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Heather Mathews has overcome virtually insurmountable obstacles to live her dream life, inspire others, travel, attract wealth, a great relationship and to have unlimited happiness.

She can show you the path to ultimate success too.

She has allowed me (Peter White) to share a wealth of information with you which you’ll find below. Rather than have you download her reports I’ve included them in the web page for your convenience.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to check out the Manifestation Miracle.


Tri-Phase Abundance: 3 Powerful Techniques To Power Up Your Mind In The Direction Of Wealth, Happiness, and Success.

Tri=Phase Abundance Cover

Written By Heather Mathews Author of Manifestation Miracle.

“Thoughts are things—and powerful things at that when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects.”Napoleon Hill

(Look up Napoleon Hill on Amazon.)

The Law of Attraction is a powerful and largely untapped method to create wealth, happiness, and success.

We’re always attracting with our thoughts and emotions—our thoughts affect our emotions and create our vibration.

Law of Attraction works through vibration.

That’s how like attracts like. So feeling happy and successful attracts more happiness and success into your life.

We naturally have a high vibration, but we encounter problems and stress in life, and let those bring us down.

Once we realize this, we can train ourselves to focus on growth and seeing the good in life, and unblock the flow of abundance.

When we feel good, we attract more good.

We can visualize how we want life to be, and when we feel it, we create it.

Reading this, you may feel some obstacles and limiting beliefs come up.

For instance, some people think we have the talents we have, and that’s it.

We get a certain lot in life, and other people get better lots.

A person with this static mindset might also see themselves as poor, and that “rich” people are simply lucky.

Your story of your life might include thoughts like “I don’t have the money for that” and “I never win anything” or “I never get ahead”.

These stories are static, saying that because you couldn’t get ahead before, you can’t now.

The opposite way of thinking is having a growth mindset.

If we consciously choose between a static and growth mindset, most people will happily choose growth.

But so many people don’t realize that they’re making this choice.

They don’t realize that they can change their life by changing the way they see the world—but you can.

The ONE trait that separates successful people from the rest is having a growth mindset.

Successful people believe that you can improve your character, expand your knowledge and skills, and overcome new challenges.

It isn’t being successful that gives you this mindset.

Having a growth mindset first is what creates success and happiness.

Having a growth mindset creates confidence and self esteem while lowering stress and anxiety.

You can be wealthy, happy, and successful, with the energy of Tony Robbins or the easy grace of Oprah.

Picture your life with abundance in every area. Let that soak in. Feel it for a moment.

Now, what if I told you that you could create that reality if you believe in it?

Belief is the first step to becoming what you want to be.

Law of Attraction works with belief because it raises our vibration.

In addition to that, belief results in action.

A positive affirmation is great, and you can make it more powerful by affirming the actions you will take to make your dream happen.

Invest in inspired action.

Put your emotional energy into activities that you can do to make your affirmation come true.

Then release the outcome and invest in the process—because it’s the process that will improve you.

Life is the process, so we should enjoy it!

Here’s an example of investing in the action.

Say you’d like to increase your income by $1000 per month.

You might create positive affirmations and a vision board, but then grow frustrated when the money doesn’t arrive in the mail.

You could also write a list of all the steps you could take to increase your income by any amount, and then pick some to do.

Imagine that you try a new step and then move on to the next one, increasing your income bit by bit until you reach your monthly goal.

You pour your emotional energy into the things you can do.

The actions are in your power. The outcome isn’t.

So by focusing on your actions, you feel in power and more confident, and you can measure progress.

This approach leads to greater success in achieving goals.

Use Law of Attraction, and also put your emotional energy into activities and the process.

If you focus on the activities, you can succeed in those even if they don’t produce the original goal.

This Tri-Phase plan will show you activities and practical steps in each phase to create your abundant life.

Successful people definitely use Law of Attraction, and their strong belief in themselves and their success leads to inspired action steps.

Now let’s gear your mind toward success and amazing abundance!

1. Create a high-vibration lifestyle.

Whenever you have a choice, choose the high-vibe path.

As mentioned, we can block the Law of Attraction and abundance into our lives.

We’re happy as children, but then we learn negative stories and limiting beliefs.

(We also have positive stories, but sometimes we get stuck focusing on the negative ones.)

