Change Your Dating Life By Taking ATTRACTION ACTION

Direct Action Movie Like Attraction
Written by David Wygant, the most successful and charismatic relationship expert in the business.

Are you tired of not feeling in control of your dating life?

Are you frustrated because you keep getting approached by all the WRONG guys?

Are you tired of waiting for guys to approach you?

I hear these things from women everyday – both from the women I coach and from all the women who read my blog.

The good news is…

YOU have all the power to not feel frustrated anymore in your dating life!

Let me share with you one of the MOST IMPORTANT and QUICKEST ways to get rid of all this dating frustration.

You need to start taking ATTRACTION ACTION in your dating life.

Let me explain.

I’ll start with a an all too typical scenario…

So there you are, you’re out and about walking around during a typical day. You walk into your favorite grocery store and at the other end of the produce section you spot someone to whom you are really attracted.

He looked at you.

You looked at him.

There is that momentary glance that passes between you.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m guessing it does.

The question is then…

What are you going to do about that?

Most of us don’t do anything about it. Why do so many of us hesitate to take action in this situation?

Women in particular have trouble with this. Women over think these situations … and it causes them to miss a lot of opportunities to connect with men.

Women worry about what they should say, or how to be perfect, or what the exact right approach should be … and especially about WHAT MEN WILL THINK OF THEM if they do something.

Women tend to worry too much about how men will perceive them. They worry whether men will be impressed by them.

The fact of the matter is – THEY ALREADY ARE!

They’ve looked at you. You’ve already exchanged that momentary glance.

I know you are familiar with that momentary glance. We’ve all experienced it.

It is what you do with that momentary glance, though, that shapes and creates your dating life!

Here is where a decision to start taking ACTION is going to be one of EASIEST ways to INSTANTLY CHANGE your dating life … and to TAKE CONTROL of your dating life.

Here’s a KEY CONCEPT and “MAN FACT” that you need to know: Men WANT You To Take Action!

Most women do nothing. Most women just dismiss that exchange of glances.

Most women WAIT.

This is a huge mistake that too many women make.

How do too many of these moments in the store end? Women will just walk away saying to themselves “Well, I don’t know the right thing to say” or “I don’t know what the right thing is to do.”

Or worse…

Many women’s first instinct is to actually think that the guy she was exchanging glances with … was looking at someone else.


All you need to do is acknowledge it with a simple “hello,” “how’s your day going?” or something else simple like that.

Just say something. Say anything!

Why not start taking ATTRACTION ACTION?

It doesn’t really matter what you say so long as you put yourself out there. The guy has already put himself out there by looking at you, and you’ve put yourself out there already by looking at him.

So why not take that one small extra step and do something about that attraction.

Take attraction action . . . you never know where that next simple “hello” may lead.

I’ve been coaching women for more than 11 years — and one of the BIGGEST MISCONCEPTIONS women have about wanting to improve their dating life is that it’s about learning rules or steps or catch-phrases about attracting men.

FORGET ABOUT RULES or snappy sayings to help you get control of your dating life!

(Plus, those haven’t worked for you so far, right?)


Because to totally transform your dating life means that you have to not only LEARN the truth about how men are wired and how they think…


I can’t stress enough how important that is.

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