Christian Carter Knows What Every Man Wants From A Woman And Why

“I never thought I’d be writing a testimonial to what I essentially thought at first was a clever marketing ploy to get people (women) to buy your book.

Since all my “strategies” with men weren’t working, I decided to give you a shot, and ordered “Catch Him and Keep Him”.

That was the best investment I’ve ever made.

Your words ring true, not only for relationships, but for life.

Ever since I’ve started following your advice I am experiencing a sense of liberation and confidence I had not known before.

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You’re right. If you truly want positive change to take place in your life, it has to start from within. Thank you.”

– Lola

Everything below was written exclusively by Christian Carter – You can pick up his book and sign up to his free newsletter here… Christian Carter – Catch Him and Keep him

About Christian Carter: Since 2005, Christian Carter has helped over 3 million women become more successful with men, dating and relationships.

He helps women understand the male perspective on attraction, dating and commitment, and why men behave the way they do in relationships.

Readers see Christian as that no-nonsense guy friend who will give them the inside scoop on what a man wants and what he’s really thinking.

Will He Stick Around After You Get Intimate? Not If You Make These Common Mistakes

Happy Couple Sleep Intimacy Later

“Before you sleep with him you must read this. Learn why physical intimacy does not equal a relationship for a guy. The common mistakes women make when it comes to having sex with a guy. Letting him decide your worth as a woman. Know about masculine & feminine energy and how it relates to dating that leads to a commitment.”

He Doesn’t Know What He Wants But You Just Want to Get Him Back

Man Looking Out Alone Get Him Back

“He’s dating someone else both still sharing his feelings with you. There’s still a connection and so you want him back. Is this the right thing to do. Should you try to get him back? What his actions are saying. Never let a guy who is with someone else keep sharing their feelings with you. Move on.”

He’s dating someone else.

  • What his actions are saying.
  • Never let a guy who is with someone else keep sharing their feelings with you.
  • Love equation.

A Secret About Men Women Do Not Know – The Paradox Of Attraction

Paradox Attraction Attractive Man Woman
“Ever tell a guy you like him and he pulls back? What is the eww factor? If you want to know how he feels about you do something to attract him. Before you confess your feelings to him… Learn about choices and the paradox of attraction. Don’t trigger an emotion in him that repels him. Don’t get heavy with him.”

You’re attracted to a guy but you’re not sure if he likes you as more than a friend so you confess your feelings to him.His actions only confuse you more – you just don’t know what it means. And now he’s stopped all contact with you.

  • A secret women don’t get.
  • Choices And The Paradox Of Attraction
  • Giving him the “ewww” feeling.
  • Don’t get heavy with him.
  • Don’t confess your love.
  • If you want to know how he feels about you, do something to ATTRACT HIM.

6 Ways To Use The Magic Of Intuition and Get To Know The Real Him

Magic Intuition Get Know Him

“Using this magic can help you find out who he is before it’s a problem. How to use your intuition positively. Learn how to recognize the good men from the bad men. Men suck. Men don’t make sense. You can’t figure everything out. Be patient and let your intuition talk to you. Ask question. Be positive. Erase your fear & doubt.”

Using this magic can help you find out who he is before it becomes a problem. Without it you could get your heart broken and never see it coming.

  • How your instincts know more than your conscious mind recognizes.
  • The magic is pre-wired.
  • You have two choices and what they are.
  • Build a foundation of understanding.
  • Important concepts on how to use your intuition the right way.

Why Successful Women Have a Harder Time Than Other Women Finding Love

Smart Successful Woman Fail With Men
“The difference between masculine and feminine energy and how to use it. 7 Reasons why you’re failing with men. Smart enough to be dangerous. Believing the myth men don’t like successful women. Success won’t get you there. Strategies don’t cross over. Preventing men from feeling something for you. Being in control.”

Are you a successful women struggling attracting men? The difference between masculine and feminine energy and how to use it.

  • You can’t “think” a man into feeling something for you.
  • Does not having the love and relationship you truly want in your life change how you act as a woman?
  • No matter what a woman does for a living, and no matter how much money she makes, none of that is going to make a man FEEL anything for a woman.
  • 7 Reasons why you fail and how to stop doing them.

5 Steps You Can Use To Push His Secret Button For Better Communication

Happy Couple Love Communicating
“It’s tough for men to get in touch with their feelings and share them. Does he freak out when you mention his feelings? It’s up to you to learn how to communicate with him better. Men have a secret button you can push to make that happen. The primer. Casual introduction. Positive strokes. Honesty. Active listening.”

It’s tough for men to get in touch with their feelings and share them with someone. Want to stand out among other women. Learn how to use this button.