We can bounce back to a high vibration when we release negative programming society has bestowed on us.

That requires self reflection, and honestly looking for beliefs that are hurting us.

Consider what you believe about life and money, and even relationships.

Do your beliefs serve you? Do they help you improve, grow, and gain abundance?

If not, it’s time to trade them in for a positive outlook and hope.

Some of these negative things might be comparison, which robs you of joy.

Don’t do things to elicit a reaction from others.

Trying to impress others doesn’t lead to happiness or success. It usually ends in bitterness and low self esteem.

There is always someone better than you, or someone who can never be impressed.

When you boil it all down, do it for YOU.

Live the life you want to live.

Embrace your passions! Embrace challenges and see them as opportunities for learning.

Be inspired by those doing better in your passion areas.

Learn from them and grow into the best YOU that you can be.

Be grateful for your life as it is right here, right now.

And above all, always keep moving forwards in designing and living your best life.

Create a life that supports your dreams. Spend time with positive people who encourage and challenge you.

Read, learn, watch videos, and go to workshops and conferences. Investing in yourself keeps you excited about life and your goals.

Living a high vibration lifestyle is living your truer purpose.

What’s more satisfying than using your talents and passions to serve others, make the world better, and grow your income?

2. Choose Yourself.

“Success comes from continually expanding your frontiers in every direction—creatively, financially, spiritually, and physically. Always ask yourself, what can I improve? Who else can I talk to? Where else can I look?”

James Altucher, author of “Choose Yourself”

Don’t wait for others to choose you. Choose yourself.

You can self publish your writing, start your own freelance job or company, begin consulting, sell your art or work online, and go after your dream.

No one is stopping you.

In today’s economy, you have endless possibilities. You don’t have to beg someone to invest in your business (although that’s one way to go) or to publish your book.

There are many avenues to do what you want, and you have the option to do it creativity, in an entirely new way.

Your first step is to think of yourself as the person you want to be: a business owner, painter, world traveler, author, life coach, or teacher.

If you want it, be it now.

In a way, I’m saying, “Fake it till you make it”.

But in another way, I’m saying…

If you want to be something, start right now.

If you want to be rich, think like a rich person.

If you want to be successful, think that you are. Act like you are.

If you want to be happy, then be happy.

Believe it’s possible. Believe it’s happening right now.

Even if you encounter resistance, don’t give up on your dreams and choosing yourself.

Napolean Hill interviewed more than 500 of the most successful individuals of his time.

They shared their success stories and secrets with him.

They said their greatest success came just one step beyond the point of defeat.

“When riches begin to come, they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding all those years.”

It’s that belief in yourself and your mindset that keeps you going.

It’s well documented that the rich think differently about money and life. They teach their children different things.

Luckily for us, some of the very rich love to teach others about mindset, managing money, and building wealth.

You can learn to think like a rich person, and therefore become rich.

Choose yourself by prioritizing your dreams.

When you say yes to projects and things you don’t really want to do, you end up bitter, resentful, and not doing your best.

That also detracts from other things in your life.

Focus on how you can really help people, and on what you want to accomplish in your life.

When we work toward our passion, we’re at our happiest. Some call this fulfilling your purpose.

If you have the passion, drive, and determination to make something happen, you will.

Develop this mindset by picturing yourself as the way you want to be: in that job, doing that dream, or whatever you’re striving for.

How can you incorporate that into your life right now?

If you think of yourself as that role, you’ll naturally start doing things to get you there.

Do you live as if your dream will be reality?

Do you have a plan to achieve your dream with steps and dates?

Think and Grow Rich shared 6 definite, practical actions to turn desire into actual riches.

Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. It is not sufficient merely to say, “I want plenty of money.” Be definite as to the amount.”

Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. (There is no such reality as “something for nothing.”)

Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night and once after arising in the morning. As you read, see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money.

Thousands of people have used these steps to create riches and an abundant life.

Not everyone needs large sums of money to be happy either. You can use steps and goals like this to accomplish anything in life.

3. Be happy.

Everyone wants to be happy.

The thing is, we can’t actually feel happy 24/7.

But you can have a happy life by using one trick.

Be happier.

If your goal is to be “happy” it’s not clear what you’re after.

However, studies have found that if you change your terminology, and make your goal to be “happier” then you can achieve it.

