How many excuses or reasons have you got from men on why they don’t want to commit to you. They’re not ready, scared, nervous, they’ve been hurt in the past, they’re busy. Are you tired of listening to all of them?Find out if they’re lies or the truth and how to get past them. Learn the facts and a warning about him.

A man is far less likely to commit to a woman if she doesn’t do these essential things while she’s dating him. If you’re having trouble getting guy to be exclusive with you and move towards a relationship, make sure you take this advice and follow the simple tips. This is where it all starts for both of you.

Ever wonder why so many men are afraid of a commitment? Did you know when it comes to getting a guy to commit you can get some great advice from a cat. Yes – this sweet little apprehensive creature can teach you a lot about a man and how similar they are deep down. Try this experiment and see how everything changes.

Men love lots of things about women. Real men look for something special in a woman which is different than you might ever believe. There’s a certain something you can have and develop that will attract men who are ready to commit. Find out what that is and cultivate it within yourself. What it is and what it’s not.