Attract Her

Amazing interview with a master conversationalist reveals let of tips so when you’re talking with women, you can make it fun & attractive. Learn the mistakes you’re making, not running out of things to say, calm your nervousness, six main traits on good topics to talk about, & injecting sexuality in them too.

Instead of letting Murphy and is stupid law you didn’t make up hurt your dating life, succeed in dating women your way by becoming Murphy’s law. When it comes to getting what you want when others want it also, the fact is that someone is going to get what he or she wants. Which means they too are subject to his law.

Confidence is clearly attractive to women & so is being funny. Cocky comedy is a blend of both which triggers her attraction in many ways during your conversation. If you don’t know how it works, you can easily come across as a needy, insecure jerk & turn her off. Here’s how it works & how you should use it for best results.

You know for a fact that her and lots of other women prefer taller guys so what are you going to do about it? Give up or try and learn something better. Looks don’t matter but your appearance does. This is exactly how you can get a woman attracted to you despite how tall or short you are. It all starts here.

This lesson is in how to get straight A’s in masculinity. Assist, assert, attend, align, assume, and anticipate with strength. How a truly masculine man attracts women and gets her to love you. Being a high quality human being. How masculine traits combine with character to attract high-character women of quality.

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