Another fun trick is to forget the goal. Don’t focus on trying to be happy.

Instead, focus on nurturing your growth mindset and creating a high-vibration lifestyle.

Being around positive people and working towards positive things in your life naturally creates happiness.

It also creates wealth.

And lowering your stress while having positive things to think about improves your health.

It all starts with your mindset.

And all it takes to have a growth mindset is to decide to.

When you’re looking forward in life and seeking new knowledge and adventure, you will find a life of abundance.

In his book, The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor says, “Because positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative, The Happiness Advantage teaches us how to retrain our brains to capitalize on positivity and improve our productivity and performance.”

Our brains work best when we’re positive, not negative or even neutral.

Archor believes happiness is a work ethic, not just a mood.

Indeed, successful people look for reasons to be happy, and use happiness as their starting point.

It turns out we can break happiness down to define it better.

Martin Seligman, the pioneer in positive psychology, defined happiness with three measurable components:

  • Pleasure
  • Engagement and…
  • Meaning

Shawn Achor added to this by saying that happiness is the joy we feel when we strive for our potential.

That’s working toward your best self.

Or, in other words, using your talents and passion to make the world a better place.

We’re happiest when we’re using our talents, whether to make a living, give to others, or just make things of beauty.

Practical ways to be happier.

Happiness is a choice, but it’s vague advice to tell someone, “Choose to be happy. Just be happier.”

So here’s some more practical ways to apply this knowledge.

Shawn Achor wrote, “Happiness is not about lying to ourselves, or turning a blind eye to the negative, but about adjusting our brain so that we see the ways to rise above our circumstances.”

Train yourself to scan the world around you for positive things.

As one example, you can turn off the news full of reports of violence and death, and instead look for stories of inspiration.

Studies have found that we can raise our happiness by watching less violent TV and news.

Another way to raise happiness is to respond differently to stressors, like difficult people.

If someone you work with or see all the time really annoys you…take a moment, and pretend that you’re their mother or father.

As a parent, how do you see that person? Do you see more good in them? Do you feel more patience?

To cultivate your own happiness, meditate.

Monks actually grow their left prefrontal cortex through meditation. That’s the part of the brain responsible for our happy feeling.

Regular mediation rewires the brain so that we feel lower stress and more happiness, and it improves our immune system.

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And of course physical exercise is a huge mood booster. Being healthier also helps us be happier.

Invest in experiences, which bring lasting happiness.

This wisdom comes from centurions looking back on their lives.

Also invest in relationships.

Our support system is one of the biggest indicators of success and happiness in life.

For a happiness boost, write down 3 good things that happened every day. This teaches your mind to review the past day with a “happy” filter so you start to focus on the positive.

The first step to creating your abundant life is to gear your mind toward wealth, happiness, and success.

We find what we look for, so from this moment on plan to arrive at your ideal life.

Actually, decide that you’re living your idea life and growing toward your goals.

This Tri-Phase Abundance Plan will assist you in creating wealth, health, and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

Enjoy the process!

This will give you a head start with manifesting the life you desire, especially if you’re in dire need of a boost.

It can be challenging to gather the momentum in the beginning, but you’ll soon pick up steam after you take those first few steps.

And here’s something else that will give you an even bigger push and accelerate your progress even MORE…

I like to call it the secret behind The Secret, and it helped me triple my income, become healthier than I’ve ever been in my life, and created solid, lasting relationships.

I never thought it would happen to me until I stumbled on this life-changing discovery…

Go watch this free presentation that explains my journey in full detail so you can do the same.

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Dream Life Manifestation – 7 Secrets to Creating Your Best Life Possible.

Dream Life Manifestation Cover

Written By Heather Mathews Author of Manifestation Miracle.

“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.”George Orwell

(Look up George Orwell on Amazon.)

Simon was a senior accountant at a respectable manufacturing company for over two and a half decades until a major change happened in his life.

For a long time, he was perfectly fine where he was.

His job paid relatively well, while his wife was a high school biology teacher. They had three kids, and their oldest one had just started college.

They weren’t fabulously rich by any stretch, but they got by and were grateful for what they had.

And even though they had their ups and downs as a family, Simon’s life was, by all accounts, OK.

You could even say he was happy with the life he’d built for himself.

