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Carlos Cavallo

Carlos Cavallo is one of the most brilliant men I’ve met in the dating and relationship field. He’s been one of my top few mentors as he has personally helped me with my “female” problems and he’s a big reasons why I am in the business I am today and happily married to my beautiful and amazing wife.

Both of us have switched over to helping women too. It was a natural progression because we’re the ones who taught guys about you.

He UNDERSTANDS men not only because he’s smart, open-minded, and thrives on learning and discovering new things BUT because he too has taken the time to explore himself.

I believe this exploration of himself helped him to see EXACTLY what makes men tick, how to attract them, what they respond to, how they communicate, and what to communicate to them which gets them to commit to the right woman.

I give ANYTHING he creates my full support with very little scrutiny because he’s a stand up guy who knows men, dating, relationships, and happy living too.

Here’s where you’ll find his homepage outside of meet & attract him:

Click Here for Carlos Cavallo – The Dating Advice Guru

Competitive Competition Handle Your ManIs there a woman who is trying to get with your guy? Is she one of those types that seem to have a certain power of men and you’re starting to worry her competition nature and understanding of men means you’re going to lose him? Here’s how to handle a situation like this. You won’t have to worry about her anymore.

Is She Trying To Steal Him Away? How To Handle Competition For Your Man

The #1 Mistake Women Make.

I just got off the phone with Rebecca – a coaching client and now a close friend.

After 3 years of separation, she’s back wit her husband. They’re actually falling back in love, and talking about a new baby…

Now, if you had seen Rebecca and her man 3 months ago at the mall, where they had an argument so loud and scary that the police had to escort them out (no joke)…

You would NEVER have thought this was possible.

But Rebecca pulled it off… I gotta hand it to her.

You see, what she discovered was the ONE thing that men desire most of all from women.

And if you think it’s that three letter word that starts with S and ends with X …


Not that at all.

In fact, that’s one of the big mistakes right there.

The worst part is that women assume that this is what men want, and ALL they want…

I’ll give you a little hint about what he needs –


Men THRIVE on appreciation.


Because it’s one of the signals that tells him he’s doing things RIGHT.

It’s the ONE way he knows he’s making you happy, when you appreciate him.

It’s also one of the reasons he falls in love in the first place. But, inevitably, the appreciation starts to wane…

And the distance creeps in.

He seems distant…

Hard to reach…

OR – if you’re just going out on a first date with him, but things fizzle – and you never hear from him again…

Chances are, you missed showing him THIS secret signal.

Here – let me show you how to stop this from ever happening again…

Irresistible Desire – the “Secret Signal” – that gets him to instantly melt for you.

Men have a LOVE LAW – do you know what it is?

The Cupid Effect Box Cover

When it comes to love, relationships, and commitment – there’s only one thing that men care about…

The Love Law.

What is the Love Law?

It’s the one rule that is programmed into a man’s DNA. He can’t escape it!

Men have to obey this law – and he usually doesn’t even know when it’s being triggered in his brain…

This Love Law tells a man the precise moment he’s fallen hopelessly in love.

So how does he know when he’s in love?

Well, science has finally decoded this genetic control switch – it comes down to a GUT feeling he has…


What are the physical signs of falling in love?

HOW does he feel love, exactly?

Here some signs:

Euphoria – abnormally elevated mood, uplifted self-esteem, extravagant gift giving.

You’ll see this one in his body language and walk!

Loss of concentration – Lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, hard to focus.

Physical Distress – body aches, acute insomnia; sometimes brought on by a “crush”.

There are more, but these are the “BIG 3” signals that he’s falling for you.

You see, men don’t fall in love over time…

It’s not a gradual process.

This Love Law is DIRECTLY connected to the physical signals of being LOVE STRUCK.

By something called THE CUPID EFFECT.

Go watch my short video presentation on how to get him to feel THE CUPID EFFECT.

How The Cupid Effect Makes Him Desire & Commit.

I’ve got a video for you explaining how The Cupid Effect works on men –

And how YOU can use this Law on ANY man to make him to realize he’s in love…

And the best part is that he won’t have ANY idea how it happened –

He’ll think he was hit by Cupid’s arrow!

