He’s not getting the hint. Why won’t he just kiss you already? If you’re having trouble getting a guy to kiss you, the problem stops today. You’re going to be shown exactly how to let him know you want to be kissed and it also can make him fall in love. He’s nervous about kissing you so try this technique on him.

Having the right traits as a woman can give you the power to tap into a man’s mind. Trigger his primal instincts and he’ll feel powerless to feel attracted to you and fall in love. The four traits are – be class not trashy. Let him see the real you. Let him bask in your femininity. Don’t let him have all of you.

Ten tips are essential to getting a guy to fall madly in love with you. His desire for you will increase everyday you stick to this plan. He won’t ever want to pull away. Eye pleasing, chemistry, trust, his wingman, pull back, inspire action, let him do his thing, chill out, relax, don’t make him love, & amazing sex.