Getting Her Phone Number Is Easy – 3 Ways To Make Sure She Answers It


The three most important things we can do to assure she answers her phone when we call are to be sincere, different, and charming…

Women give out their number or email a lot!

I have even read about one girl giving it ten times a day but it’s safe to say that’s a lot of unanswered calls because while it’s not hard to get a woman’s phone number, most of the time all you have to do is ask…

The difficult part for most guys is having her answer the call and then setting up a date that she’ll actually show up for.

To prove to myself ( and you too I suppose ) that getting her number IS the easy part I did a little experiment. ( By the way, follow my advice and do something like this if you want to overcome a fear of asking for numbers. )

I sat down in a bar and made sure the area was well visited by many women and remained there the entire evening.

When a potentially interesting or attractive woman came by, I would simply say,

“Hey. What’s up? I’m Pete.”

Most of the time she would tell me her name and then I would quickly ask for her number.

Granted it wasn’t the most brilliant technique or at all creative, but it worked!

The problem was, as I alluded to above, most of the time they wouldn’t even remember who they gave it to, and then, if by a small chance she would answer, setting up a date with a practical stranger became impossible with the “better” ones.

It proved getting her number was easy but since I made no effort to gain rapport with her or do something to assure she remembered me and actually WANTED me to call I quickly realized there needed to be more.

So I came up with another idea to help us all out – I asked women and I’m going to reveal to you just what they taught me.

But first… you have to get her number or email first… right?

Rather than repeat the same advice which has been handed down to me – please read these two articles from my favorite “attraction experts” and memorize AND practice their routines because they DO work.

They are posted up at DiaLteG TM: My Nice Guys Approach to Attraction: How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number And Email Address Within Three Minutes Of Meeting Her and Two Best Methods to Get a Girls Number.

Both of those pages are full of great information and both will say the same thing – getting her number is one thing but her answering it, remembering us, and wanted to talk to us requires a little more and skill and knowledge.

The results from my “phone number” survey showed me this:

Woman will easily give out their number easily to a man who is:

(In order of importance.)

  • Charming.
  • Nice.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Different.
  • Sincere.
  • Had a great pickup line used properly.
  • Asked for it blatantly.

BUT… to understand and get past the real problem here we must remember what else my number survey showed me:

  • 80% of women have given out a fake number.
  • 50% of women have given out a number they never planned on answering.
  • 50% of women have given their number out, answered the call, but then decided at that point to never meet up.
  • 30% of women have offered their number without even being asked.
  • 70% of women have given their number, hoping he would call, be he never did.
  • 90% of women have given out their real number at some point in their lives.
  • 60% of women said the most they’ve been asked for their number in a day, was 1-3 times.
  • 50% of women have given out a fake number 1-3 times in their lives.

The two top reasons for a woman giving out a fake number were:

  1. She was not attracted to him.
  2. She wanted to get rid of him because he was rude.

The other reasons why she gave a fake number was:

  • She was having a bad day.
  • She had been asked way too many times that day.
  • She don’t give out her number to strangers.

Based on that information it’s clear and easy to see what we must do to assure a successful number and to increase the chances of her answering her phone AND help us actually get a date out of it.

  • Be Charming.
  • Be Different.
  • Be Sincere.

Throw away being nice because not only is that a given, it’s assumed you’re not going to act like a dick.

Throw away being gorgeous because we can tend to our looks – just how handsome we are is normally beyond our control and actually not that important anyways.

You can learn to use a great pick up line if that’s your choice and I’ve devised some clever ways to help you with that here: Breaking Down The Approach – How To Find The Pickup Line That Works For You

We’ve already discussed the blatant method and how it can work but it won’t help us get past the number or have her remember us, or get her to answer her phone when we call.

The real question or problem then is…

How can we be charming, different, and sincere?

First the easy one – sincerity.

Women want to know your not just out farming for girl’s numbers.

So you trade numbers with her.

Spend a little time talking with her.

Develop a few minutes to gain some rapport.

And of course – avoid giving her compliments which are overdone depending on how attractive she is. Meaning is she’s highly attractive she’s heard many of it before from guys who were just looking to get some and she’ll less likely trust your sincerity.

