• Why She’s a Drama Addict

    She might not be a full out drama queen hell bent on making your life a miserable hell – but it’s a fact: All women love drama. But it’s a good thing because in one way it can bring you closer if you know how to use it to your romantic advantage. This is why they love it & how texting can get her in a romantic mood.

  • 4 Surprising Things That Are Holding You Back From Wealth

    Ever notice how some people have it all so easy? It’s like money and success follows them around? Good luck is always on their side. Does it feel like they are better than you? They are not. The reasons you’re not reaching and exceeding your goals is listed here in these four important things. Your life changes today.

  • 3 Steps To Activating Your ‘Wealth Brain’

    Do you really know what you want? Sure you have a general idea but is it enough to achieve money wealth? Are you focusing on what you don’t want? This is holding you back from achieving your goals. Here’s how to think rich, have a rich brain, and get exactly what you want out of life with these three steps.

  • Have You Been Listening To The Wrong Advice All Along?

    If your friends aren’t wealthy, then you probably are not either. They’re great & all, but when it comes to listening to advice from those who have not achieved financial wealth or success, you too will not get any further than them. It’s time to start taking advice from a millionaire so you can be one too.

7 Ways Millionaires Think Differently – Could You Ever Become One?

A millionaires brain may not look any different on a MRI but they, without a doubt think differently than the less fortunate. This also means you can begin to think like one to achieve wealth, money, and happiness. These seven ways will assure you think like the best and be the best to achieve all your financial goals.