Claire Casey – You’re About To Fall In Love With Her


How’s it going?

I really do believe you’re going to love Claire.

The rare glimpses of advice I’ve been given are only snippets but I’ve grown quite fond of them.

My opinions have been based on her “matter of fact” style and her ability to see inside a guy’s mind.

In relationships, communication is important and understanding the person you’re trying to connect with make doing that much easier and effective.

For example – Claire explains how if a man and woman define cheating differently there could be serious problems in the relationship.

Do YOU Think He’s Cheating When He Really Isn’t?

In another example she explains how YOU might be seeing your body and all its flaws but men only see the parts which definite you as a woman.

You Say “Flawed”, He Says “Sexy”: What Men Really Think About Your Body

Again notice how communication and connection become very difficult when there’s a lack of understanding in any relationship.

Think to yourself for one minute and try to imagine the top 2 things a guy might be terrified of – what the fear the most…

And then read her answers:

Top 2 Things Men are Terrified Of (and How to Help Without Letting Them Know You Know)

You’ll be surprised by how knowing the real answer can actually help you connect with a man.

One common “theme” or complaint among women is being stuck with a guy who is either not willing to commit or is taking his sweet time doing it.

Claire has a special way of dealing with it and she shares that here:

Is He Moving Too Slowly For You?

On the shorter side, here’s one of her not-so-content driven pieces but might help you out a little. It’s called: Oh, The (Stupid) Things Guys Say in Bed…

Yes, it’s a play on our intelligence and how us guys are really just humans who are just as prone as you are – in making mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes have huge consequences when they’re relationship based.

Claire’s ideas at dating, relationships, when to commit, how to commit, the definitions and what the mean to connecting with guys are roughly the same.

I run into a lot of women who I feel, get lost or find themselves traveling in a never ending circle doing the same thing over and over, and of course getting the same results.

In fact this problem is common among men too and to help you break the cycle I wrote this one myself which of course, leads back to Claire Casey and her Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

You can read it here: Step Out Of The Man Circle and Learn A Direct Path To Any Man’s Heart

Claire was nice enough to answer some common questions about herself and her amazing new product.

She’ll get to the point quickly and show you what Capture His Heart stands for, how it’s going to help you get any guy you want, and how easy it is to try it for yourself quickly.

Amy asks…

“What makes you such an expert on men?”

Maybe because I live with four of them. I’ve been married for more than 20 years, and I’ve raised 3 sons.

But the real expertise, I think, comes from the fact that my relationships have not always been easy. It’s not always obvious how to respond when you are feeling ignored or unheard, or have other serious issues.

I’ve been through some unbelievably painful times where I wasn’t sure we’d make it, times when I cried myself to sleep every night, or kept myself emotionally cold and distant so things wouldn’t hurt so bad.

And to win back the relationship of my dreams, the kind of committed bond I knew I deserved, I had to do some research, and get some serious help.

I had to dig, and dig hard for the not-so-obvious answers and hard-to-find information and THEN I had to do the difficult work of taking a look at what I needed to change in myself, and in the way I interacted with men.

To this day I’m deeply grateful that I had some of the best help in the world, and as I learned and grew, and my relationship with my man recovered from those terrible injuries we both unknowingly inflicted on each other, I began to wish I’d known these powerful women’s secrets LONG before I did.

And here’s a little tidbit you might enjoy:

I actually first discovered Michael Fiore when I was out on the internet looking for ways to help my man and me learn some fun seduction techniques – something clean but super smokin’ hot and sexy.

And I came across Mike’s Text Your Wife Into Bed program.

And even though I was the wife (!!), I bought it, we both loved it, and I told a very good friend of mine how awesome it was.

As it turned out, that good friend was also a good friend of Mike’s!

So he connected the two of us, because I was about to start writing a fabulous program designed especially for women, to share some of the most critical things a woman should know and do in order to win the man of her dreams…

All that stuff that NOBODY tells you about how to let that guy find you, make him desperately want you, and be utterly unwilling to ever have anyone else by YOU?

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” is the program I wrote!

Sarah asks…

“I just want to meet a great guy. It seems like the only guys who are interested in me end up hurting me again and again. I’ve almost given up. Can you help me?”

Sometimes you lose a man and you realize he was NOT the one for you. There are plenty of jerks out there who will use you and toss you away without a second thought. You don’t want ANYthing to do with those creeps.

What you want is to start to understand WHY this pattern is repeating itself, and HOW to attract ONLY the kinds of men who are wonderful and true.

And that’s a big part of what I take you through in Capture His Heart.

