Are you in a real growing & maturing relationship, or is it a fake one? If something doesn’t feel right between you and your partner then you need to look for the signs before it’s too late. They look like relationships on the surface but the deeper you dig, the signs are always there. Here’s how you can figure it out.

Are you going through some serious problems in your relationship? Does it feel like there’s something broken? Are you looking for quick easy solutions to bring it back to the way it was in the beginning? These steps will get you started and help fix your relationship. Learn better ways to communicate with your partner.

Rules of dating can be broken. Is this one of them or does following it lead any woman to a better man for her. Learn about the types of guys. Ones to avoid for a relationship. What and how to attract a higher quality man. How your esteem is linked to just asking this question and all sorts of dating answers.

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