Why Would A Guy Care About Your Sexual Fantasies? Trust Yourself Too


You can allow men to live in your fantasies or try them with you – but do you trust yourself enough to develop your fantasies.

I met a seemingly “innocent” woman once.

She called me dangerous.

She approached me and since I found her adorable I was, without a doubt interested in learning more about her.

She led me in slowly with her cute walk but her conversation was friendly. A little bland. Not too much excitement in her voice.

Admittedly I’m not much for a boring talk about a woman’s daily activities.

I want to know more.

I want to hear about her aspirations, her goals, her inner secrets, but most of all; I want her fantasies.

I want the sordid details where she needs to lean in close to admit them so as no one else can hear our little secrets.

And I’m NOT very patient about having to wait for them.

Now sure you add a little alcohol to the mix and the right kind of guy can get almost any woman to open up to him.

He can turn her face red and blushing with that incredible blend of excitement.

Shy embarrassment with a hint of a sexy giggle that really turns her on. And so turns me on too.

This woman I met whose name remains only for me, didn’t last very long.

Within ( added together ) a few hours of hanging out I got her secrets.

Her, sorry but not too typical, fantasy of how she was always tired of being in charge with the guys she’d been with.

How she was so desperate to play her completely feminine role she was dreaming of having her wrists bound.

She wasn’t into pain although I’m sure a piece of her didn’t mind a little.

She was into giving up all control.

She didn’t want to please a guy by having to do things for him.

She wanted to please him by giving up the control she publicly had available to almost every guy she met.

Her exterior persona was a control freak.

Everything had to be her way.

Things were done by her rules and if you didn’t like them or follow them she’d fight you every step of the way.

I understand how lots of women fantasize all the time of being “nicely” taken advantage of in bed.

Whether she’s that control girl with men constantly begging for her approval or she’s shy and doesn’t want to take charge in any relationship.

But this women was a little different.

I mentioned how she wanted to please at least just one guy by giving up control. I feel most miss the point especially men therefore her hidden desires are left unfulfilled in many of her sexual activities.

They believe her fantasy of being strapped to a bed or shower rod or closet pole is about releasing her sexual frustration.

And yes in a way it is…but there’s something else I feel goes much deeper and until I hit that revelation one day – it never occurred to me what was really happening.

That women I mentioned, I believe she was the one who took everything I had learned and solidified the meaning behind it all in such a way I would never forget it.

I had my ideas and I was pretty sure, yet the positive experience never fully enlightened my mind, the true nature behind this amazing things called…

Female sexuality.

It wasn’t about her getting off because she was bound.

It wasn’t entirely a control thing although it certainly played a major role in her role-playing fantasy.

The truth behind her excitement was giving the right guy her complete trust in such a way his moment of ecstasy can last just as long as hers.

Like she was allowing the male a glimpse into the female orgasm. Something which can last, build, grow, level out and begin to build again with every increasing shutter of her body.

This trust in him left him to decide and choose how far to go.

How long he will last.

How long he could hold out for.

In fact if he chose to walk away for ten minutes leaving her dangling in her own sweat and desires there was little she could do about it.

I find a woman’s fantasies amazing for so many reasons – and I would love to hear yours – that is if you care to share them.

Not because I’m some freak out to get off over here.

Who knows maybe some of you will do that but the point is just like the woman in this “story” it’s more about you.

Men don’t understand how important it is for so many women to have a man meet his primal peak of ecstasy in her presence.

Some will even fake her own just to please him.

And women don’t fully understand how their own thoughts and desires wrapped up in even the smallest fleeting moment is a release which, like a guy freeing up the “baby batter” in his head – is hers to let out, explore, and achieve longer lasting moments in even a five-minute screw with their husband as their car stops on an abandoned road where someone just might happen to pass by.

Think about your fantasies and what it means to you to please him – because that’s great and all.

But for today – think about yourself – give that same trust to yourself to live inside your sexy mind so the next time your favorite man comes to play with you, you’re practically blessed with something I fear too many women avoid this their entire lives…

Trusting themselves or yourself enough to learn, understand, and know their own sexual boundaries or even safe zones, is more than just an exercise to personal satisfaction – it’s a direct path to a sexiness most men can not resist.

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