Is the arguing never stopping? Does he not want to look for a solution anymore? Is the emotional connection all but gone with no signs of affection? Has the quantity & quality of the sex disappeared? Is he always too busy for you? Look for these read flag signals that your husband wants a divorce & what to do about it.

Maybe you lost your boyfriend because you committed one of the six deadly relationship sins. If you don’t know what they are, it’s best to find out as quickly as possible if you want to get him back. This is what he lost for you and how to change things around. Getting dumped sucks but it doesn’t have to be the end.

After a long marriage, children, and having to take care of everything all the time, keeping sexual spark alive and moving forward can become quite difficult. A long-term relationship an be tiring but there are many ways to keep it exciting and alive as the first time you did it. Time to switch things up a little.

Have you decided you don’t love yourself? Are you demanding from others what you won’t give to yourself? Do you feel misunderstood and not good enough? Do you have the ability to accept yourself and your feelings and not look outside to feel you’re worth of love and consideration? Where does it come from?

Are you in a real growing & maturing relationship, or is it a fake one? If something doesn’t feel right between you and your partner then you need to look for the signs before it’s too late. They look like relationships on the surface but the deeper you dig, the signs are always there. Here’s how you can figure it out.

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