How To Approach A Woman With Attitude By Not Challenging Her Persona


Getting past her attitude doesn’t always mean overcoming this fake challenge.

Quick story here… I was at a bar/club a few years back. You know the place, women all dressed up and dancing.

Some of them half-drunk and easily accessible if you know what I mean.

Well at the time I wasn’t interested in picking up drunk girls for an easy lay.

Not that I am now, but hey I suppose at some point in my life I could’ve been swayed.

If you’re on my side here doing the same thing, you’re more interested in meeting sober women who are let’s just say, have a little more to give and are considered “quality.”

The problem is, in clubs, the sober ones are usually on a date, with their friends, or have an amazing ability to hit you with attitude.

Some of them dare I say are borderline “stuck up” and acting like they’re better than the world.

If you take it personal it may come across as her thinking she’s better than you.

I know, the nerve of her. Haha!

That might piss you off.

Kind of makes you want to “knock her off her pedestal” – for some guys I know they just want to fuck her because of that alone.

The real jerks call it “bagging a bitch.”

Sad as it may appear, the attitude she’s giving presents us with a challenge.

Whether you’re on the nice side or not, you must admit breaking through her shield there’s a chance you could find something incredible underneath.

Well that night I saw one.

Head and nose outreached far in the sky.

She used every man repellent trick in the book to keep the lowly masses away. So, of course, presenting a real challenge the drunken girl in the corner could never achieve.

It must be said, the girl I’m talking about, come to find out later actually worked at a market across the street.

I met her while shopping there a couple of weeks later.

You see, the attitude I was seeing was just an act.

Call it an adventure if you want.

She was escaping from her smock worn daily grind. To her, dressing up and acting like she was a queen was her way of living a dream. A fantasy.

She was creating a new identity for believing, because she worked in a supermarket, that she was so far worse off than the other women – it made her jealous and wanting more.

And what better place to create this identity than at a club where the competition to be the “queen of the ball” is socially accepted.

What I saw and probably lots of other guys too, as attitude, was just her persona she created to have a good time and dress up. To live life a little differently.

Back to the original question…

How do you approach a woman giving what appears to be attitude?

Obviously first, by understanding why her persona is hard-shelled, secondly knowing how many men she has to “repel.” and last but unfortunately not least – understanding there’s a chance it’s not an act.

Now for the woman above, it was an act. Something I didn’t realize until it was too late.

When her persona is rock hard, it’s a shell. Typically she’s protecting her weak underside.

I’ve come to the conclusion women who don’t put up false fronts ( too heavily ) are strong enough to protect their esteem.

Think of it this way – if you’re strong enough to expose your real self why would you need to create something superficial for protection.

Let’s not get into how she got this away.

It stands to reason then, you must skip past her persona and go deep quickly.

Her attitude is a front.

You can either call her out on it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Next – think about how many men your “miss attitude” has hit on her and how many men she has to turn down on a daily basis.

Chances are she, on the average, gets approached by either overly confident guys who have no game, or guys who want (and will) do anything for her.

You must be the guy in the middle


No bragging or pretending you’re better with women that you might be.

You don’t give a shell another shell.

You must also stay far away from ass kissing at all costs.

Respect she’s not easily breakable. This means no fear.

Don’t avoid certain conversational topics because you’re afraid she might not like you.

The guy in the middle, the one she is the least likely to meet on a daily basis, in a club or bar or not, bares an indifference she is rarely accustomed to and therefore can and probably will become a little taken back.

Don’t let that make you feel inferior or like you’re failing.

To you, talking to a “hotter” women with attitude is something which comes natural to you.

NEVER treat her like a game, a prize, or an object.

Just because she has attitude does not mean she is gaming the world for something better.

She is not “normally” increasing the challenge, she is merely guarding herself which just so happens to look like a challenge.

But it’s not.

Remember above.

How it can be an act.

My point is you never know who you’re really dealing with. You just have no way of knowing exactly what she’s up to.

Now I’m not saying to go and feel sorry for her.

She does NOT want that.

That’s what her next best friend will do and if you manage to become close friends to her before there’s an attraction, I should not have to tell you, you will be forever friend zoned.

Approaching a woman with attitude then becomes as simple as skipping past all the bullshit


All the games.

All the pick up routines.

All the shit she may be dishing out and remaining calm, cool, and above all true to yourself.

You can try all the games – like ignoring her and talking to her friend first.

Snapping back at her when she rejects you instantly.

Calling her silly names while “negging’ her.

Pointing out all the other fools who you just happen to notice are not getting anywhere.

But that all become just another front.

Another fake shell which will only clash with her.

Sure sometimes they work, if you’re really good at it, but mostly you’ll get undue drama, an angry women, and getting to see the real her stands a chance at being pushed back even further.

One more point before I go… If you’re at all like I was when I first dabbled in this “pick up‘ game, you want to go right for the hot ass chic with all the attitude.


In our eyes she may represent the challenge like I mentioned above or a marker to use and see ow good we are really becoming…

But the reality is, some of the attitude you’re getting is in your approach, some of it is because she IS probably a bitch anyways.

Far from a well put together quality women where just meeting guys on a daily basis has not been relegated to pretending she’s some kind of star where beauty is a curse.

The best women embrace their beauty.

The better women only give you back what you give to them. And if that’s an attitude or overly confident bust balled game, you’ll only ever meet her hard-shelled persona.

The rest, the ones who are acting, who are playing a temporary role to escape a hum-drum life – their attitude is simply overcome with a simple unique compliment, a quick hello, ignoring the attitude, and a simple fun conversation which says to her,

“Haha! I know you’re playing. It’s kind of fun. I’ll play along a little as long as you know I’m just playing too. I won’t bow to you if you playing a princess. I won’t take your act personally. I won’t let the bullshit have me acting differently like every other guy does. I’ll play my role as a real man with genuinely simply intentions of having a great time – at the expense of no one.”

Don’t get caught up in the challenge to prove yourself.

I did that for a while and most of the women turned out to be less than anything I have ever met.

You want to approach a women with attitude – follow my advice.

After all, anything more or equal to a drink in your face while not backing away will in the very least show her you’re NOT so easily bent.

You don’t take it all so seriously and the longer her attitude lasts the less interested you’ll become.

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