Peter White

How many excuses or reasons have you got from men on why they don’t want to commit to you. They’re not ready, scared, nervous, they’ve been hurt in the past, they’re busy. Are you tired of listening to all of them?Find out if they’re lies or the truth and how to get past them. Learn the facts and a warning about him.

Your phone is ruining your love life and is making your dating life much harder and more complicated than it should be. This is how it’s happening. How your smart phone should be used. Don’t let it make you more nervous or anxious. Let the dating process happen. It will. Texting habits are not the answer.

The 4 big problems of dating online can be easily solved. Meeting men or women on the internet buffet. What you really need to succeed your online dates. Know their secrets and you’ll have a better chance succeeding and meeting someone really special online. Choices, fairness, location, competition, and attraction.

When you’re dating a guy he’s always going to be hot and cold and trying to guess his interest or to bother with him based on that information is not always the best advice. But, when a guy tells you these two things – there’s definitely a cause for alarm and you might want to consider not dating him anymore.

Women are worried that if they approach a guy or just say hi, he’s going to assume she’s interested. Is that true in every situation? From a guy’s view. Learn a new rule in starting a conversation with any guy. How it all comes down to context and when you should show interest.

You’ve known him for years. You kissed once. As your feeling grew for him you couldn’t take it any more, you decided to text him how you felt – and all you got was silence. Here’s what went wrong. Why he didn’t respond. How he might’ve felt. What men need from you to fall in love and why to never text him how you feel.

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