  • Why men can’t share their feelings.
  • Why it’s up to you to communicate to him.
  • How to plan and approach issue in your life.
  • Positive and negative intentions.
  • Worst mistakes you can make with a man.

Five Minutes to Improving Your Love Life – Nice Guys Versus Bad Boys

Bad Boy Motorcycle Create Feeling Attraction.
“3 questions which can change your dating and relationship forever. This is why you’re attracted to the bad boy and why the nice guy just doesn’t do it for you. There’s little value in something you don’t have to work for. Bad boys offer something those nice guy don’t and it’s why too many of you pick the wrong guy for you.”

Women do feel an emotion called attraction bad boys. Why don’t women pick the right guys? Kissing up, convincing and being nice can kill attraction.

  • Improving your ability to know what a good man looks like for YOU.
  • Help you pick ONLY the right men now and in the future.
  • What people value the most.
  • The magic of connection and chemistry.

He’s Afraid You Wanted A Relationship – How Dating Leads To Love & Happiness

Man Afraid Fear Relationship

“You have feelings for your friend and started a friends with benefit relationship. After you were intimate with him a few times you told him how felt and he took it as you wanting a relationship. He got upset and now you don’t know what to do. Know yourself. Find your standards. Know your needs. Be and stay in control.”

Your fears are taking over your emotions. This is a crash course in dating and four ways to lead to love and happiness. Not friends with benefits.

  • Dating Rule: DON’T EVER try to start things with a man at a casual and purely physical level if you EVER want the option for something more meaningful or long- term.
  • Know yourself and what you want.
  • Stick to your standards.
  • Female values.
  • Male values.
  • What creates deeper attraction and love with men.

Attracting Men and How To Make A Great First Impression With No Games

First Impression Attractive Man Flirt
“It doesn’t have to be a game. Know how attraction works for him. Great impressions from the start. Men make judgments about you. Create a deep connection with him and you will attract him with no games. Ask questions. Stay in context. Learn about men. Be unpredictable. Create something more than physical attraction.”

It doesn’t have to be a game if you know how attraction works for him. Great impressions from the start. Men make instant judgments about you.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Context is everything.
  • Learn What Actually creates attraction for him.
  • When and how to be unpredictable.
  • Something more than physical attraction.

Do You Have The Kind Of Attitude Men Find Irresistible? 3 Ways You Will

Guy Find Her Attitude Irresistable
“Come at a man with these three attitudes and he will not be able to resist you. These are characteristics that intrigue all men and make you stand out. You don’t have to show him what a great woman you are – you only have to have the right attitude that makes you irresistible. Here are the top three men want.”

Why Men Withdraw Plus Three Steps to Stop The Drama & Avoid Mistakes

Silent Man Withdrawn
“Are you hiding your feelings from him? Do you hold them in until they explode? These huge mistakes can easily cause unwanted drama. How you talk to a man about the relationship can be a huge mistake. Do this for positive results instead. Understand what goes on inside his mind. What causes you to make this mistake.”

Are you hiding your feelings from him? Do you hold them in until they explode? These a huge mistakes which cause unwanted drama. Positive results.

  • Big mistakes you make with men.
  • Complaining, frustration, bringing up past issues, arguments and disappointments.
  • Needing to understand what’s going on inside his mind.
  • Needing to understand what causes you to make “The Big Mistake.”
  • How to avoid making the big mistake

Avoid These Ten Mistakes With Men To Get The Love Life of Your Dreams

Loving Happy Couple She Avoided Mistakes
“Don’t let mistakes that stop you from enjoying an amazing love life. Success in dating and relationships. Relying on his potential. Assuming you get men. Pretending. Sharing how you feel too early. Misreading his signals. Expecting a relationship to make you happy. Trying to convince him to like you and a few more.”

You’re going to make mistakes with men and its going to stop you from living an amazing love life. These are the most common. Avoid them for success.

  1. Betting Your Love Life On His “Potential”
  2. Assuming You “Get” Men & Their Psychology
  3. Pretending To Be Something For A Man
  4. Sharing How You “Feel” Too Early With Him
  5. Misreading The Important “Signals” That Men Send
  6. Relying On Your Natural Ability To Judge A Man’s Character
  7. Expecting A Relationship To Make You Happy
  8. Trying To “Convince” Him To Like You Or Love You
  9. Not Knowing What To Do In Each Type Of Situation
  10. Not Getting Help

How The Power Of Your Beliefs Can Limit and Work In Your Life With Men

Power Beliefs Woman Better Relationship With Men
“Limited beliefs, secret excuses, getting results, being aware for more power, and lighting the dark spots of yourself and your relationships with men. Why negative thoughts or beliefs are limiting your success in relationships and love. Identify your problems by becoming aware of them so you can begin to change them.”