You can also read about how to get him to feel THE CUPID EFFECT:

Stop Him From Pulling Away – Science Discovers The Trigger To Men’s Desire & Commitment.

What Is He Trying To Tell You?

How Read His Signals Cover

Have you ever wondered what the heck is going on inside his head?

What’s he thinking?

Especially when you notice him noticing OTHER women…

Sometimes even while you’re talking to him – for the first time!

Yes, we all know men are visual creatures – but you still can’t help wondering if that eye-candy he’s checking out is something that you can safely ignore – or if it’s a real threat to you – or your relationship…!

Men may not reveal their emotions as quickly as women do, but they do give off signals all the time.

You might have even noticed some of these signals and didn’t realize that’s what they were.

But if you know what the signals mean, they reveal a “back door” into what he’s thinking.

Finally Discover What He Really Wants From You!

Click here For 7 Secret Signals He Doesn’t Even Realize He’s Sending To You – And How To Spot Them

She Wondered If He Was Still In Love With Her…

Connection Code Cover

I have a heartbreaking – yet amazing – story about my friend Kathy – and I think it’s something you can relate to.

Late last year, Kathy came over to my house for lunch with me…

When she came in the door, I knew something was up

Her face was red and puffy – you could see she had been crying a lot, but I didn’t say anything.

The more we talked, the more closed off her body language became, and the more she looked down, avoiding my eyes

Her shoulders slumped…

Her arms crossed…

After just a couple minutes of small talk, she blurted out:

“Carlos, I think Jim is seeing someone else. I think I’m losing him!”

Jim was her boyfriend, who she had been dating for over 2 years now

She went on a trip to France with him where she expected him to “pop the question” to her in Paris but instead of a proposal, when they got back home he became more and more distant from her.

He talked less about his feelings for Kathy, and he was running hot and cold with her.

He had one foot in and one foot out of their relationship.

Learn the Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, and Unbreakable Relationship – The Connection Code.

Kathy was starting to wonder if he still loved her at all.

Jim had just told her he wanted to “start seeing other people.”

Kathy felt isolated and lonely, and didn’t know who to turn to, or what to do to fix their relationship.

On top of it all, her father had been diagnosed with cancer in the past year, and Kathy’s heart was heavy with sadness and grief.

Now, Kathy said that she had started to worry when it felt like the connection she and Jim shared wasn’t as strong anymore

I asked her if she meant his feelings for her, and she said yes, that was part of it but mostly it was the connection she had felt between them.

She even described it:

“Our connection was like this feeling that we’ve got this wire or beam of light connecting us, between his chest and mine and I can sense when it’s dim and cold, or if it’s bright and alive. It’s like a love-line between us.

When it’s bright, I’m happy, and there’s no anxiety. No worries.

When it’s faint, I feel scared, anxious, and restless. And I know I have to do something to make sure we’re okay.”

When Kathy told me about what was happening with her and Jim, I thought this could be the perfect time to share some of the new “tricks” I’d discovered about guys.

So I started explaining what Jim was thinking, and why he was acting this way…

To discover the secret that saved Kathy’s connection to Jim – and her relationship – CLICK HERE

Does friends with benefits ever turn into LOVE?

Passion Phrases Cover

My friend Anne texted me last night…

I hadn’t heard from her in weeks, but she finally reached out with a simple – but alarming – text:

“Does friends-with-benefits ever turn into love?”


I had to stop and really think about that for a minute. (I’m not one to rush to text someone back – I like to give a thoughtful answer.)

So I finally sent her this:

“Are you the one in love? Or are you hoping HE will fall in love?”

Click Here To Learn How To Ignite His Desire With Words – Passion Phrases

I made an assumption there, sure.

But I knew where Anne’s question was coming from.

She fired back this:

“Sigh. I wish I knew if he felt the same…”

It was at this point that I called Anne up and found out that she had made a “booty call” arrangement with a guy she had been out on a few dates with.

They had hit it off in the bedroom, but he still “wanted to see other people.”

So Anne had gone along with this “friends with benefits” arrangement – in the hopes that she could sneak in to a FULL relationship through the back door of being a “FWB.”

