Did you know there’s an easy way to tell if the guy you’re with is someone you should keep around? There are lots of signs to look for early on in the relationship and here are seven big ones. Just because he makes you smiles and feel good doesn’t mean it will last. These ways will tell you if you have a keeper or not.

Have too many men you’ve dated begun wonderful but end badly when he pulls away from you? There are many sources of the problem and it could be that you unaware of the things you’re doing are pushing them away. These few reasons are very common so make sure you’re not doing any of them and learn why too.

If you’re totally driven to get a man, then you probably won’t. Are you approaching your dating life with strategies & techniques for success? Is dating starting to feel like a job? This is the wrong approach to finding the love of a great guy. Here’s what you should be doing instead. This will get you loved up.

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