Being A Man

  • Why It’s DANGEROUS to Be a Straight Guy in America

    This guy was arrested at Trader Joe’s for something you will never believe. It’s closely related to feminism & how real men are now becoming an endangered species in America. This is a nightmare & it’s actually affecting you, as a guy, & stopping you get the woman you want so badly.

  • The Dating Game: Who Chooses and Who Chases, Men Or Women?

    Yeah – but she can get laid anytime she wants, right? Do you believe women are always the choosers in the dating game and you’re left to only ever chase? Do you think women have all the power over you & it’s hurting your dating life? Here’s a different way of seeing it which will help you succeed & attract her too.

  • The Difference Between Nice & Mr Nice Guy & Which Fails Attracting Women

    Do you know the what separates the nice guy from mister nice guy, & from the assholes, idiots, or jerks who are all into getting women? If not, & you believe you’re a nice guy & that is why you’re failing. You’re wrong. This is the real difference, why you’re not attracting women, & how to do it the right way.

  • Are These Myths About Women Standing Between You And Dating Success?

    If you believe in these three huge myths about women, dating, and success – then you’re only setting yourself up to constantly fail in dating and relationships. Here is exactly how to overcome these false beliefs by disproving them and by showing your a more attractive mindset to rid yourself of them.

The 4 Sure Signs Of Confidence That Women Look For In A Man

You don’t need to show them all at once to get her attention but you must show a few to increase your chance of being the confident guy she wants. They are being humble, a sense of humor, put together, and an amazing real sense of humor. Combined together and you will become the man she’s been looking for.