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How To Beat Your Online Dating Competition And Get To Him First


You do not want their strengths to “beat” you to the better man and if you can achieve that you’re not only growing yourself into a more complete woman you’re making yourself more competitive.

Online dating for women is unfair.

Statistics show that 90% of the women participating in online dating sites are all emailing the same 10% of the men on those sites.

As you can see, the competition is fierce for women in the world of online dating and that’s all the reason that you need to learn the best practices of online dating… Girl Gets Ring

I‘ve been there myself. I was one of those “10%” of men who was making contact with those women…

Because I had a system.

I knew what women were looking for.

I knew what would entice her into responding to me quickly.

And I was better than most at getting women to contact me – at least the ones I was really interested in.

I’m going to share with you how I did it so you can use this invaluable advice for yourself.

The quote above talks about competition and how fierce it is. If you go out looking for men in all the wrong places you’re already well aware of your competition.

And I’m sure you can rule out lots of men almost instantly.

But online it’s not as obvious.

You have a limited time to go through hundreds boring profiles and needy guys who put very little effort into themselves.

So why waste your time?

What if for every guy’s profile where you took the time to read you spent half as much time scoping out your competition?

If you’re going to spend fifteen minutes browsing 30 profiles why not spend the next 8 reading through other women’s profiles.

What is the best way to do that?

First you have to be willing to put yourself out there to the world.

You find yourself a popular social dating site where you can see everything everyone is saying.

You’re not there to “hook up.”

You’re there to learn how and why the most popular women are being so popular.

You’re there to learn why she’s getting all the attention. And you’re there to learn in “real time” what your profile is saying to men and how you can get the ones who are worth your time – to feel compelled to email you.

You want to approach this as a learning experience and not just another reason to let your emotions get the better of you.

You’re going to see other women who put “sexual” photos to get their attention.

But keep in mind the only men who are writing them are either desperately starved for beauty and can not get it, they may objectify women way too much, or are valuing a hot body over a strong personality with a life.

They are not the type of guys you want to attract anyways.

Second begin to “tweak” your profile so you can see how men are responding differently to it.

Change it once a week. Be subtle and be honest.

Just approach yourself from a different angle and write it up. Only put up a few photos and find out which gets the better response from better men.

Many women dive into online dating out of desperation to find “Mr. Right.” This “dive” is usually taken without any preparation or knowledge regarding the online dating scene.

There are particular things that a woman must do to be competitive on online dating sites.

In other words, if you don’t prepare yourself in way that will beat the “competition” – you may never get an email or response from all the “Mr. Right”s you find online!

Preparation is key to online dating success.

If you are only willing to put five minutes into your profile, expect men to respond who are only looking for minutes of your time.

This whole process won’t take you very long at all and I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you can learn from other women who are also looking to expand their dating options too.

In any major event (such as your dating life) if you want to increase your odds of winning you must first understand your competition.

Let me add without exploited their weaknesses.

You do not want their strengths to “beat” you to the better man and if you can achieve that you’re not only growing yourself into a more complete woman you’re making yourself more competitive.

Your success online will ultimately come down to how you approach and perfect your profile to get it noticed by those real ten percent of men.

This broad stroke of advice I have given you is just the tip.

My suggestion, to maximize your success is to first leave me a short question below. I’ll be happy to share my knowledge with you.

But please keep this mind – you will help yourself immensely by broadening your expertise with men which go beyond dating online.

The quote above inspired me to write you today what I have learned but it only contains a fraction of what’s available to you.

Remember – getting more dates is only the beginning and if you can not get to the relationship you’re going to drive yourself crazy and waste too much of your valuable time.

You’ll want to learn:

  • Why men commit and why they pull away
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