Question about sex she’s having. It’s getting boring. Worse. The feelings have diminished and wants the passion back. This is why sex gets worse for you and your man and how to bring it back. 8 words that drive him crazy and bring back his desire for you. It’s turned into comfort sex. How men rely on making you happy.

Keeping a man interested in you when he seems to be growing distant, when his messages become short, when the chemistry or romance is only going down, and it’ just not what it used to be; can easily be done just by doing these 7 things. How you’re going to him coming back and keep the spark burning is all right here.

When it comes to meeting, dating, marrying, commitment, men and women have it backwards. Getting in a relationship should be tough. Getting out easy. Yet, from the apparent breakups, it’s reversed. You put more value on things you work harder to achieve. Why don’t people work harder to find a long-lasting relationship?