He Ignored Your Text – Should You Text Him Again?


There are no “hard” rules in texting back and forth when it relates to men and woman who are either dating or “liking” each other.


If you want a guy to like you (more), a constant stream of texting won’t help at all.

There are too many instances when we get a message and we can’t or won’t respond and sending another message will not change that fact.

Sometimes it’s because we just don’t want to.

Sometimes it’s because we know you all too well – replying to a text message means ten more are coming OR we’re bound to discuss the same old issues.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get back to you because our focus is somewhere else. We’re NOT good at switching focus on a whim and practicing that “art” is not high on our list. We like the way we are. πŸ˜€

I will say this:

9 times out of 10 a guy will NOT ignore a woman he is into UNLESS you give him every reason to start ignoring you.

“If after going out on a date with a guy you have texted him twice without a return text, DELETE THAT NUMBER!” He Is Not Texting or Calling – When Is It Time To Delete His Number?

Think of a guy who is always up your ass and you want nothing to do with him. Sooner or later your apathy towards him changes to frustration and then sudden outbursts of anger when he just won’t get the point.

The last thing you want to do to an apathetic man is to frustrate and then anger him because he will then begin to predict it will happen again.

This means he’s NOT ignoring you IF the circumstances are normal and mind you, most of VERY normal with very few exceptions. I understand how so many people think, “but my situation is different” I assure you it’s not.

Again, think of all the men who try to “be different” with a woman (or you) and he just doesn’t see how his “trying to be different” is actually him just being like every other guy who is trying.

Okay, now we have the most obvious answer to a guy who is supposedly ignoring your ONE text – Do NOT text him again twice the normal length of your average silence.

Yes. I made a hard rule of texting. Follow it if you dare. :p

Twice the normal length of your average silence.

If you text back and forth and don’t again for a few days, wait twice that time before you send a second text AND the second text should have little to do with your first.

This tells the guy you’re not a stalker. How you’re not going to get all bent out of shape when he won’t get back at a moments notice. It will also suggest a better pattern for the next time.

It gets the guy thinking, “I am free to text back without fear of having to answer forty more texts.” which will make him more likely to get back to you sooner.

Now I understand this problem of “ignoring” a woman goes much deeper. There are way too many areas to discover or discuss.

BUT I will say this again,

A guy will not ignore a woman’s text (if he’s into her) unless she gives him every reason to start ignoring her.

Special circumstances? Perhaps… here is where I tell you… 13 Real Reasons Why A Guy Will Not, Can Not, or Does Not Text You Back.

Most of the time it’s not possible to respond or we like to wait until we’re comfortable and less distracted.

Remember the focus thing about guys. It’s narrow. We are not good or don’t like to bounce back and forth.

If I’m focused on my job it is mentally exhausting, and perhaps tougher for us guys, to switch our focus to anything else especially if that new focus is someone we’re emotionally connected with, like a woman we like.

My best advice is to AVOID sending several texts and be patient and real about the situation.

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  • Shoshanna

    Not long ago I saw online an advice that YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER text a guy first. What do you think about that Peter? I usually don’t and I can’t imagine texting a man again if he ignores me… unless it would be to check whether he’s not dead or something.

    • Peter White

      It’s all situational Shoshanna. Meaning a rule like that doesn’t work because it depends on the what happened up to the texting will help you and I decide when and when not to text first.

  • Daisy

    I met this guy and his hot and cold texting is driving me crazy. Basicly i was at a party he was working as a server, i noticed he kept smiling at me. We got talking, exchanged numbers and went out the following night and had a great time, he came back to my hotel room (i was just visiting town). Next day he was full of compliments how much he liked me how beautiful i am etc, how he wished i lived in his town because he was really into me, couldnt believe his luck that such a beautiful girl liked him etc. I had to head home (2hrs away) and texted him when i got back what a great time i had and he said he did too, said again he really wished i lived in his town. We talked over text for a few days, he was saying he wanted to come visit me and that he never meets girls like me, calling me babe things like that making it seem like he is really into me. Then silence. Crickets. Nothing. I texted him a couple days later and i sent him a flirty pic, he responded by sending me several pretty racy pics of his own and said he was thinking about me. The next day he texted me when he woke up asking how i was and i replied, he send me another couple texts then just vanished. Heard basicly nothing from him since (this is day 4) last night he liked some of my photos on facebook so i sent him a message about one of his photos that i thought was funny, he texted me straight back but it was really short and no kisses so i texted back again and said sort of jokey “aw no kisses?” He text me back about 10 mins later saying he was driving with a smiley face calling me babe and lots of kisses. I replied like an hour later and said thats cool ive just had a rough day. That was last night and nothing since! Its really annoying me and starting to put me off him. Im used to guys being forward with me and people tell me all the time that im attractive, i have no idea if this guy even likes me and it is frustrating me. Should i just forget him. Is he just not good at texting or is just not that into me?

    • Stilled

      Seems like his responding in not that bad of a timeframe ( within a day or two). He’s probably into you physically, as you were into him, but maybe not Interested in a relationship or in dating. Most likely wants to visit and hook up again. Besides that, don’t hold out for too much more, guys often don’t live up to women’s expectations of text back times, and incessant texting may give guys the idea that girl is needy.

  • Nicole

    What? is a man a child? Don’t do this or that for fear he can’t handle it. All this crap of not being able to say what you feel for fear he “might get annoyed”. How do you know he isn’t emotionally unavailable? Immature?
    Ladies, stoooop being inauthentic with men. Unless you are nonstop contacting him, if he can’t handle your words, jump ship. Say how you feel and always be real. The right guy won’t mind.

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