David Wygant – Nine Steps to Attracting Men – Time To Truly Enjoy Your Amazing Dating Life

David Wygant Attract Understand Men Dating

When you want to understand men, David Wygant can give you a complete perspective which is simple and easy to understand.

Too many women find men difficult to read but David can show you how simple we are and how easy we actually are figure out.

The truth is – men act from their ego’s, men are more scared of screwing it up with you than you might believe, and most of the “better” men out there are NOT into playing games or using tricks to get a date with you.

With the help of David’s advice today and guidance you’ll learn…

  • Simple ways to be even more attractive.
  • How to think like a man.
  • When it’s time to let him go.
  • Who should call first.
  • How to overcome any shyness you have.
  • Why men don’t approach you.
  • How to tell if a man is ready for a relationship.
  • Power and control over your dating life.

Below you’ll find a few powerful and insightful articles in David’s words himself to get you start in understanding men.

It may be time to start doing things a little different if you want better and more rewarding results. If you feel your dating controls you and not the other way around it’s time you stop doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

 STEP 1: Get Control Over Your Dating Life

Man Giving Woman Flowers

Read on as David explains how George, Jerry, and Elaine can show you…

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Step 2: Become Naturally Attractive By Doing Things You Love – Lifestyle and Passion

Woman Passion Fun Lifestyle Attractive

David says – enjoy your life first. How can a guy ever refuse a woman who is generally happy, productive, and independent… And that’s no lie.

As a man myself, her independence and happy relaxed attitude is always the last deciding factor for me. Your looks can only do so much for men, you’re going to need more.

And what better way to accomplish this by enjoying your life.

You start by Re-evaluating your work life, doing the things you love, being open to everything and everyone, finding that carefree inner child in you, and then by using the simple “law of attraction…”

Men will have no choice but to feel naturally attracted to you.

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Step 3: Why men are not approaching you and how to get them to start talking to you more.

Woman Waiting Approach By Man

After all you’ve been through and how hard you’ve worked on yourself – why men are still not approaching you.

Well according to David there’s one big reason why those better guys are not approaching you. He also shows you how to  get men to open up to you.

He’ll show you a how to get men to start talking to you. And no it’s not some cheesy pickup line. He’ll also tell you what you MUST do in order for men to keep talking to you.

David believes you can do his thing. He believes it’s already a part of who you are – you just have to allow it to happen naturally.

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Step 4. Understanding Men – Start Thinking Like A Man

Man Thinking About Woman
Now that you have more men approaching you, you’ll want to get inside his mind and allow yourself to think like him – to increase the level of attraction he feels for you.

He believes too many women give dating advice that doesn’t work because it’s by a woman. He feels if you want to learn about men – talk to a man.

His key points are:

  1. You’re not wired like a man.
  2. Men are not looking for the why in everything.
  3. You must learn to “speak man.”
  4. How men are not thinking what you think they are.
  5. Change your energy and you’ll meet more men.

Now that you’re ready to change your energy and you’ll be meeting more men here’s…

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Step 5. The Art Of Man Talk, Breaking His Relationship Code & Understanding What He Really Means

Bro Code Men Action Talking

Now that you’re meeting and attracting more men you may want to learn if he’s ready for a relationship.

Maybe you’re not sure on how to read his signals.

Maybe you just don’t understand his “man code” and want to know how to break it.

David will show you how to interpret many of a guys action and words so you can figure him out without giving yourself completely up to him…

Four ways to communicate and understand why a man does things. And how it has everything to do with what kind of relationship he may be looking for.

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Step 6. Be The Director Of Your Dating Life – Start Taking Attraction Action and More Control

Director Action Take Date

Now that you have a better understanding of men, you’re meeting more of them, you’ve learned what they’re actions mean…How do you attract the better ones?

This is about taking attraction action. This is about finally taking complete control of your dating life and not leaving everything to chance and luck.

If you’re having trouble with all this you’re obviously over-thinking everything.

Find out what men really want and hoping you’ll do which allows him to feel more attracted to you. Here’s how to…

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Step 7: Knowing When If He Doesn’t Call or Text Back, to DELETE His Number

Dating Rule Guy Not Calling

With more men in your life  you’re going to meet guys who just disappear.

It’s not fun or wanted but it’s going to happen especially when you’re dating life is on the rise.David advises you to stop asking so many “what ifs” about him and give you the power and control on knowing when it’s time to delete his number.

He has a hard coded rule in dating you must never break – you’ll learn that and you’ll know…

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Step 8. Dating Rules? Who Should Call Who First

Dating Rule Guy Checking Phone

You’ve now opened your ability to date men so you decide to go online and see how it all works.

You meet a great guy online but you don’t want to come off as needy or too upfront. You want him to make the first move and call you.

Do you know if that’s the right way to go? Will that get things started between the two of you? Don’t leave it to chance and follow David’s simple guideline for dating online…

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Step 9. Stop Judging Your Dating Life – Getting Second Dates – Tools For Being Confident Around Men

First Second Date Coffee Judgment

Now that you have a better handle on your dating life and attracting men – there’s a possibility you’ll start judging it more.

You’ll expect more from yourself and if you don’t get it, you might put yourself down.

Stop it immediately. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Start enjoying what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

Here’s a little pick-me-up to rid yourself of fear and doubt and the absolute truth about dating. Learn how to…

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