How To Pickup and What You Need To Approach Women In A Grocery Store


Talking to women while she’s shopping for food can be a great experience and an opportunity to meet a fun girl.

Quoted from the ever popular Peter on the show Family Guy, since my name is Pete…

“You know what really grinds my gears?”

This article and it’s absolute absurdity -> Grocery Store Pickup and Seduction

You might want to skip right to the second from last paragraph because it is the ONLY one that makes any sense at all.

If I wanted to give quick advice to a man looking to pickup a woman at a supermarket, I could have just as easily said,

“Make a joke, get her laughing, then get her phone number.”

Yes, women want to feel things just happened but I’m not sure if it has anything to do with her vanity.

But she also wants to feel you’re NOT just hanging out in a supermarket picking up chics AND she’ll love seeing you are confident enough to approach her.

Now… with that article….

Where is the seduction?

Perhaps we’re supposed to corner her in the natural/organic aisle and seduce her there.

Now I’ve been with women who got off having sex in public but that wasn’t an immediate result of me telling her I pick out rotten meat all the time.

Which brings me to another point…

Women do NOT want to learn within the first few minutes you meet her that you can’t cook, you eat bad meat, can’t figure out if a fruit is edible, that you can’t do laundry AND you walk around in dirty clothes all the time.

It’s just not the way to seduction or even getting a date.

In fact I found this whole approach creepy, planned, and unoriginal.

Maybe my ideas will help you out a little more so…

If you want to learn how to approach women in a supermarket the first skills you must become competent in and a few rules are:

  • Learn how to cook.
  • Research exotic foods.
  • Learn what alcoholic beverage goes with certain foods. ( If you like to drink Wine, pick it up first and carry it with you. )
  • Rehearse with your close friends short funny stories about dinners you’ve been to. ( Especially weddings. )
  • Never shop for more than two meals at a time.
  • Stay away from the frozen food section or canned food aisles.
  • Never buy condoms in large bulk. ( Seriously. Sort Of. Haha!! )
  • Learn to shop slow and methodically and stick to it.

Notice how none of those skills have anything to do with conversation so-to-speak but they DO allow you to have short fun fascinating conversations with anyone in a super market.

And can help you to avoid some common conclusions she may have “infer” about you.

Next learn these invaluable “grocery store” skills:

  • Recognizing a single woman shopping.
  • Noticing the foods she is buying.
  • Notice the way she dresses. If she’s not dressed up she has more time. If it looks like she just got out of work she’ll be in a hurry and probably wants to get home.

They will give you the ability to notice an approachable woman, give you a little insight into her life, and to pick something out she is buying to perhaps talk about.

Here’s an example:

You’re next to her and she is picking out some tasty Mangos. It reminds you of this tasty Mango drink you enjoyed while on vacation.

Smile and laugh a little ( to yourself ) and then lead her into the story.

Those are the kind of conversations you WANT in a grocery store. And no, it doesn’t have to be Mangos. That’s the great part.

The more you learn about foods and all your experiences, they are ready to be told to her.

A few crazy examples of approach would be:

  • Oops! Accidentally choose her cart not yours and wheel it very very slowly away. In other words let her catch you.
  • Accuse her in a funny way that the high prices are her fault because she’s creating such a demand for what she is grabbing.
  • Ask her to trade deli numbers because your number is unlucky.
  • Ask her to buy you beer because you’re under age. Just make sure you are old enough to buy it yourself. AND don’t make it too you’re joking at first.
  • Get your cart next to hers and say, “Let’s race.”

Just please remember you’re doing this kind of stuff because you’re a fun guy and NOT because you want to get in her pants.

After all you don’t even know her yet.

Let her prove to you SHE can be just as much fun.

If she can give you a glimpse of something different then politely say you have to get your shopping done and say something like,

“Great talking to you. I’m looking forward to continuing this….” PAUSE “Call me sometime…”

Let her respond with “I don’t have your number…” or something like that and then make sure you EXCHANGE numbers.

If she respond that way then suggest to exchange numbers.

Don’t just get hers.

Don’t just give her yours.

Walk away and while you’re waiting to be checked out, text her something clever:

Start with “HER NAME ( Preferably a fun nickname she knows about. Something to connect over what just happened. )”

And then something funny like:

“I warned the cashier about you Good luck figuring out which one. 🙂 “

I’m sure she’ll appreciate my approach above telling her you eat squishy fruit and bad meat.

In fact even IF she knows you were attracted to her, sort of hitting her, trying to pick her up it doesn’t matter.

Fun women respond favorably to a guy who has the balls to be fun and slightly socially daring in public.

As long as her experience showed her ( even if she felt it was planned ) you grabbed ideas from THAT experience unique to her she’ll respect AND enjoy it.

Take full advantage of something we all have to do and that’s shop for food…

Grocery stores are a constant resource to meet fun, open women and walk away with some amazing experiences.

Practice exchanging numbers with the women who “give it back” and you’ll find both of you are going to look forward to setting up the first “date.”

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