Limited beliefs, secret excuses, getting results, being aware for more power, and lighting the dark spots of yourself and your relationships with men.

  • The power of your beliefs about men and relationships
  • Identifying your limited beliefs and the common situations with men that create them
  • Putting your new awareness of limiting beliefs to work in your love life

How To Tell If He Is Ready For A Relationship

Ready Relationship Man
“Three areas of maturity to look for from a man to tell you about his commitment ability. Get the best approach in your conversations with him. Maturity areas to look for in his life are his job or work, his family, and his friends. Get him to talk about those specific things, learn if he’s ready for a relationship.”

Ever wonder how some women have no trouble finding a man who is willing to commit? Or how some men say they’re not ready or the timing is not right?

  • She’s not looking to him to fill a job description
  • She shows him she’s wiling to walk away
  • His life is much better with her in it than without

Why Men Settle Down With One Woman And Not Another

Man Woman Happy Walking Settling
“Ever wonder how some women have no trouble finding a man who is willing to commit? Or how some men say they’re not ready or the timing is not right? Their secret is they’re not look for a guy to fill a job description. She’s willing to walk away. His life is better with her in it.”

Three areas of maturity to look for from a man which will tell you about his commitment ability. Get the best approach in your conversations with him.

  • Maturity Area 1: Work
  • Maturity Area 2: Friends
  • Maturity Area 3: Family
  • Getting the answer you need from him with the best approach
  • How getting him to talk about his friends can help you

What Makes A Man Want Exclusivity With You – Get Him To Commit To You

Couple Hold Hands Ready Commit
“You can’t force a commitment on a man. It never works. How to maintain your power in the relationship. He wants you to be selective, it makes him want you more. Why and how that happens. Make him think it was his idea to commit to you, Having the right attitude changes everything for you and your man.”

Learn the three things that makes a man want to be exclusive with just you.

  • Maintain your power in the relationship.
  • What being selective actually does to him.
  • How to make him think it’s HIS idea.

Why Talking About Your Relationship Could Be Hurting It

Silence Talked About Relationship Hurt It
“The convincer, pusher, & reisistor. If you’re the convincer you could push a man to withdraw. You’ll feel insecure and he could go silent. Understand his commitment time. Break the cycle. Create a positive foundation. Get him to experience the good moments. This is why talking about your relationship could hurt it.”

Why he doesn’t want to talk about it and what you should be doing instead.

  • The more the convincer pushes, the more the resister resists!
  • Men want to LIVE a relationship rather than talk about it.
  • A man also wants to feel that you want HIM, not just a commitment.

His Three Unspoken Commitment Stages

Man Woman Couple Which Commitment Stage

“Men have commitment stages and knowing where he’s at with you and how to handle each one will help you feel less confused and more confident with him. They start with courtship. Move to the uncommitted relationship. And then along to the committed relationship. Learn what to do at each stage with a guy.”

Men have three stages of commitment, here’s what they are.

  • Stage 1: Courtship.
  • Stage 2: The Uncommitted Relationship.
  • Stage 3. The Committed Relationship.

Four Feelings He Must Experience That Makes Him Think You’re The One

Couple Kissing Front Car
“Have you ever wondered what makes a guy think, believe, and feel you’re the one for him? If you ask lots of men, and we have what makes them want to spend their lives with a woman in a committed relationship these four reasons is always listed at the top. This is what a man needs to feel with you.”

What it Means if He Doesn’t Call Or Ask You Out Again

Woman Waiting Phone Call
“He didn’t call you back and now you’re searching for what it means or why it’s happening or more precisely why he didn’t get in touch. This happens to lots of women who take it to heart and then unfortunately carry it with them the next time they interact with a guy. Don’t let that be you. Know exactly what it means.”

Are You Accidentally Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Woman Behind No Trespassing Sign
“Are you getting in the way of your love life? Sabotaging yourself in dating and relationships is a big problem for lots of women who just can not find a happy love. There are three common ways you’re not getting out of your own way and at the bottom of it all is fear. Learn how to change it all. You have the power.”

Why Playing it Cool, Safe, & Uninterested Doesn’t Work With Men

Beautiful Woman Alone Playing Cool

“Do you pretend not to be into him because you think he’s not into you? If so, you’re ruining your chances of meeting a great guy. This is why it does not work and what it actually does to a guy. Try increasing your odds. Risk a little. This is how you must start approaching this problem and meet more men.”

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