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ue to the nature and problems associated with “contact pages” or giving out my personal emails, if you would like to contribute an article or propose a relationship you can do so by leaving a comment below. Your information is kept private and will NEVER be shared or shown publicly on this page.

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The guidelines for submissions are as follows. No reproductions of any kind. It must be original and you must be the author. Any outside links will be checked first and must be considered safe and put content first.

There are many other exclusions and may be negotiable depending on the nature of the partnership and relationship.

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  • Smera

    About 4 months ago I changed jobs and started dating this guy who worked with me. We loved each other company and spent some amazing times together. He left a few days ago to a different country to pursue his MBA and says he doesn’t believe in Long distance and if we were in the same city we would be in a committed relationship. He wants to see how it goes though and we agreed to let each other know if we start seeing someone else. Now I’m the kinda person who craves for attention from the man I love atleast with one text a day but he never contacts me first. He always replies to my text but never contacts me first. Does this day he is not interested in me? I’m totally in Love with him but this guessing is breaking my heart. Btw I’ve told him I love him and he says he really really likes me and would let himself tell me he loves me if he were not moving away. I’m so confused. Please advice.

  • Renee

    I’m a new fan of your blog and probably one of the older readers you have (52)! Wondering how to approach a 50 something, divorced man who keeps staring at me at church. It’s been happening for about a month now. My brother thinks he’s shy or intimidated and told me I should ask him something like to borrow his phone or for directions somewhere after Mass, then introduce myself. Another male friend thinks I should just say hello, smile and introduce myself, which is similar to some of your suggestions. Which one do you think might be more effective or easier on my nerves as I am a bit nervous, but I am really attracted to this man and he appears to have a mutual attraction but won’t approach (ugh). We both attend this service quite often although I have not always been consistent over the years attending this church (it’s been at least a couple of years—slow movers are we!). Oh, and if you have another suggestion for approaching him, I would be most appreciative! Thank you, R.

  • Lisa

    Hi i have been dating this guy for three months now we see each other about two times a week he told me at christmas he would never love a woman again. He is very living and affectionate to me he lookes me in the eye and tells me im beautiful he has also told his friends that he has never met a woman like me before i am 14 years older than him and that does not bother us he had never let me down but players it very cool im not needy and i have my own life i do text but not all the time he hss been hurt in a previous relationship i just want to no if im wasting my time with is guy as im getting mixed signals with him a bit hot and cold.

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