Are you worried and afraid your date will ask you why you’re still single? Does the fear of answering this very important questions make you believe you couldn’t possibly answer him and it must be a bad thing. Here are three great reasons why you do want him to ask you why you haven’t found the one and settled down yet.

Addiction, desire, obsession, adrenal – these are all the things a man feels when he’s around you if you know exactly what to say to him. Men want to experience this one thing from you to make it all happen and to fall in love with you. These phrases captivates and stimulates him to give you endless attention.

Keeping a man interested in you when he seems to be growing distant, when his messages become short, when the chemistry or romance is only going down, and it’ just not what it used to be; can easily be done just by doing these 7 things. How you’re going to him coming back and keep the spark burning is all right here.

If you’re in a relationship or are just dating a guy, making him miss you and get excited to see you can be done very easily. Get him back to you before he loses all his interest. The time spent away from each other can be useful. Info, dressing, holding, a life, positive. silence, finishing strong are 7 ways to make him miss you badly.

It’s easy to misunderstand a guy if you don’t want what body language clues to look for. There are many signs and signals a guy gives a woman which can reveal what he’s thinking. Don’t go by his words. Look at his actions. You can easily decode what he’s feeling and trying to communicate to you this way.

Women are worried that if they approach a guy or just say hi, he’s going to assume she’s interested. Is that true in every situation? From a guy’s view. Learn a new rule in starting a conversation with any guy. How it all comes down to context and when you should show interest.