Debra Aros – Mesmerizing Phrases – Video Texting Script & Not A Review

Men Getting Obsessed Using Phone Text

I watched the lead in promotional video of Mesmerizing Phrases and wanted to pass it on to you. If you’re like me, you might find it excruciatingly painful to sit through one of those and I feel it’s the right thing to do to spare you from it.

This is NOT a standard review – I have not seen or gone through any of it myself since I’m a guy and buying something like “How to get a man to become obsessed over you by texting phrases to him” is not applicable in my dating and relationship life.


Since I’m positive my wife never used any of these texting techniques on me – I feel secure knowing I have not been a first, second, or third party to being hypnotized from any “mesmerizing” phrase.

The opening of the video (aside from the language sued which centers around every desire keyword known) is a guy reading from a script.

He tells us he was no slouch with women. He was very much a player who only went for very attractive women, didn’t care much to commit to them, and would not treat them with all the respect they deserve.

He then explains he was at a party once with lots of beautiful women hanging all over him and up comes the “chic” named Debra. (Apparently that would be Debra Aros, the writer of the course.)

As she approached his table to meet him, he looked her over and realized she wasn’t worth a second look. She was just average so he treated her with awkwardness and gave her his number just to get rid of her.

Apparently that was his “thing” and turning down women gave him a thrill.

(I guess Debra liked to pick up guys who were like this so she could test her “mesmerizing text phrases” on them. Maybe it was educational, maybe it was experimental, maybe she was just cruel and wanted to give the players a taste of their own medicine – I honestly don’t know the real reason so I won’t even go there.)

Back to the story…

Some time had passed and he was on a date with what he claims was a hot blonde and Debra sent him one of the texts to his phone and something strange happened…

He felt this irresistible urge inside.

He quickly got rid of the blonde at his house and took off to meet her.

He just  couldn’t stop thinking about her.

After this and that and whatever happened…

It finally hit him – He had fallen for her HARD!

He couldn’t explained it but it was true so he told her and she admitted what she had done to him.

She knew it and explained to him why…

She learned some texting technique from some guru and used it on him.

To prove her point – she took out her phone and texted some guy who recently blew her off and within minutes this uninterested guy was blowing up her phone. She ignored the texts but the guy didn’t take no for an answer and called her up – telling her how deeply he was falling for her.

So yeah – that’s the story.

Debra Aros put it all together – packaged it up – and now sells it at a HUGE DISCOUNT.

(Oddly enough she charges her personal clients $300 but for everyone else – she was convinced it needed to get in the “texting hands’ of the masses and was convinced to drop her price – NO…. that was’t sarcasm… or was it.)


The hook:

Pick a man you currently like – even if he’s been ignoring you.

Just be sure about him because he will become addicted to you. These “phases” have been (scientifically?) proven to tap into a man’s brain that controls that part of him.

Text him these 3 mesmerizing phrases…

Grab your phone and wait.

Once he reads these certain words – it leaves him with no desire for other woman. Hypnotic words to make him feel a special kind of love for the woman who sends it and her only!

As the pitch goes on we get some named texting examples and what they do to men.

Here is some of what you get:

  • Be my darling phrase.
  • Loving gorilla phrase.
  • Attraction firecracker phrase.
  • The desire reset phrase.
  • The journey to heart phrase.
  • Love me again phrase.
  • Eye of the charmer phrase.
  • Angel of my life phrase.
  • Stop-stare-stop phrase.
  • You’re so goofy phrase.
  • Freeze de-freeze phrase.
  • I am your princess phrase.
  • Spring of love phrase.
  • Delightful darling phrase.
  • Perfect fit phrase.

ALL of which are designed to get a very specific response from a guy you’re having a very personal problem with – won;t commit, isn’t into you, is ignoring, etc…

The details:

  • It’s an online course which means after payment it’s instantly accessible. Kind of standard these days.
  • There are three bonus reports added for free.
  • You can add “Mesmerizing Compliments That Leave Men Obsessed” for $7 more so make sure you check the box if you want it.
  • The Complete Mesmerizing Phrases Program sells For Just $39 by itself.
  • The 60 day return policy is covered by the business who handles the transaction. Go to them with any problems but you shouldn’t. I’ve been doing business with them for years with absolutely perfect and more than acceptable results.

Now what do you do…

  1. Watch the video for ALL the dirty details and cute catch phrases and desire impulsive keywords.
  2. Click on the add to cart button.
  3. Put in your details where they belong.
  4. Get approval.

AND Mesmerizing Phrases is yours to keep and use on ANY guy you want.

Here’s THEIR hook:

Do you know the secret mesmerizing phrase that turns any man  completely incapable of resisting you?

Even if this man has been ignoring you for ages or  has left you for another woman?

The moment you use this, he’ll experience the  deepest desire of his entire life pooling in his belly…

…turning to fire as his body devours this mesmerizing phrase.

Within seconds, this fire will circle his entire body making  his heart pound in his chest…

…as he starts to call and text you multiple times only to SHAMELESSLY  declare that he is utterly ADDICTED to you.

And how he just can’t see himself being with any other  woman but YOU.

Heck, even if he had to choose between you and a Victoria’s Secret super model, now he’d happily pick you.

Click the image below:

Video Thumbnail Man Laying Down

Debra Wrote These To Promote Mesmerizing Phrases.

How To Become His Greatest Addiction – He Wants To Experience This!

Man Obsessed Addicted Her

“Addiction, desire, obsession, adrenal – these are all the things a man feels when he’s around you if you know exactly what to say to him. Men want to experience this one thing from you to make it all happen and to fall in love with you. These phrases captivates and stimulates him to give you endless attention.”

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“Ever wonder why so many men are afraid of a commitment? Did you know when it comes to getting a guy to commit you can get some great advice from a cat. Yes – this sweet little apprehensive creature can teach you a lot about a man and how similar they are deep down. Try this experiment and see how everything changes.”


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