Assure yourself ( in her eyes ) by making sure she is giving you a number she’ll answer and text her immediately ( while she’s still with you ) to “Make sure she has yours and you didn’t screw up the number. 🙂 “

Being sincere is sometimes simply a matter of having a real reason to contact her later on and if you do that – it will prove your sincerity without a doubt. Beyond that, it is her problem and probably is based on a lot of bad experiences in this area.

The harder part of all this is “being different” and “charming” to make sure she remembers who she gave the digits to.

This two terms may not be interchangeable because people who are considered the most charming ( although they mare share certain traits of communication ) are considered different because they’re rare.

To me – since charm is something unique, like something you would wear as in a necklace or something you carry, like a lucky charm, or even a magical place far far away…

And because charm is normally felt based on someone’s experience in the world – meaning whereas one woman might find you charming another may not…

Charm can be considered another term for ATTRACTION.

Therefore if you’re good at creating attraction you WILL be seen as charming.

If you must define charm in your head and avoid all the bells and whistles which comes along with this definition, read this –> The 5 Traits of Charming People It’s tight. Un-promoted and truthful.

Being different is something which I fear most guys get wrong in the beginning because they TRY to be different which usually comes off as sketchy, creepy, weird, or worse a pre-planned personality the more intuitive women see right through and so your number will never be answered by her.

I found “being different” is also a form of selfishness most people avoid because they believe it’s wrong.

Think of it this way – follow YOUR passions and not your parents wishes.

Please yourself first ( with regards to completeness ) which will put you on a unique path many have not been.

Then there comes the “belief” you’re different when in fact you’re not. A subject which is not only hard to understand because it comes from our common brains, but is also NOT any different from anyone else who believes they are different too.

See how confusing the whole “being different” subject becomes?

Let’s throw away all the confusion and clearly define what’s the difference which makes all the difference here. 🙂

Never try to believe you’re different. Never assume you’re any different from the last guy or ten guys who tried to gt her number.

You BE different by following whatever goals you set for yourself and yes be a little selfish about your beliefs or moral compass BUT always be open to discovering new ideas, concepts, and theories.

The trick is HOW you communicate yourself to others which will deem you as being different, unique, charming, and above all else… RARE.

You can do all that without trying to do it because the new focus becomes communication – something I know for a fact women can not resist. You also can’t convince a woman to like you – something I bring up in this post you may be interested in –> You Can’t Convince Her To Like You or Talk Her Into Feeling Attracted

If you can learn to ( skillfully ) communicate just how attractive you are to a woman in the shortest amount of time, give her something to remember you by, and leave her wanting more of you…

You’ll find the harder part of getting her numbers as in her answering it, replying to your text, or setting up a date or meeting will not pose a problem anymore.

Okay now – I understand what I’m asking is a little vague or may not simply have you getting real numbers immediately.

I understand the advice above, although is definitely true – does little to help you learn how to attract, create attraction to be charming, or even how you’re supposed to communicate your “different self” to women you meet – if in fact you’re not struggling to meet women in the first place.

Personally I discovered hundreds of paid advice products to help and lots of them do – but not many of them focus completely on what I’ve shown you today except for ONE.

You’ll find this one follows along with what we’ve gone over today, has minimal cost out-of-pocket, and deals with very specifically everything I’ve mentioned today. It’s called The Fearless Code David Wygant wrote it and he is a master at communicating to women his attractive self.

I’ve chosen David’s product for many reasons but if you’re here today – just because you want more opportunities to meet women, you get the occasional number but it never works out for you, if you’re not sure how to create instant attraction and you’re tired of trying to fake it…

AND if you believe what I’ve shown you today MAKES SENSE plus you’re not looking for more advice than you need by some over blown up product promising you more than you’ll ever need…

This is where The Fearless Code comes in…

Getting numbers is one thing and yes it IS that easy but let’s be real serious here – you want her to answer when you call AND you want her to remember you. Having a phone filled with digits which are nothing more than voice mail accounts are useless.

Hope this all helps you out,

For more great information like this and tips to attract women, make sure you check out DialteG TM – My Nice Guys Approach To Attraction.
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