However, Simon had this vague, nagging feeling inside of him that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. It had always been there even before he started his job and got married.

It was a faint whisper that Simon ignored because he was busy raising his family and climbing the corporate ladder.

But Simon got older, he found it harder and harder to brush it off. Now that Simon was almost in his fifties, he finally acknowledged that voice inside of him.

As a kid, Simon loved being in the kitchen because of his grandmother who had a passion for cooking. Simon had always looked up to his Granna (as he liked to call her), which was why he inherited her love for making homemade treats.

Simon had a bit of a sweet tooth, so he loved making all sorts of desserts – which of course, his Granna taught him how to do.

Simon was great at making pies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes and just about everything else you could stick in an oven. He made treats for his family all the time and even helped out at bake sales at school.

After high school, Simon wanted to become a pastry chef. He already had a culinary school picked out and the restaurant where Simon was going to work part-time.

But life had other plans for him. His career path took a detour because Simon’s father pressured him to pursue a more “stable” line of work.

Your Ideal Reality: It’s Not Too Late

After Simon discovered the principles of the Law of Attraction, it pushed him to take the plunge.

He used specific techniques that blasted through a lot of barriers in his mind that held him back. Simon gradually built the mental power to power through decades of negative beliefs and revive his old dream.

It only took him less than a year to put everything together. Simon handed in his resignation letter, got a loan and added that to some savings he had left over.

Then he put himself through culinary school in spite of the fears in the back of his mind. Simon also worked as a part-time apprentice at a restaurant to learn the ropes and get his feet wet.

At the same time, Simon got busy baking and started selling his goods to his friends and neighbors.

Thanks to social media, word quickly got around and soon he got his old buddies to help him keep up with the increasing demand for his sweet treats.

Most people think that the Law of Attraction is a magic bullet that fixes everything at the drop of a hat.

But it’s actually it’s a way of life that puts you on the path to greatness.

To make the happen, you’ll need to build a set of habits – only then will you be ready to walk on this path.

Here are some of the most helpful ways to turn your thoughts into forces that will change your life in a big way:

#1: Supercharge Your Belief System.

You’ve heard of affirmations and you’ve probably tried them before.

But chances are you could do it better – especially if you’ve been experiencing limited results.

Your beliefs about yourself and the world are the foundation of everything you’re doing now and what you want to accomplish in the future.

Living your dream life starts with having a rock-solid, unshakable faith in the fact that you have what it takes.

On top of that, you need to trust that the Universe will always provide you what you need, whether it’s friends, family, collaborators or resources.

Remember, scarcity shouldn’t ever be part of your vocabulary.

So the first priority is to change your core beliefs by rewiring your everyday thought patterns.
To do that, you need to create brief but powerful affirmations that will define the reality you choose to live in.

Creating an effective statement to the Universe isn’t as hard as you might think, but there is a certain process involved.

Once you get used to the motions, you’ll effortlessly come up with affirmations that can create REAL change in your life.

Here’s an overview of the steps:

Do some inner reflection about what you want in life.

For example, you might dream about putting up an after school center for kids in grade school. At the same time, you also want to set up a parenting blog to help moms and dads take better care of their children. Then ask yourself: what do these things have in common? What similar values do your goals represent?

The next step is to dissect your desires and take a closer look.

Putting up that center and your blog could be tied to your passion for caring about children. How have your past experiences influenced your passion? More importantly, what fears and doubts are getting in the way of manifesting your desires into reality?

Once you’ve extracted the values and deep-seated desires from your dreams, you need to create a common thread that ties them all together. This will help you create an all-encompassing affirmation that speaks that unifying truth about yourself and your beliefs.

Based on the examples above, you could make an affirmation along the lines of: “The Universe generously provides me the tools, resources and people who help me help others.”

To get the most power out of your affirmation, it to be stated as a FACT, and not as wishful thinking. You need to say it as if it’s happening right now. Remember – the belief comes first, then the reality.

#2: Find Inner Peace and Clarity.

A cluttered mind is one of the most common problems people have with manifesting their dreams.

This makes it hard to reflect on what you want in life, or instill those affirmations we just talked about.

Also, getting sidetracked by the thousands of thoughts in your head every day can destroy your focus on the present moment. A good way to keep that static noise to a minimum is by learning the ancient art of meditation.

