Why You Need To Start Thinking Like A Man – Secrets To Meeting Men

Man Thinking Why Don't Women Understand Him

Written by David Wygant, the most successful and charismatic relationship expert in the business.

I want to share with you one of the BIGGEST secrets to understanding men

It’s the solution to perhaps the most frequent complaint I hear from women:

“David, I DON’T GET MEN! I just don’t understand them…”

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. And it’s not as if women don’t TRY to understand us guys – they rack their brain, pester all their friends, analyze and analyze and analyze…

…and yet men’s behavior never seems “logical” to most women.

So why does it seem so hard to understand men?


Having coached women for more than eleven years, I see women torturing themselves trying to “figure men out” … when the problem is that you assume men think like women.

Not true!

But not to worry – I’m here to help…

While I have been coaching both men and women for more than eleven years, what I really enjoy about coaching each gender is that they are very different.

What I love most about coaching women is feeling like I am getting to share with them all of the secrets about men that men never tell them.

I have always loved being able to give women a tour inside the mind of a man, so that they truly understand men and how they’re wired.

Here is a perfect example of how I get to do this. A woman reader of my blog asked me a question the other day that I felt I absolutely NEEDED to address not only with her, but with ALL of the women out there.

“David, I really want to let men know I’m interested, but if I look at a man too long won’t he think I’m staring at him and that I’m coming on to him?

San Diego”


So What!!


Men and women are wired very differently.

It was the fact that she even wondered about this, though, that led me to see that FOR WOMEN TO CHANGE THEIR DATING LIVES THEY NEED TO START THINKING LIKE A MAN.

Here are 5 reasons why all of you women out there NEED to start thinking like a man in your dating life

Man Happy Woman Understands Gets Him


We don’t think about every little, tiny thing. If our elbow itches, we itch it. If you we have to blow our nose, we blow it. We don’t wonder why our elbow itches.

Men don’t make these things any more complicated than that.


Men don’t need to find the deeper meaning (or assume there is any deeper meaning) in everything.

If a woman’s elbow itches, she wonders “Why does my elbow itch? Did I do something to make my elbow itch? Did I eat something that made my elbow itch?”

Women have to find out the “why” for everything they do and everything that happens to them.

“Why does this guy like me? What does this mean?”

Here’s the truth of the matter…

It doesn’t mean anything!! You have to think like a man!


If you are attracted to a man, smile at him and stare at him. Speak man!

To “speak man” means that you need to be obvious. We need you to be obvious.

If you’re obvious, we’ll walk over like a puppy dog. We don’t want to sit there, thinking and wondering all night long what your casual two second glance means.

We WANT you to smile at us and talk to us.


Stop trying to anticipate a man’s reaction to you based upon how you as a woman thinks. Women so often assume that men are thinking certain ways about how women behave, and women so often are so WRONG!

If you look at us, we are not thinking that you’re easy.
All we are thinking is that you are looking at us.

Really, that’s all!

We are, in fact, so glad that you’re being obvious enough for us to get it that we almost want to high-five you!


To all you women, this secret is a biggee … so pay attention!

if you want to meet men you need to wake up! What I mean is that you not only need to start thinking like a man, but you also need to change how you interact with men based on this knowledge.

So, start staring and be obvious!! You’ll have more men coming over than you’ll ever want to date.

If you continue to be coy, you won’t get the boy. If you’re tired of staying home alone on Saturday nights, then you need to realize that nothing is going to change until you change your energy.

OK … I know this has been a TON of info, but I just need to tell you a few more things about why if you want to meet men, that you NEED you start thinking like a man.

Think about this for a second…

Why after reading dating book after dating book are so many women still confused about men?

Because most every dating book is written by women!

If you want to learn about men, you need to talk to a man – and learn exactly how men think and are wired.

One last question…and be honest with yourself here…

When is the last time you saw a man to whom you were attracted, and you took a risk by smiling at him and got him to come over with the powers of your femininity?

If it’s been longer than a week, then you’re not doing it right.

It’s time to stop listening to the outdated advice that has been given to women for so long, and start to think like a man when interacting with men!

If a man doesn’t approach you and talk to you, it is because you either didn’t know how to bring the man over or you didn’t do anything to get him to approach you.

Start taking responsibility for your own dating life, and you’ll start improving it immediately!

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