But it’s MORE than that, too.

Because I want every woman to have a sort of “future vision” – the ability to determine whether a man is worth your investment of heart and soul LONG before you go through the emotional trauma of a devastating breakup.

Capture His Heart puts YOU in the seat of power in ANY relationship.

You’ll learn exactly how to look calmly ahead, see with perfect clarity what is about to happen, and make a decision about what you want to do NOW.

Which means:

  • No more time wasted on a douchebag guy.
  • No more effort poured into a relationship that’s going nowhere.
  • No more horrible, embarrassing, surprise “I need space” talks.
  • No more surprise, embarrassing anything, actually.

Because you would KNOW. In advance. And you could decide whether you wanted to keep the relationship, or deep-six it and move on.

Susan asks…

“I already found the man of my dreams but I lost him. We broke up and I want him back. Will your program help me?”

Susan, I’m so sorry this happened to you – and I wish I could say it’s unusual to hear, but it’s not. Lots of us have been there.

In fact, that’s where I was just a few years before I wrote Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

And the good news is that YES, this program is designed specifically for women like you (and me, not so long ago), so that you’ll have the tools and information you’ll need

  • to open that door in yourself that magically pulls men in…
  • to be able to see, understand, and easily remove all the invisible barriers that stand between the two of you…
  • and to understand the powerful forces that make a man want to commit to one incredible women – and put them to use on YOUR man!

And I want to make SURE you hear me say this part:

No matter HOW LONG it’s been since your man left (if he isn’t married, of course), there’s a good chance that you can win him back.

Melissa asks…

“How quickly will I get access to ‘Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever?”

Right away!

2 mins from right now you’ll be looking at the first videos, or downloading your first PDFs or audio files of content for Capture His Heart. It’s really that simple!

Remember those days when we had to wait forever to get a package in the mail? This is so much better! Don’t you love the internet?

Elaine asks…

“Can I really trust your guarantee?”


Yes, you can absolutely trust my guarantee. In fact, if you’re really unsure about whether to go ahead and TRY the program, I’d say you have NOTHING to lose. Because you can go ahead and TRY it at NO RISK. Get inside, take a look around, read through some of the content and watch the videos. Page through the worksheets and try out the bonus content.

And if you REALLY feel it’s just not worth putting time and energy into helping the man of your dreams find you and beg you to be his and his only FOREVER…

…all it takes is an email to get your money back.

That’s it! Just let our support diva Maggie know. No hassles, no worries, and Michael and I will still wish you the very best.

But we both think you’ll agree with us that this is one of the best possible ways you can jet fuel your progress toward finding and having the committed, secure, loving relationship you want and deserve…

And we hope you’ll let us know how it goes!

Fiona asks…

“Is this one of those continuity offers where I’m going to be charged again and again?”

Not at all!

This is a ONE TIME FEE, and you get LIFETIME upgrades as we move forward! Plus you get access to the entire Capture His Heart community as well. For as long as you want, as often as you want.

In fact, you might just find yourself coming back not too long from now, helping others along the same path of discovery and joy you yourself traveled down!

SO: NO, there are no recurring fees! At all.

Theresa asks…

“Who shouldn’t buy this program?”

If you like being miserable this isn’t for you.

Yes, I’m being flip, but I bet you know people like that – women and men who seem to be otherwise smart, strong, sensible people…

And yet they continue to remain in an unhappy situation even when the tools for change are RIGHT THERE AT HAND. I don’t think it’s so much about preferring to be miserable as it is simply that some people will stick with what they already know, even when they are fully aware it’s not good for them.

But you’re not one of those people, superfox. You’re smarter, stronger, and you believe in a beautiful future for YOU. Starting NOW.

Otherwise, regarding “who should buy this program” – Capture His Heart is primarily for women – BUT would you believe there are plenty of guys who get it, because they desperately want to get a sneak peek into the working heart and mind of a confident and sexy woman too? There are!

These guys want to know HOW it is that YOU’RE so amazing… Cool, huh?

Last thing:

The truth is that you are ALREADY investing in yourself and your happiness:

You’ve listened this far, you’ve done your careful evaluation, and you already know there’s no risk to you because of our ironclad guarantee. You are SO ready for this. You deserve this, beautiful!

And that’s that. Honestly, I can’t wait until you dive into Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever and realize how easy it is to finally get the man of your dreams. He’s out there.

He’s looking for you.

And by using these simple tools you’ll make it so easy for him to find you and to finally give you the relationship you deserve,

Claire Casey

Capture His Heart


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