Just because he’s closing his eyes during sex doesn’t mean he’s fantasizing about another women or some hot super model. If you’re not sure why he’s doing it then this is your chance to learn real reason why guys sometimes shut their eyes while having sex with you. The answer will surprise & make you happy too.

Have you and your husband talked about spicing up your sex life by adding another partner? If you’re interested there is a way it can be done without all the problems and drama which usually comes from having threesomes. Follow these tips and advice and start enjoying intercourse more. Live out yours and his fantasies.

Why do you think men go to prostitutes? Sure, sometimes it’s all about sex and getting off but there are many reasons why a guy will pay for sex and intimacy. Knowing the reasons why can actually teach you about what men really want from a woman in a relationship. Know and learn what they know that you don’t about men.

After a long marriage, children, and having to take care of everything all the time, keeping sexual spark alive and moving forward can become quite difficult. A long-term relationship an be tiring but there are many ways to keep it exciting and alive as the first time you did it. Time to switch things up a little.

Things are going great in your relationship but your last boyfriend cheated on you and you’re worried about the guy you’re currently seeing. Is there any way you can make sure he doesn’t stray on you too?. Is there any Can you erase all your anxieties and fears so you don’t push this guy away? This technique works.

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