Astrology and Love Advice – Is Your Love Really Meant To Be?


Do you look to the stars to see if your love is meant to be?

Written by Carol Allen.

Do you ever wonder if you and a man have enough DESTINY together to have the connection you feel last?

Though it’s important, it’s not enough to simply “get along” with a man – you want to have a feeling that he’s YOUR GUY – and that you’re HIS WOMAN and that you’re SUPPOSED to be together, no matter what…

Believe it or not, this feeling of “rightness” can be seen in your astrology charts.

Have you ever met a couple that told you they JUST KNEW they were supposed to be together the minute they met?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m a super nosey busy body (I’m sure this comes as a shock…). I’m shameless, really. I’ll ask anybody anything.

It’s part of why I love being an astrologer – people tell me EVERYTHING.

That’s right – I get THE INSIDE SCOOP – the REAL DEAL going on with everyone. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

It’s funny – even before I became an astrologer, total strangers felt safe telling me deeply personal secrets without my even asking.

I used to sell clothing in the Men’s Sportswear department of Nordstrom’s, and there I’d be showing a man neckties… “Do you want the paisley or the striped?”

I’d ask, holding up options. And instead of making a decision, the customer would confess to me out of nowhere that he was sleeping with his secretary and that his wife was a cold fish.

“Uh huh…” I’d reply.

“Um, I think the paisley goes better with your jacket…”

My all-time favorite thing to talk to strangers about is their relationships – especially if they’re happy.

And I just LOVE hearing how people met and how they ended up together.

I just can’t get enough of stories like that… It’s super sweet – strangers at a party just light up at the question, and get really into telling me every little detail.

One thing I’ve noticed in doing this, is that it’s extremely common for a couple to just KNOW right away that they’re going to be together.

We all give women so much credit for having great intuition, but I gotta tell ya, I hear this mostly from men.

“I knew the minute I saw her that she was my wife,” they reveal.

“Before I even looked at her face, I could tell. Just from seeing the back of her head…”

I’ve heard more than once.

“I’d planned on never getting married, but one look at my wife and I knew it was all over.”

Seriously, men say these things – and they’re smiling as they say them! It’s so adorable…

Their women didn’t have to beg, or plead, or convince, or cajole to get them to commit or marry them.

The men were fully on board with just one look.

Now, some stories I hear take longer to “get going.

Some relationships sneak up on people. I love those stories, too.

A couple will tell me,

“You know – I didn’t take it very seriously at first. I mean, we had nothing in common. This just wasn’t the way I expected it to happen at all. And yet, it just kept getting better and better, and over time I gave in to what was happening… and I’m so glad.”

My husband and I felt like that.

We were NOTHING like what the other expected.

I was a vegetarian, he’s a die-hard carnivore who loves to barbecue (while I have a moment of silence for whatever poor animal is on the grill). I was a straight-A student and LOVED college, he dropped out of high school.

I’m a California New-Agey hippey chick (another shock), and he is a Texas good old boy. (When I started studying astrology and gave up sugar, he was horrified – rent the movie “Spinal Tap” or Woody Allen’s “Husbands And Wives” and you’ll see why…)

Worse than all that, however, was the fact that he was one of those, “I’m NEVER getting married” kind of men… While I had been looking for my husband since… oh, I don’t know… NURSERY SCHOOL.

In fact, he gave me the “I’m NEVER getting married” speech several times, but I wasn’t worried about it. I mean, he didn’t match my “perfect husband” list at all, so I wasn’t going to marry him anyway.

I’d think to myself,

No problem, buddy. You’re my twenty-something fling… Some other woman will be cooking you pot roast and it ain’t gonna be me!”

But there WAS a problem.

A BIG one.

We couldn’t let each other go.

I like to say we grew on each other – kinda like mold. Despite what we both “thought,” what we FELT told a different story.

We FELT like we were supposed to be together – forever. In fact, the minute I saw him, before we even so much as said hello, I heard a voice in my head say,

This is gonna be BIG.

And he now tells me that despite his protestations, I always felt like his WIFE.

And it was all in our stars… Why?

There’s a connection that is often present between two people’s Moon constellations (the smaller cluster of stars within a sign – basically a “sub-sign”) called “Mahendra,” which in Sanscrit means “Great Spirit.”

This connection makes two people feel a strong sense of purpose together. (In fact, it’s referred to as “Sense of Purpose” in “The Right Man Report.“)

Over time, their relationship takes on a deeper and deeper sense of meaning.

It just feels right. And me and my crazy hubby have such a thing.

Now, I’ve seen this “Sense of Purpose” work against people, too.

If a couple doesn’t have enough fundamental compatibility, if they’re not on enough of the same wavelength, then they won’t be able to be happy together, but Mahendra will make them feel like they ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER, anyway.

So they won’t be able to get their needs met but they won’t be able to give each other up, either.

These are the most frustrated, unhappy clients that I work with. And they just don’t get what’s going on.

Which is why I LOVE the technique used in “The Right Man Report.

It breaks a relationship down into fifteen elements, explaining exactly what’s happening – or not happening between two people. Because, as I just explained, it’s not ENOUGH to feel that your love is MEANT TO BE.

You have to be able to GET ALONG and have positive MOVEMENT FORWARD as a couple.

And couples that feel DESTINED but can’t work together to build a productive life that makes them both happy feel BOUND together like they’re stuck to each other with CRAZY GLUE… And it’s CRAZY making.

And so confusing, because when you feel that “THIS IS IT” feeling, it can make you go against what is happening in the relationship.

It can make you give a man YOUR ALL, and work way too hard to be with him, and deny what you need, because you think that “THIS IS IT” feeling means everything…

On the other hand, if you can get along with a man, but don’t share a deep, spiritual, soul connection with him – then you may find that months or years down the road you grow apart and don’t have enough of anything holding you together (besides “stuff” and “obligations“).

So, the happiest couples have both. (And yes, since I keep boring you with my life story – my hubby and I are so blessed. WHEW.) “The Right Man Report” can tell you this and so much more…

Find out if you and a man are on the same wavelength, and if you have that intangible, special something that will make your life together long lasting and meaningful…

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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