrefutably attractive!

So WHY hold back all these attractive elements about yourself in the hope another will “like you back” when in fact, it’s the very juicy stuff that MAKES you attractive to others?

This rule can be tough to follow because of the implications that it may lead to rejection, so it’s understandable why one resists to follow it.

It’s also tough to believe in because one might assume it’s meant to be taken to the extreme and followed blindly with little regard towards another.

However that is not its purpose.

It’s NOT a reason to excuse oneself from vocally harming or hurting another.

It’s NOT meant to belittle another.

It’s NOT an open invitation to act utterly foolishly and speak frankly about matters which are generally unattractive, boring, or complete nonsense.

This rule is written to PROVE the attractive edge is more achieved by adhering to it with tact, and how holding back will always be far less attractive.

This rule is also here to give VALUE to yourself which conveys confidence and strength of character. Two things which are low or missing from those deemed or felt to be internally unattractive.

Lastly – it also exists to assure you’re not holding back certain things about yourself JUST because you want to be liked back or seek the approval of another you find attractive.

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