• How to Be Cocky and Playful With Women, A Secret Weapon To Attract Her

    Doesn’t it suck when you get her laughing, you get her number, but when you try to message or call her she barely even remembers you? You ask for a date & she’s busy… this century! I hear you. This happened because you didn’t do one important thing in your conversation with her. This is the secret you missed.

  • How Your Conversations Can Lead To Sex or Not! One Night Stand Secrets

    Great tips to assure a one night stand is more likely to happen. As the talking progressed during the night some topics will come up and knowing how to answer them encourages a sexual ending. The topic of sex. How to bring it up casually. Who’s place to go to for sex. What to say when she hesitates.

  • How To Get Past 3 Out of Her 5 Common Objections For A One Night Stand

    5 common objections women have can stop her from having a one night stand with you. Listed are three and how to overcome them in your conversations and increase her desire or attraction at the same time. Techniques are role playing and telling short short stories, and planting a seed in her mind about sex with you.

  • Interview Reveals Secrets On Talking With Women To Create Attraction

    Amazing interview with a master conversationalist reveals let of tips so when you’re talking with women, you can make it fun & attractive. Learn the mistakes you’re making, not running out of things to say, calm your nervousness, six main traits on good topics to talk about, & injecting sexuality in them too.

The Difference Between Being Confident, Funny, & Acting Like a Jerk

Confidence is clearly attractive to women & so is being funny. Cocky comedy is a blend of both which triggers her attraction in many ways during your conversation. If you don’t know how it works, you can easily come across as a needy, insecure jerk & turn her off. Here’s how it works & how you should use it for best results.