She asks, because she’s pretty and has a great career that she only meets players and the nice guys run from her – so how do you pursue or chase a guy without looking desperate? Find if you should, what’s up with nice guys not wanting you, why good men run, and how to to make sure you’re never played by a guy again.

Do you pretend not to be into him because you think he’s not into you? If so, you’re ruining your chances of meeting a great guy. This is why it does not work and what it actually does to a guy. Try increasing your odds. Risk a little. This is how you must start approaching this problem and meet more men.

Have too many men you’ve dated begun wonderful but end badly when he pulls away from you? There are many sources of the problem and it could be that you unaware of the things you’re doing are pushing them away. These few reasons are very common so make sure you’re not doing any of them and learn why too.

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