Yes, ancient – people have been practicing the habit of sitting still and focusing on the present for thousands of years.

And it’s only in the recent decades that the Western world has caught up to the benefits it has to offer.

A study back in 2012 by the University of Manchester, Wake Forest School of Medicine and Max Planck Institute covered the effects meditation had on the brain.

They found that those who meditated were literally rewiring their brain – and this helped them manage their pain better.

And this is barely scratching the surface.

Many other studies have documented how the habit of quietly observing the present moment unfold can boost the immune system, promote emotional stability, relieve symptoms of depression and kick substance abuse.

People have even learned to grow their grey matter and strengthen the connection between the neurons in their brain.

If you want to sharpen your mind and use it to achieve your dreams, this is one habit worth investing in.

100% FREE Meditation MP3 Audio Tracks – DOWNLOAD THEM HERE.

#3: Face your fears and embrace your passion.

The great thing about breaking out of your old belief systems is that it FREES you to explore the unknown.

Like Simon, a lot of people have reasons not to create their dream lives, with FEAR being the biggest one.

All those what-ifs can make you conjure up a bunch of terrifying scenarios where you fail miserably. But what I’ve learned from my own experiences is that those fears WILL go away on their own when you take that first step.

Try to think of this as a process of discovering who you really are. This is basically the whole reason you’re making this breakthrough in your life right now.

Simon found out the hard way that he didn’t want to be the bored accountant trudging through his job anymore.

Through his own journey, he found out he was meant to be Simon the baker who found joy and in making other people happy, one slice at a time.

I recommend you try listening to your own voice like Simon did to pinpoint where your true passion lies. Doing this will help you turn up that voice inside and drown out those fears.

First, think about who inspires you. Simon had his Granna, and he learned a lot valuable lessons from her.

Try to study the process your own heroes went through so you can take the same path as them.

Next, what do you do that adds value to the world? Can you do it for long stretches of time, even you aren’t paid to?

And above all, does it give you that special kind of rush?

Answer these questions to figure out your real path. Then you can move on to thinking about the steps needed to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It’s incredibly motivating, gives you a sense of direction and empowers you to manifest your true destiny.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details right now. As you go through the process, the missing pieces will reveal themselves and you’ll fill in those gaps later on.

Imagine yourself already living this dream life and get really specific about it.

What does your dream life look like? Who are the people with you, and how are they celebrating your victories?

The clearer your picture is, the better you can motivate yourself to fulfilling that vision.

Like I said, the belief has to come FIRST – the rest will take care of itself.

#4: Believe in the SUM of your efforts.

What demotivates most people is the thinking that the work they put in doesn’t add up.

But that’s the opposite of what the Law of Attraction demands from us – if you want manifest your dream life, that is.

Like attracts like, and choosing to be stagnant will only create more of the SAME.

So if you push yourself to put a little work in every day, those results will PILE UP.

Think about it this way: whatever state you’re in right now, you got there by doing a little of it each day or by doing nothing about it.

Either way, your current situation is clear proof of that.

Imagine if you offered up your positive energy to the Universe in the same way people put their money in their savings account.

Most people don’t understand that the Universe pays you back that energy with INTEREST. It matches every “dollar” you put in, and multiplies it exponentially.

If you keep the momentum going, just imagine the kind of critical mass you’ll build up in the coming weeks, months and YEARS.

That “small” change in direction you make today – and the other ones after that – will radically change the course of your life.

#5: Be the change you want to see.

You’ve heard this before, but hold on – there’s another way of looking at this well-known saying.

You see, attracting the life you want begins through change, but most folks don’t think they have the power to do this.

They feel helpless and trapped by their circumstances, and do they choose to stagnate rather than grow.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that you can reclaim your power by learning how to wield that incredible energy you already have.

It’s just a matter of getting into the habit of using it in a positive way. And more importantly, it has to be done in a way that changes other people’s lives.

This is extremely empowering for a couple of reasons.

As I pointed out, that energy you put out in the Universe acts like a sort of currency – and what comes around, GOES AROUND.

When you try to change people’s lives in some way, that same energy will come back to you big time.

It’s sort of like training your “manifestation muscles” and strengthening them. As you learn to change one area of your life, it becomes easier to do the same for the other parts as well.
I’ve found that doing this raises your frequency high enough for the universe to hear – and transforms you into an abundance magnet.

