Are You Frustrated Because You’re Not Attracting More Men Than SHE Is?

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“3 practical ways your competition isn’t going to get the best men out there. She’s not even in your league but she’s attracting more men. Men have common traits and when you learn to appeal to them – you’ll attract more of them while still keeping him interested in you and not just your body.”

Written by Peter White – Creator and writer at Why Do Guys…?

You know without any doubt in your mind – men are attracted to your “appearance” but you’ve “learned?” to live with it.

That is until the frustration builds inside you because, and don’t tell me you have not seen this a thousand times, you see this incredible guy, a “great catch,” with a woman you would not even say is average in looks.

Among her many other not so attractive traits…

Perhaps she’s heavily over weight.

Or it looks like she gets her hair dyed by a color blind Beautician.

Maybe she’s rather plain-looking with not one sensual curve on her body.

Or worse of all her, makeup is “sandblasted” on and she dresses with little regard to social decency.

You’re in luck today because I’m going to show you today exactly her secret of attracting the man YOU want…and best of all you won’t ever have to rent a sandblaster.

Stay with me now.

So here are these “other” women who are stealing the better men right out from underneath you. They’re ruining men for you by flaunting their sexually promiscuous ways and it’s like they’re using it against you.

But you’re not willing to show off your “wares.” You want a guy to like you for you and not your body. Even if it means missing out on that one guy.

Is it fair that you spend hours and hours making sure every aspect of your body, face, and style are up to YOUR standards and yet she does barely nothing – and gets it all.

Is it fair you haven’t had a mouth-watering cheeseburger in a year while she munches down her lovers fries while he complains “Get her own!” I don’t think it is fair and I’m sure you’re thinking screw the “all is fair in love and war.” rule.

You didn’t come up with it.

You’re playing fair but she’s not and how are you supposed to compete with that.

Where’s the fairness in that???!!!

How are you supposed to win over a man when your competition is willing to try anything to get him? Including trading sex for interest.

I have a quick easy solution to make him feel more attracted to you and not your body, and it’s practically guaranteed to work. And when you use it better than your competition you’ll notice an immediate shift in how men sees you and how much time he wants to spend with you.

Men are starved for attention.

They WANT to be noticed.

They WANT to feel like what they are doing is working.

And if they don’t get immediate feedback they lose interest quickly and move on to the woman who does it the best.

Now if you’re thinking you already knew this and you tried but it seemed fake.

I understand you want to be yourself without having to fake how much a guy’s superficial activities are just so exciting. I’m here to tell you that’s because you’re doing it wrong – and she’s doing it right.

This is exactly how I want you to interact with men to give them exactly what they need. These are not tips they are real solutions I don’t share with many women.

NUMBER ONE: Begin Noticing More.

Notice something on him or about his appearance.

Comment on it nicely and if it’s appropriate, gently touch that area.

He needs to feel, smell, and experience it fully. It’s not enough just to compliment.

It’s not enough to just pick a random piece. Make sure you have a genuine connection to it or else it will feel fake to you.

And yes it’s okay to bust his ass with some light-hearted humor.

That’s the great part – it doesn’t even have to overly nice. Noticing is the key and not the actual object. Just make sure it’s personally his.

The key here is men WANT to be noticed in one way or another. So if you’re the one picking out something unique or even fun about him – you’ll be the one he remembers the most.

NUMBER TWO: Appealing to his Possessive Trait

Men have this “possessive” trait. Even if they don’t literally have something they want it or they want to know it’s theirs.

You can use this to your advantage, physically and mentally.

Just remember with men you have to make sure you cover both angles or he might not get the picture.

So how do you encourage his possessive nature so it is directed at you?

It’s so simple you’re going to love it.

Where ever you go leave a piece of yourself with him. (Physical.)

It can be anything small. I’ll let you fill in the details but I will back it up with my experience with women.

Mind you this is completely strange but to men – it’s just how we think.

I once went out with a girl who needed a little help with her hair. It was everywhere. I remember how a few days later I was driving to work and the sun was shining in just the passenger seat.

And guess what I saw? Yep!

A few strands of her hair trying to hold on to the seat as the wind rushed by. And I smiled. I remembered that night and everything that went on. I remember how much fun we had.

What I was feeling was my “possessive nature” and connecting it to a feeling about her.

