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ello 🙂

Pete here…

I’m the guy who will be sending you some great meeting and dating advice and more.

Before you leave please understand I am NOT a pickup artist. I do not teach tricks or techniques which are considered player moves. HOW you use this stuff is entirely up to you.

You’ll be getting mails from me where I pass on lots of great REAL advice on dating and meeting people. You’ll also receive some incredible advice from others as they say it better than me.

We’ll try to cover everything from opening conversations, where to date, how to ask for a date, etc…

Everything from eye contact to actual dates and also how to quickly “weed out” the people who might not be best for you anyways.

Remember to open up everything and give it a real chance.

My letters are not typical. My advice is often blatant and to the point.

I do hope you enjoy it.


As the title says, an email has been sent to the address you put in the box titled, “Confirm Your Subscription.”

Unless you confirm, I can and will not send you anything so make sure you do that right now.

Sometimes it takes a minute or two so please be patient.


hank you and we’ll talk again real soon.

Peter White

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