#6: Thank your lucky stars.

Here’s another great thing about going about your day with positive energy: it creates a natural buffer that “insulates” you.

You can do this by being grateful for what you have. This one habit alone will keep you going even when times get tough.

I know how tempting it is to feel resentful when everyone else seems to be doing great except you.

But if you can find it in yourself focus on the good things you’ve got going for you you’ll attract more of the SAME stuff down the road.

Let’s face it – you can’t hope to attract something that your mind refuses to appreciate or even acknowledge in the first place.

When you cultivate an energy that feeds on gratitude, you’re helping the Universe give you more of what you choose to FOCUS on.

#7: Turn on your “green light”.

A lot of people have a huge stop sign lit up in their heads, and it’s keeping them from doing them what they want.

It’s like their soul is permanently stuck at a stoplight that REFUSES to change from red to green.

And they don’t realize what’s going on because they’ve been conditioned by people and experiences from their past.

It might be an ex-partner who told them they’re not attractive enough…

…a classmate who made fun of them all the time…

…or a parent who dismissed their dreams because “it wasn’t the best fit” for them.

People unconsciously feed into this negative energy which keeps that stoplight forever red.

This is the baggage you need to get rid of. Dig deep and come to terms with the events and encounters that might be messing with your own spiritual stoplight.

They only have as much power over you as you allow them to.

And once you’ve cut off this source of negative energy, you’ll give yourself the green light and head full speed towards your dream life!

Listen, I know it’s like to struggle against yourself.

I was full of destructive beliefs and had a huge chip on my shoulder. It was supremely frustrating knowing that I was the BIGGEST roadblock to my own success.

Worse, I felt like fraud from living as a happy and fulfilled version of myself…

…when in fact, I was actually falling apart on the inside.

It didn’t matter how many people admired me and envied my “successful” life.

Running my own business lost its meaning and I felt like magnet that attracted a superficial, hollow life.

But things turned around when I got into the Law of Attraction and started applying the things I learned about it.

After I did the habits we just covered today, everything seemed to work out on their own.
I finally rediscovered my life’s purpose – and on top of that, I attracted a better life effortlessly without feeling like a phony.

Better still, I didn’t have to be a mindless zombie from working all the time.

As much as I’d like to give you the full story of how I did it, I’d rather that you watch my presentation here instead. ⇦ [Link this text via your affiliate link]

I made an important discovery that AMPLIFIED the effects of the habits in this article. It sped up my results by almost double and complemented everything else I did!

To learn the secret behind my Manifestation Miracle Program, click here NOW.

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Number 1 Secret To Manifest Your Dream Life.

Live Your Dreams Manifestation Miracle Full Package

I want to show you a really absurd, but extremely effective “Manifestation Formula”

This will FORCE the universe to give you the life of your dreams – money, happiness, success, and more.

I am talking about the kind of life that most people only ever fantasize and dream about.

The kind where you make more in a month than you used to in a year.

The kind where other people are inspired by you and want to impress YOU.

Where you make your wildest dreams become a reality.

This secret will literally force the universe to give you all the tools that you need to create financial, emotional and spiritual abundance without hard work or struggle.

You’ll achieve your wealth, health, relationships, and other personal goals and life will all of a sudden get super exciting, you’ll find it hard to sleep as you’ll be so excited about each new day to come.

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Meditation Tracks CoverJust released 3 brand new guided meditation tracks:

  • Wiring Your Mind For More Money
  • Living Your Best Life
  • Abundant Health

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These are truly outstanding.

They come laced with level 2 binaural beats, designed to take you to a really deep level of meditation very fast, and guided affirmations designed to manifest more money, your best life and abundant health.

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Manifestation Breakthrough CoverA gift for you today, and best of all you can download this for free right now and use it to program your brain to MANIFEST you your DREAM life…

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Free Manifestation Book and Mp3

It includes a special report, a short video, and an mp3 audio file.

The audio file is just 5 minutes long but it puts you in a state of relaxed meditation very quickly, because contains it powerful brain entrainment technology combined with abundant affirmations designed to manifest your dream life for you…

…Without hard work or struggle.

Whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness, better relationships, good health… Make sure you download your kit while this is still available:

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