Don’t Wait For Him To Approach You! Pick Up Lines For Women


Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t use a well crafted pick up line. They do more than just break the ice.

You caught him checking you out. Maybe he tried to hide it but you’re smarter than that.

It’s like every time you look, he’s staring at you and it’s driving you crazy!

Who is he? What is his intentions?

Is he attracted to you?

Why won’t he just talk to you?

Is it really that hard for a guy just to say hello and start a conversation?

Actually it is… most men meet women at work, through their friends, at a social event, in a buzzed state at a bar, or worse case scenario – by accidentally bumping into you and saying the right thing at the right time and when you’re both in the right mood.

Makes you wonder how anyone “hooks up” in the first place.

Makes me wonder why men and women sell a relationship so far ahead they let the anxious mystery destroy a simple meeting, or never in fact approach one another because they’re too consumed with wondering what the other is thinking – so they just sit (or stand) and stare and hope… and whatever else they fantasize about later on. 😉

Sometimes we have to make light of it all. We have to bring out the humor. We have to realize through simple words, whether the intention is there or not, that breaking the ice comes first.

Whereas guys have time-tested pick up lines and although they are not normally accepted, done right, said right, meant to be funny or not, they can and have worked for generations.

As long as they’re not meant to pick you up or get you in bed quicker, they’re actually great ice breakers.

Let’s turn the tables. Let’s turn the pick up lines on guys.

Why not use your wit, charm, and delicate conversation skills most women already have to actually meet more capable men.

You can  gauge his first reaction to what kind of man you’re dealing with.

You can get through all the bullshit and open him up – put the pressure on him to rise above all the nonsense and sometimes overly confident bravado most men feel they have to put up and approach him

Of course with the best pick up lines designed to either get him smiling, make him laugh and wonder, allow him to see just how cool you are, and at the same time test for his security, his defenses, his ability to give it right back so the real fun can begin.

From the lame to the absurd, from the offensive to the sublime test, to the downright dirty and seductive…

Pick Up Lines For Women – If he’s staring at you, don’t stare back… approach him and find out for yourself why he’s checking you out:

  • Is that a screwdriver in your pocket or are you just happy to meet me?
  • Does my left boob look bigger than my right one?
  • (Stuck behind a guy in line?) If you order some Fries I’d be happy to eat off your plate?
  • I come here often? Do You? 😉
  • I’ve heard of a five o’clock shadow, but your beard says it’s 3am and she kept me up all night (ahem ahem) talking.
  • I will warn you… I’m overly emotional, have a little bit of baggage, and I spend way too much time getting ready… BUT… that just means I’m loud in bed, always stay the night, and what takes me two hours to look good, only takes a few minutes to mess up.
  • I don’t like phones or texting 🙂 but I’d be happy to lend you mine in case you have something you want to share with me.
  • See that strange guy over there… His phone is filled with numbers which begin with “555” – and he showed them to me. Hi, my name is (…)
  • Does this dress make my ass look fat? Ha! Made you look. 😀
  • The quickest orgasm I’ve ever had happened in two minutes flat… It was thirty seconds too late. Hi! I’m (…)
  • Um excuse me, I don’t want to have to tell you this, but your fly is down and it’s kind of cold out.

A well crafted opener does more than just break the ice, they’re designed to test for humor, wit, charm, intelligence, an ability to flirt, confidence, and esteem.

  • Is it about time you said Hello?
  • I see your wife finally let you out of the house? :p
  • Let’s make a bet, if I can make you smile then you owe me a conversation.
  • So you’re the strong silent type huh? That’s too bad because I bet you have a wonderful smile.
  • Tell me the truth. Do ALL guys have a naked picture of themselves on their phone?
  • What it is, tighty whiteys or boxers? No wait… commando or g-string? 😀
  • Playing hard to get! Hmmph you do know you were supposed to call me last week and you didn’t.

Meeting someone new should be fun, light, and playful.

Making a good first impression sets you apart for other women and it plants an attractive seed in his head so he’ll be more likely yo remember you, and contact you later.

Waiting around for a guy to approach you could mean you’ll miss out on some great men.

You don’t have to use my lines. A simple “Hello” and your name with a smile is still the best way to introduce yourself.

But, of course, feel free to have fun with it and if you have any you want to add, please do so below. I’m looking forward to hearing a woman’s view on all this.

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