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Does He Like You? Does He Love You? What Men Really Mean


Some say men are simple. We’re easy to figure out. How we’re only interested in two things – how a woman looks and sex.

If that were the case you could easily approach any man with a simplistic attitude. Give him exactly what you know he wants and you’ll never have to worry about what he’s thinking.

And you’ll never have to worry about interpreting his signals.

But let’s face it.

You have a hard time “reading” a man’s signals. You have a hard time understanding what he means.

And you find it even more difficult to imagine if he does in fact only like you for your looks or whether there’s something deeper going on.

And what about love??!!!

When you mention love or if he brings it up it must feel like he’s trying to throw you off the trail on purpose. Like his whole goal is to keep you guessing. Almost as if his only predictable response is to confuse you – just enough – to piss you off!!!

I’m going to give you something. A little insight into the male mind I want you to never forget. Because it’s going to change how you interpret his signals.

No more guessing.

No more games.

You’ll find be able to look at your man (or your future boyfriend) and know exactly what he means. With regards to this whole “love-like” problem lots of women just like you have.

Let’s cover the basics first. I’m also assuming you have some sort of relationship with him whether it’s casually dating or you’re both committed.

  • “I like you.” – I’m not sure if you like me and I want to know.
  • “I love you.”– I care about you.
  • “I’m in love with you.” – I want a relationship.
  • “I love you but I’m not in love with you .” – I care about you but I’m not interested in a relationship with you.
  • “I love you. I’m just not in love with you but I still want sex.” – I don’t think you’re relationship material but I would love to have sex with you. And I do care about you.

Let’s get a little deeper because I feel to understand better men you’re going to need to know a little more.

Men use the word like when they’re unsure if you like them back.

They also have been known to use it when they’re not feeling a deep attraction. They’re unsure either of the direction they want to go or they’re just not ready to commit.

“I really do like you .” – Means I’m not sure if I’m ready. Or I’m not sure because I want to leave my dating options open.

Men use the word love very, very sparingly so don’t take it lightly.

In fact I would be concerned if you meet any man who overuses this word. You see men assume when they say it to a woman he’s dating she’ll misinterpret it for him asking for a “commitment.”

  • “I do love you…” – This is what a man says when he would not wish anything bad on you. It could only be a friendly gesture or general concern over your well-being.
  • “I’m in love with…” – This is what a man say’s to avoid a difficult moment. Remember most men are not taught how to step through a relationship. They “wing it.” They try to “save their face” if they’re rejected.

I told you above men take the word love very seriously. We use it sparingly. We use it as if just uttering the words has a huge impact on the woman we’re saying it too.

This is where I believe you’ll notice a huge communication break down between men and women.

Men have a terrible habit of assuming every woman who admits she has feelings for him can be quite hurt easily.

He may choose NOT to mention love to spare her feelings…in case things don’t work out or he’s not ready to date you exclusively.

Women DO NOT take the word love so seriously for themselves at least.

They use it more often and some even use it flagrantly with little regard to its impact.

This lack of communication between men and women is where problems arise from on this whole “love-like” thing. And it’s probably why you’re not understanding men.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Yes. We’re not that simple but we are fairly predictable in our actions and in why we do and say the things we do.

And it all started long before you and I were around.

I do hope I’ve cleared up some of the confusion you may be experiencing with men.

It’s key at this point to remember men act and behave in a way which does not have to be complicated.

Sure we’re all a little different but at the core of each one of us exists a common thread.

And once you begin to unravel it the rest will fall in place much easier.

I’v only touched on the surface of this Love/Like thing.

I know you REALLY want to understand men better and interpret everything they say or do:

  • When you get inside his head you’ll gain the ability to communicate to his real self
  • When you understand what he fears the most you’ll never scare him away
  • When you learn the secrets men have been lying to you about and what he so desperately wants from you – you’ll begin to connect with men on a level most women will never experience.

True happiness ALWAYS starts with deep understanding…Including your relationships with all men.

Does he like you?

Does he love you?

Don’t settle for a simple yes or no from me or anyone.

Get yourself the whole truth and learn every secret men hold below…

What Men Desperately Want You To Know (But Will Never Tell You)

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