• 5 Mistakes That Partners Make When Trying To Dirty Talk

    You know you could turn your partner on more if you just could find a way to start talking dirty to each other. But you’re afraid you’ll do it wrong or make some mistakes which will ruin the moment, & make it impossible to try again. Well, here are the most common ones to avoid so you’ll get it right the first time.

  • The Dating Game: Who Chooses and Who Chases, Men Or Women?

    Yeah – but she can get laid anytime she wants, right? Do you believe women are always the choosers in the dating game and you’re left to only ever chase? Do you think women have all the power over you & it’s hurting your dating life? Here’s a different way of seeing it which will help you succeed & attract her too.

  • Three Ways You’ll Push A Man Away – How To Inspire His Total Devotion

    Three wrong ways to get a man to love you and share his commitment. The logical road of his mind, The physical road of his body. The spiritual mind of his soul Connect with his heart if you want to inspire his total devotion and love to you. You must be in touch with your feelings in order to connect with his heart.

  • The Difference Between Nice & Mr Nice Guy & Which Fails Attracting Women

    Do you know the what separates the nice guy from mister nice guy, & from the assholes, idiots, or jerks who are all into getting women? If not, & you believe you’re a nice guy & that is why you’re failing. You’re wrong. This is the real difference, why you’re not attracting women, & how to do it the right way.

Overcoming Myths About Men – Mistakes, Love, and What Guys Are Into

What being low maintenance means to a guy. The mentality you must have. What a relationships and falling in love is. Preventable mistakes to avoid. What guys are really into and what it means to you. Shake the old beliefs. Change your perception. No more assumptions.