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A wonderful collection of advice and tip articles to make meeting, dating, and attracting easier for women which also includes getting into a relationship and getting a guy to commit long term..

Some of them are hand-picked by me, Peter White – others were not written by me and I try to make that as clear as possible for you.

I grew tired and annoyed by “magazine” style sites full of ads who have little to offer and put a dollar amount on clicks instead of content and so I set out to offer an alternative where information and content is ALWAYS first.

Aside from my unique dating perspective and the advice I give to men and women – the articles or posts which have been chosen were written by the producers of their products they wish to sell you and were cleared for me to post here.

The links to their products are my personal affiliate links so please ALWAYS do your research before you buy AND please read my disclaimer slash disclosure so you know exactly how it all works. Please keep all this in mind as you browse through the hundreds of (basically) ad free content.

Let’s be completely and upfront about it all…

There’s a strong possibility if you go through every piece of free advice here you WILL learn an amazing amount of information on the usual suspects: meeting, dating, attraction, relationships, communication, etc…

I’m hoping you will never have to visit another site but it will happen.

Some of you may wish to purchase a deeper education and I’m all for it.

I scrounged the internet years ago on how to attract women but eventually bought a few things myself because I felt I needed it. If you don’t, that’s cool. If you do – that’s cool too.

Just please don’t let a few dollars stop you from going through it because it’s worth every penny.

Trust the cost ALWAYS outweighs the benefits when you compare how much money we all tend to throw away on stuff we don’t need but want – I’m not different to a certain extent.

But enough about the cash…

I am technically NOT a writer, never have been, and probably never will be one.

I am a self-proclaimed dating & attraction expert and seem to do well when it comes to fixing a relationship or two.

Over the last decade I’ve gone from not one date for a decade or so to where I am today – happily married to the most amazing and beautiful women I’ve ever met!

But that doesn’t make me an expert, that just means I was willing and ready to make the necessary “adjustments” in my life (I think adjustments sounds better and is more agreeable to do than that ugly word “change”) – pick myself after falling on my face – and fix some things I fought hard against fixing… because I was stubborn and unwilling to GO there.

In the middle of my journey a lot of research and opinions came my way and I devoured every bit of it and integrated most of the real good stuff into my life.

Those combined – EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and a very different perspective on life is what I believe allows me to call myself an EXPERT.

But you can call me whatever you want.

That all simply means – I don’t write lame articles to be passed around, I don’t publicize myself all that well, my social media skills are still in the eighties so you can say they’re lacking compared to you, and I’ve started to publish many of my ideas or concepts on dating and attraction but have yet to finish one.

Not because I’m lazy, although some would argue including me, but because as I quote a song which will certainly age me, sometimes it feels like “It’s all been done.” and so much of it is just re-hashed and packaged in a way to fit the modern view or needs of what they or you are willing to buy.

Great REAL advice is timeless and until I’m assured my thoughts are so radically than different from the experts have already produced – I’ll maintain my business matters as such and offer my SECRET mind thoughts to a select few which hopefully will include you someday.

My first endeavor was to help guys who have been through the same thing as me – a hopeless romantic nice guy who lacked in a real education on how attraction works.

You’ll find it here: DiaLteG Tm – Dating & Attraction For Men Who Want To Learn How To Attract Women Naturally.

DiaLteg as you guess it – is “get laid” spelled backwards but has evolved into a clever acronym: Dating Interactions Attraction Lifestyle Techniques Exercise Girlfriend.

If you know a guy who needs my help – send him there and I promise not to turn him into some jerk who is only out for sex and to screw women over. Check out the advice yourself and if you don’t agree with any of it – let me know about it.

Now – according to google, you’re not supposed to have duplicate content which makes a lot of sense and since I wanted visitors I bought this site ( to display articles from my affiliates  and would refer to it as necessary.

Of course that changed when a very odd thing happened which I never expected…

WOMEN started showing up on my guys site and I wrote a few articles for them.


I had this running and decided to put the women stuff over here and it really took off.

Except what I ended up with was a mish-mosh (is that even a real word?) for men and women that didn’t really go together.

With an apparent luck on my side I founded, bought, started hosting and writing exclusively for woman at Why Do Guys…?. (I had to separate the two.. too many fights… joking… It just made more sense.)

And yet to my surprise it (Why Do Guys…?) became larger and this site just kept landing searches which mean a lot of extra work but worth it. That’s for sure.

And that’s how this site came to be what it is today… for men and women and what you now see as I try to balance it all.

By the way ALL three website are still run the way as intended and mentioned in the beginning. Not pop up ads or cheap click baiting techniques. When I get paid for a sale without a refund – it’s on the entire package. I will not accept pennies just from click where YOU don’t get the benefit of knowledge, education, real advice, and content first.

Moving on…

My thoughts were to make this area mainly about meeting and dating but found that difficult because you can only say so much and quite honestly there’s so much on approaching out there for men and so little real advice for women out there – I would only reach a very few unless I invested the ton of money the big sites have which I obviously don’t or maybe ever care to have.

My approach to life is run the same way I do my business and give my advice or opinions:

Simple – maybe a little over-worded – practical – honest – REAL with no flashing lights or shiny things to distract you or I from learning the TRUTH…

Which comes from a genuine openness to LISTEN first and to debate after; not to just agree on something BUT to LEARN something new and exciting because if you ask me – the world is filled with smart, intelligent, exciting people who have at least ONE great thing to share and probably a lot more too.

And I want to hear and take it ALL in.

Which includes YOU!

How do I know that?

I don’t but I’m assuming if you’re still reading this, if you made it this far and soaked up all of my boring stuff… by now you’re either really curious as to where I’m going with it all and because smart people tend to be a bit nosy (I mean curious) PLUS you went out looking for an ANSWER which brought you here (or your friend told you I know my stuff and how cool I am) AND whenever I see someone seeking knowledge or answers – in my book, that’s make them one of the smartest persons in the world.


Don’t worry you don’t have to agree and maybe that’s a good thing if we both can learn something from out little disagreement.

Peter White - Attraction Dating Expert

I can not thank you enough for stopping by today and wish you all the best of luck and happiness with anything and everything you do.

In case you missed it…

My name is Peter White.

Please call me Pete.

“It’s my belief creating natural attraction is nothing more than how you communicate the belief you have in yourself.”

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