Carol Allen – Vedic Astrologer – Keys to Finding Your Soul Mate


You see, the Sun in your chart is an indicator of your looks, behavior, and career. But it is your Moon that reveals your emotions, psychology, and feelings.

Carol Allen is a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who has spent almost 20 years helping women achieve romantic fulfillment with men.

Carol has combined her training in Eastern philosophy with cutting-edge relationship research to offer a unique blend of practical, effective relationship skills with the “Grace” part of love…. how the stars impact a romantic destiny, compatibility and how a woman feels in a relationship.

Carol dispels the false information being provided by Pop Astrologers- watered down, mass marketed versions of astrology which ignore the complexities in order to make money.

These Pop Astrologists cause women to make decisions based on false information, and ruin what would otherwise be a successful relationship.

She balances these astrological truths with real world tested relationship advice that can take what is astrologically blessed and help it succeed in reality.

No matter how perfectly the stars are aligned, if a couple doesn’t have solid relationship skills, the relationship is doomed.

She’s given thousands of astrological readings and coached numerous women and couples with their relationships, delivered workshops and several tele-classes on different areas of relationship mastery, and hosted her own weekly internet radio show for several years.

She has been featured on Lifetime Television, E! TV, CBS News, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul, Hot Chocolate For The Mystical Soul, “Woman’s World”, Daily Candy and much much more.

Carol’s most popular and helpful advice starts by going here: Soul Masters – Secrets of Love and Compatibility“.

“This tradition of breaking the night sky up into twenty-seven signs began in ancient India, the home of the very first system of astrology – known as Vedic astrology.”

Here at “The Approach” Carol has allowed me to share with you some of her timeless proven advice…

Is He The Right Man For You At The Right Time?

Maybe you’re not sure if he’s the problem or if you’re the problem in your relationship and now you’re wondering if the stars can help you solve this problem.

You just want to know Are You The Right Woman For Him? How Can the Stars Help?

If your relationship does not seem to be going the way you want it to and it feels likes you’re making big mistakes…

You’re tired and frustrated wondering if you are making… The Top 5 Relationship Mistakes That Get In The Way Of Lasting Love.

You have great chemistry with a guy, and it feels like a connection but you’re just not sure if there is even a difference between the two and now you’re questioning yourself and asking Is Your Love Meant to Be? The Difference Between Chemistry and Connection.

In the heat of the moment you might have let something slip you didn’t want to.

You told him you wanted to break up and the most frightening thing happened…HE AGREED WITH YOU!

And now it feels like you’re going to lose him forever.

Carol has some great to advice and why you must Never Say This To A Man Unless You Want To Lose Him.

What about a feeling of being completely incompatible with your current boyfriend or husband.

Is there still hope that you can save the relationship?

Aside from using astrology to your benefit Carol gives some great relationship advice on How To Be Happy Together With Your Man, Even If You’re Incompatible.

After all that you may be still wondering if your love was meant to be.

From all her talents and wisdom based on relationships and Astrology you’ll definitely want to read more on Astrology And Love Advice for Women: Is Your Love Meant To Be?

Have you just suffered yet another heartbreak?

You’re sick and tired from it all and having been through it numerous times, you don’t think you can take another one!

Carol asks why you Can’t Take Another Heartbreak? Your First Step In Avoiding Another Heartbreak or a Bad Relationship

Problems finding the right man?

Well how about what the best sign to look for in your perfect man.

Carol explains and shows you, according to her amazing ability in astrology what The Best Sign For You To Be With – Finding The Perfect Man

You know about chemistry.

Most women do and have felt it during some time in their life.

But you’re not really sure what is has to do with finding the right man. After all you’ve felt it before and that relationship didn’t work out at all.

And now you’re completely confused about if chemistry is bad and often get’s in the way of a great relationship.

I know you’re not convinced that is true so please read some clever  How The Stars Determine Chemistry and Finding the Right Exciting Man

Have you recently met another man who feels right for you but you’re already in a relationship that feels right?

And now you’re confused about which guy is actually the right one for you.

Maybe it’s the wrong time.

If you’re looking for the answer to this problem you’ll find an easy solution from Carol when she answers a reader’s question about – Is He The Right Man for You At The Right Time?

Carol once question her ability to help people and felt helpless as her customers would only want to talk and not listen.

She met a man at a conference and learned about Verdic Astrology and suddenly people wanted to listen to her.

Read her story and learn for yourself through Astrology And Love Advice for Women: Cosmic Compatibility – It’s All About The Moon

Perhaps you’re wondering how to make a man feel more attracted you.

Carol has some wonderful ideas on using your ‘intelligent heart.’ Otherwise known as your ‘intuition’ to your advantage.

She also explains what this has to do with the stars, feeling younger, and of course living a happier life.

If you want to get him to feel more attraction for you, you’ll want to know How To Give Him That Meant To Be Feeling – Intuition and Your Heart

Carol can also show you what your real sign is.

Advocating Verdic Astrology as being the most powerful tool you can use to find the right man for you.

Here is where she explains in detail what the ancient Astrology of India consists of.

You’ll learn what it has to do with you and how it can help you find the man who will fit best into your life.

If you’re looking to learn about signs and more this is where Astrology And Love Advice for Women: The First Zodiac – Hey Baby, What’s Your REAL Sign? will answer your many questions on you and your every relationship.

Carol’s most popular and helpful advice starts by going here: Soul Masters – Secrets of Love and Compatibility“.

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