I told her that it can happen, but it’s kind of like taking a game like Monopoly, and then changing the rules halfway through.

It’s deceptive in a way. Even if you’re just trying to create a loving relationship…

A guy can feel “tricked” or manipulated if a woman takes an FWB situation and tries to change it into a serious relationship.

Luckily, though, there IS a way to do it –

IF you know how men think about love…

You can trigger a man to feel like he’s falling in love with you – if you know how to make him FEEL in love.

He has to feel something very special

It’s called “The Obsession Switch”

Click here Go Watch This Short Video and I’ll Tell You All About It

Which One Of These Women Are You?

Soulmate Signal Cover

If you didn’t know – I just sent out a survey asking about what you think about soulmates.

I got some pretty spectacular answers to a very simple question:

“Do you believe in Soulmates?”

So you want to know the truth?

What do most women think?

Here’s the first question:

“Do You Believe In Soulmates?”

95% of women said “Yes” or “maybe” with only 5% saying no.

And I have to tell you that those 5% were pretty close to saying “yes” based on their reasons…

Next Question:

“Have you run into him yet?”

This is interesting…

83% said they had.

Some were women who had lost their soulmates, but felt blessed to have encountered him.

Some were women who found him and still had him…

Some were women who might have but weren’t sure…

and then there were 17% that hadn’t found HIM yet.

Which one are you?

If you haven’t found him yet, he might be “on his way…”

If you think you have – then I have to ask you:

Does he see YOU as the ONE?

His one and only…

His soulmate?

Here’s a video that will probably shock you about this…

Click here to Watch The Shocking Truth About What Men Really Want

I have something shocking to tell you – and it will change your feelings about men FOREVER

It’s a surprising fact about men that most women will probably never know

In fact, you probably won’t believe me when you hear it…

… but I have proof

And once you know this incredible but inspiring – truth about men, you’ll have an edge over the other women who refuse to believe it…

And love will finally find you

Discover it here:

How To Find and Win The Man Of Your Dreams – The Soulmate Signal

Soulmates might exist – or they might not.

But it doesn’t matter once you learn what MEN think about them.

Flip This Switch in His Head to Make Him Commit.

True Romance Cover

Are you STILL feeling that classic, why-can’t-men-commit kind of frustration that many other women are also dealing with?

I’ve helped enough women with this problem to tell you that you don’t have to keep getting disappointed by men.

Starting TODAY, you can make a guy give you what your heart truly wants: a romantic, blissful connection that NEVER fades.

The reason why women can’t get their man to commit is because they simply don’t understand how the male mind works.

And that’s where I come in…

Click here to Learn How To Open His Heart and Enchant Him – True Romance

FACT: Studies have proven that men are ACTUALLY just as crazy about love as women – if NOT more!

It’s true: most guys are hardwired to find that lady in their life that they can call their own and treat like a QUEEN.

Like you, a typical  guy dreams of finding the perfect partner to compliment his qualities and more importantly, “complete him”.

But why does it seem like men are doing the complete OPPOSITE of this?

Why do guys seem to vanish into thin air right after sleeping with a girl?

Why do they keep flaking out just when things seem to be going in the right direction?

Where is a man’s so-called deep need for romance when he’s too busy avoiding your calls, voicemails and emails?

The truth is that men can AND will commit to you – but NOT before triggering his “Romantic Reflex”.

The reason why some women enjoy lasting relationships and others DON’T is because the latter has NO CLUE how to trigger this hardwired instinct for romance.

Flipping this psychological switch is the ONLY way to knock down that emotional floodgate inside him and make him want to devote the rest of his life to YOU.

Here’s a confession: I USED to be one those guys you’d typically label as a “player” or “commitment-phobe”.

But the thing about labels is that they don’t tell the whole story.

In reality, those men just haven’t found the woman who’s triggered their Romantic Reflex!

As someone who’s made that transition, I can tell you EXACTLY what it takes to make a guy put his commitment-evading days behind him…

…and focus ALL his time, affection and love on YOU!

Click HERE to check out my special report to learn how to trigger your man’s Romantic Reflex NOW!

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