Now it wasn’t about me keeping a lock of her hair. That’s just plain weird if you ask me. So I’m not asking you to place random hair strands on him.

I’m telling you how us men, when we possess a piece of a woman we shared something with – are more likely to feel attracted to and want to see again.

It literally keeps you, because Willie Nelson kicks ass – “Always On Our Mind.

The women who have left a lasting impression on me were the ones who disregarded the typical rules of dating – and gave me something to remember her.

Once it was a cheap plastic ring we won at a carnival.

Once it was a head pillow bathed in her perfume. (Haha! Yeah she was pretty smart if you ask me. It was a long distance kind of thing.)

Once it was a simple note she wrote on a napkin that reminded me of how she beat me at tic-tac-toe that evening. (I swear she cheated!!)

Next up…

Where ever you go always let him know you’re with him. ( Mentally. )

This one is a little more difficult but you’re a smart woman so you’ll have no problem implementing it.

It’s more difficult because you do not want to become clingy or needy. There’s a certain balance you must achieve.

But when you do it right becomes an invaluable in getting and keeping any man interested in you.

The mental “possessiveness” men feel is enhanced simply by you, making a small discreet effort to leave his side and then letting him see he’s with you specifically and no one else.

Let’s say you’re on a date and you excuse yourself for a minute. It’s going to happen but most of you just walk away and we’re stuck there having to preoccupy ourselves.

What you do is physically touch his shoulder or arm as you walk away and squeeze just a little. Trust me he’ll be thinking about that the entire time you’re gone.

Turn and look at him and if he’s looking your way – smile softly. That’s all.

You’re reminding him of what he’s going to miss you while you’re gone and you’re creating a mental note in his head that you’re with him. And he relates the physical “touching” part to that moment for a lot longer than you might believe.

Trust me on this…

Men hold on to feelings for a really, really, really long time. And I think it’s about time you use our stubbornness to your advantage.

Here’s another example.

When you’re at a party and you separate, make sure you make casual eye contact with him.

Let him know by making a funny face or smiling at him that you’ve got his back.

It’s a lot like flirting with him but done from far away so you have to rely on facial or body expressions to say everything.

Again remember, a man NEEDS a physical and a mental connection to fully experience what is going on or it just might fly by his radar or better known as “man-dar.”

The whole point is to keep him slightly aware you’re not just passer by’s.

You’re there with him no matter what else is going around you. Just don’t pester him about it or make it overly obvious to everyone around you.

Share that moment with him and him only because that is what he needs to feel.

A personal connection which goes beyond whatever the situation is.

NUMBER 3: Show Real Genuine Interest

Interest! Interest! Interest!

I’m talking a real genuine interest in not just the facts behind the man.

Learn to get to the bottom of who he is.

Skip past the superficial.

Avoid the interview questions and learn to use your own experiences to open him up.

If you can get a guy to share a “secret” with you, you’ve connected with him on a level he’ll never forget.

And you’ll separate yourself from the “other” women who are only interested in what he wants to know about her.

The easiest way to do this is to share something yourself. Keep the conversation light-hearted but dig deep.

Tell him something about yourself which you think most men don’t want to know (hint: stay away from the total depressive stories.)

Then immediate turn it on him.

It’s his turn to share.

Even if you have to resort to playing truth or dare just do SOMETHING a little different which leads to you wanting to know more about him than what he does for a living.

You see most women out there get stuck believing men are hard-coded unemotional.

But we’re not.

We just want to feel safe giving out information which is the tricky part.

But you can do it. I know you can.

The women who have left a lasting impression on me asked me things creatively.

Then they listened intently.

They loved to hear me talk about my REAL self and there was nothing more than I wanted to share what I could with them.

The women who attract me are the ones who don’t just ask what my favorite color was. They want to know exactly when and why it became MY color.

I can guarantee you if you show men a genuine interest in something beyond the typical “man” stuff without prying or getting too deep – you’ll have found a man who wants to spend more time with you…

Because you become the one woman who understands him better than any other woman out there.

Now you don’t do this by demanding information, or prying into his personal life.

The trick here is to first make him feel safe enough to share and then guiding him along to sharing something personal with you.

If it’s not a give and take you won’t get anything.

The real truth about men can give you insight which is invaluable in attracting and keeping men close to you. It’s about understanding why we are who are and using it to your advantage.

I’m urging you to try out my simple techniques above and if they work for you – I want to hear about it below.

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