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Peter & Estee White

Hello! You might not have caught my name, it’s Pete. That’s me and my amazing wife, Estee.

I’m the guy who is going to be sending you all the secret dirty truth about men AND your special Ebook I wrote called,

“The Silent Man – Why men go silent, ignore you, or fail to share their feelings.”

You will be receiving a confirmation email within five minutes. Sometimes it’s longer, sometimes it’s not. Depends on where you are mostly and the timing is beyond my control. Hey I can only do so much, right. 🙂

If for some reason, you gave the wrong email, typed it in wrong, or it got lost, no fear or worries, just fill out another easy form below and we’ll do the whole thing again. It only takes a few seconds.

IMPORTANT: You must click on the link in your email if you want to sign up for the newsletter or else I can not and will not ever send you anything. You can NOT download the Ebook unless you confirm your name and email address.

While you wait… here’s something to think about:

The truth is – men DO want you to understand them. In fact, the more a man thinks, believes and feels you understand him, the more he’s going to feel like you’re the one for him.

Pretty cool, right?

They actually want to reveal their secrets to you which is another reason why they want to make sure the woman who hears all his sorted stuff… gets him AND will keep his private information safe.

Just a little something we will cover in the emails so make sure you confirm today!

My letters are not typical. My advice is often blatant and to the point. On the chance you get an email not written by me and may contain an affiliated link the reason why is NOT A SECRET.

It was personally hand-picked by me because I believe it’s helpful and beneficial and is content rich first. I do NOT send quick emails begging you to go someplace else just because some one asked me to do it.

Yes, it’s true. I make a an actual living doing this. Left my job of 18 years plus to pursue this dream. Keep that in mind because, without any more cost to you, I will ask you to buy or purchase outside help from time to time following the last rule I gave you above.

Information, content, understanding, truth, realness FIRST. Money second. 

I want to earn your trust and I do hope it happens. If not, by all means feel free at any point to click unsubscribe or tell me why you’re leaving. It’s understandable this is not for everyone and I can not please everyone or answer all your questions.

Here’s to wonderful experience  for the both of us. I’m excited to have you eager to join and I’ll see you on the other side.

Your new guy friend,

Pete – Peter White